Half A Million Children Condemned To Poverty At A Stroke

Almost half a million children have been condemned to lives of desperate poverty with a stroke of George Osborne’s pen.  Figures released yesterday reveal that 450,000 children are to be affected by changes to Working Tax Credits, which will see part time workers stripped of vital benefits.

Families have lost up to £73 a week due to changes, which came into force at the beginning of April, and mean that people working under 24 hours a week are no longer entitled to Working Tax Credit.  Around 200,000 families could find themselves better off on benefits due to the changes, the precise opposite of Iain Duncan Smith’s lie that the Tories will make work pay.

The deluded toffs have claimed that hard working parents should simply ask for more hours to ensure they keep the benefit.  Only people who have never had a proper job could think that workers can simply demand more hours if they need more cash and bosses will be only too happy to comply.  The latest Government figures show that only around 5% of families have been able to increase their hours to satisfy the new conditions for Working Tax Credit.

Time and time again out of touch millionaires tell us we need to work harder to stay out of poverty, as if soaring unemployment and the record rise in part time workers is down to laziness on the part of workforce.  Sick and disabled people are told to simply get a job by lying ministers who pretend there’s no discrimination in the work place and jobs are falling out of the sky.  Sacked Remploy workers are lectured on the need to re-integrate into the mainstream workforce, a noble aim, yet there seems to be no rush by employers to recruit disabled workers.  People on the dole are being forced to work for free, yet there is little chance even this will help them find work.

It’s hardly surprising that clowns like Boris Johnson and David Cameron are so out of touch.  Boris Johnson claims the quarter of a million a year he earns for his shit column in the Telegraph is chicken feed for a task he knocks out on a Sunday morning.  David Cameron probably wouldn’t even notice if his income was cut by £73 a week.  Yet these arrogant posh boys give themselves tax cuts whilst the rest of the country is forced into hunger and homelessness.

Boris is around £16,000 a year better off due to Osborne’s tax give away.  That’s over 200 times more than the amount being cut from the weekly incomes of the country’s poorest families.  And it’s not just Working Tax Credit.  Many families will already be struggling with the cuts to Housing Benefits, sickness benefits and Educational Maintenance Allowance, along with soaring food prices, fares and utility bills.

The Government of privileged little rich boys are unleashing poverty on millions of families on a scale that is unprecedented in modern history in the UK.  They claim to be cutting the debt our children will be forced to pay off, yet they are doing it by taking food from their bellies now.  And still the debt rises as austerity pushes us into the longest recession since the 1930s.

David Cameron will never know the stark cold terror of realising you don’t have enough money left to feed the kids.  He will never experience the panic of the pre-pay electricity metre plunging your home into darkness unexpectedly.  He can’t know what it’s like to be forced to visit foodbanks, or to wander round the supermarket wondering if you dare steal anything just to put food on the table.

Yet for millions of people this is the reality of everyday life and still these toffs want to take more from us.  Will they not be happy until our children are begging on the streets for food?

The Government is doing the exact opposite of securing the UK’s future by creating this social time bomb.  Millions of children growing up with nothing will enter adulthood feeling they have nothing to lose.  Shanty towns could emerge as tens of thousands of people lose their homes over the next two years.  Crime will soar and even more pensioners will die alone, unable to keep the heating on.  Riots like those seen last Summer could become an annual event.

Working Tax Credit has been a sticking plaster for the shamefully low wages billionaire bosses pay their workers.  Housing Benefit is a subsidy to landlords so eager to profit from the decimation of social housing in the UK.  Meagre benefits end up in the pockets of Tesco share holders or energy company bosses.  The vast bulk of the Welfare State not only subsidises the rich but protects them from being murdered in their beds.  The last time social inequality was so out of control Europe was plunged into a state of near revolution.  Only nationalist wars could protect the ruling class.

Nationalism isn’t so fashionable these days.  David Cameron’s class war may yet come to look more like civil war.  The effete little posh boys in Parliament won’t look quite so fucking cocksure when their mansions burn.

34 responses to “Half A Million Children Condemned To Poverty At A Stroke

  1. #DespicableLyingToryBastards

  2. Great but heartbreaking article and as I read it I thought only the insane would consider that such measures would work so are they insane or is it another agenda?

    • Insane they’re not. Psychopathic, very intelligent and following an old agenda they are. Ruthless to the core with Royal approval.

      • ALOOP

        I can relate to that but I do not want to simply go away and die for another’s agenda and yet I worry what the hell we are all going to do to stop it.

  3. Sandra Branch-Burbridge

    I’m faced with a double edged sword. On the one hand I’m having to give up working due to ill-health, so wont be affected by this tax credit scandal, but instead will have a battle on my hands(for which I don’t have the strength) to try to apply for ESA, the new word for incapacity benefit….

    • Sandra sorry to hear about your predicament my advice to you over ESA is to seek professional help such as CAB or similar, but copy all paperwork including all forms and letters from GP/medical specialists etc.

      Never go to medical alone and record all phone calls, Ask for a recording at the medical or ask GP for home visit if you are not well enough.

      I wish you well in this never ending endeavour of survival.

      • Sandra Branch-Burbridge


        • Sandra you are welcome I just wanted to share something I found during my experiences which is the way they try and pull the wool over your GP eyes, My GP states I am not fit for work full stop but they still sent her a letter asking her exactly how my illnesses effect my day so she rang me and asked me to bring a letter into the surgery detailing that information so I took a letter into the surgery and she used it to help fill in their forms and then scanned it into the surgery computer in case they tried sending the forms to another GP who knows nothing about me, as yes these tactics are being tried more and more. (some surgeries give junior members the job of filling these forms in from the scant GP notes on the computer then just give it to the GP to sign)

          If you have specialists they will usually provide you with letters you can send in with your ESA forms however a lot of GPs usually like to wait until they receive a request from ATOS/DWP for letters as they get paid for it and this is where ATOS try their tricks with GP’s, that’s why I said you must have your GP on board and understand the process together if you want a more favourable response when you send in your ESA form.

          I found out that I can send as many specialist/consultant letters in as I like with my ESA forms but if there is not one from my GP I am being given the complete run around.

          apologies for the long post but I just really wanted to explain the situation thoroughly.

          • Sandra Branch-Burbridge

            That’s really helpful, and I do have some very supportive hospital consultants, so will make sure I have all the back-up I can. Thanks again.

    • good advice from bb – if you’re on facebook then the Benefit Claimants Fightback Group has lots of people who are going through (or have been through) the ESA nightmare: http://www.facebook.com/groups/116432071735566/

    • The best of luck Sandra, hope your ESA “journey” isn’t too much of a nightmare…. if you don’t already know of it, http://www.benefitsandwork.co.uk is a very helpful sight. There is quite a lot of free information, but for a subscription, you can become a member which gives greater access to up-to-date advice on all benefits. Could be helpful if you find your local CAB is already overwhelmed by fighting on behalf of thousands of other claimants.

  4. Boris’s nice £16,000 tax-gift from chum Osborne is just over three times the annual rate of Incapacity benefit. Thousands of very ill people are bogusly being found “fit for work” by ATOS’s farcical tick-box test, thus losing what may be their TOTAL income, when they are “migrated” from IB to ESA. Food for thought, Boris, food for thought, and there’s you calling £250,000 “chicken-feed”.

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  6. does anyone know if the conditions for disabled people claiming (single people) have been changed.
    It was that if you were disabled you only had to be working 16 hours per week to be entitled to claim

  7. BBEST another thing to remember is not to assume they already have info resend it all, every time i was told that by DWP they said dont assume when they reassess you that the original stuff will be looked at you have to send he same again every time! good luck try benefits and work website they give you tips on how to fill out forms and say you’ll get your subscription fee back if you are not successful http://www.benefitsandwork.co.uk/home

    • Hi Sharon, yes another good point, now I always do the form like it’s the first time/claim and add all the letters, I just wish we did not have to learn to navigate a system that is designed to prove we are cheats and liars when most are not.

      Let us know how you get on Sharon.

  8. “Riots like those seen last Summer could become an annual event”

    They want us to riot they are daring us to, these people are sadists. They are putting their missiles on rooftops for the olympics to ostensibly to defend against terrorist attack, but I suspect they are planning to leave them there after the olympics to use against anyone who tries to riot. They have also developed chemical weapons to use against rioters. The sadists can’t wait for an excuse to use them

    • R32

      I agree with you there is something very suspicious and very sinister regarding the Olympic games, and anyone with an ounce of sense would stay away from the place.

      When you listen to the theatre, camera, stage and action of it all there is simply something wrong you can feel it and I am just waiting to see what false flag they use for whatever their sick reasons are next.

      Or the Olympics will go ahead unscathed (apart from costing the taxpayer millions) and as you say all the warheads and crap will be left behind for the next stage of the plan whatever that may be.

      Saddam Hussein was less of a despot than this lot.

  9. “The last time social inequality was so out of control Europe was plunged into a state of near revolution.”

    That is what has been bothering me. I assume the ruling elites in Europe are aware of this history, yet they are impoverishing their people and flagrantly enriching themselves at our expense building themselves gold plated swimming pools. Why are they now so unafraid of their people that they are doing this so blatantly?

    • R32

      I have given this a lot of thought too because it is one thing to pretend it is not happening and quite another to do it while laughing in your face.

      I have no idea beyond stating the obvious such as they are evil, psychotic and delight in the pain and torture of others, other than that I have no idea but understand your worry and concern.

      I think a lot of people are feeling the same way right now because we are under so many threats from differing areas a bit like targets to be gotten rid of one way or another.

      It is a scary place to be and we have no way of knowing what is going to happen, this is something I try to put out of my mind a lot-)

  10. Re.ESA – however positive you try to be in life, for the purpose of claiming be very negative. Have a look at the dwp site to find out what the descriptors are – you need to get 15 points or more to get WRAG and to get Support you have to satisfy some tough conditions. Please get help – the system is designed to trip you up. The advice above is good – also, you are entitled to have your WCA recorded, and if they refuse you have a right to wait until they will do it. Do NOT cancel your own appointments, make them do it. Any enquiries to DWP by phone – get the name of who you are talking to, log the time etc, and if they say they will email a dept if they can’t answer your query make sure they read the email back to you as they invariably get it wrong. Copy everything; insist that DWP send your documents back; get as much help as you can. The CAB are good – and there are loads of websites like blacktrianglecampaign and others with lin ks to many more. You are not alone – I’ve been battling for ages and finally won without even going to appeal, and now I’m having the CEO of DWP look into my complaints against Atos and DWP. It can be done; and although we shoud be able to get on with being ill in peace, thesystem won’t let us, so be prepared before you start and you might get your entitlements. Good luck!

    • ephemerid

      Good for you and agree with your advice It appears in some areas though ATOS are claiming failure to turn up at appointments when asked for recordings and denying them for home visits, also many people have indicated that their complaints have just simply been ignored so it seems to vary from area to area. I think the power to simply lie and get people’s benefits stopped without warning should be stopped and interim investigators installed as a go between to solve most problems before they even have to get to the complains procedure stage. In a just world this system is not fit for purpose and should be abolished-)

    • Your advice, as always, is really helpful, Ephemerid. So glad to hear you won your first battle; good luck with the CEO investigation of Atos and DWP.
      You rightly say it’s important to be negative when filling in the claim forms – this needs spelling out as most of us just battle on from day to day, trying our best despite all odds, and it doesn’t come naturally to truly spell out just how bloody hard coping with chronic ill-health and disability is. I do wonder how many claimants even realise that for the purposes of ESA, an action must be able to be performed “reliably, repeatedly and safely”, or else an individual is considered unable to complete the activity. This is law, Lord Freud said the words in the House of Lords 16 March 2011, in answer to the Countess of Mar who has long battled on behalf of people with ME. Her question and his answer are almost at the end of the debate:


  11. bbest

    “I have no idea beyond stating the obvious such as they are evil, psychotic and delight in the pain and torture of others, other than that I have no idea but understand your worry and concern.”

    Agreed. Maybe that’s it.

    “I think a lot of people are feeling the same way right now because we are under so many threats from differing areas a bit like targets to be gotten rid of one way or another.”

    Yep it’s starting to feel like a cull.

    “It is a scary place to be and we have no way of knowing what is going to happen, this is something I try to put out of my mind a lot-) “

    Me too but I’ve been unsuccessful, I feel overwhelmed.

    • R32
      Again what you say about just getting warmed up I worry about too and this morning after looking at the election results decided to try and find actual policies relating to welfare from all the major parties and you know I could find the Tory’s, the LibDems even UKIP but none for Labour ???

      Many have said that Labour started this and the Tories simply finished their handiwork I really do not know but find it very suspicious that I found Milliband quoted in a newspaper article not so long ago spouting similar policies regards welfare and JSA claimants working for free so it’s no good voting for them either.

      Who the hell can we turn to for fairness and justice? Which party is actually going to stand up for our rights and get rid of ATOS instead of adding other bullyboy rouge companies to do the their dirty work as well? Who is going to reverse the damage done to the NHS? Who is going to stop the sell off of our National and public interests?

      Why are they not investigating the wrong doings of these companies and all the associated suicides?

      Can anyone tell me which party (if any) is more on our side?

      • Labour’s James Purnell brought Atos in – Unum (US insurers, disability denial merchants, etc.) have been at the heart of welfare reform here for more than a decade. Purnell was responsible for the Welfare Reform Act 2006 and the implementation of ESA and the Work Capability Assessment – aided and abetted by Yvette Cooper. For Labour to do anything about this if they got in next time, it would involve a climbdown of heroic proportions which I don’t think they’re capable of. Milibean is keen to get votes from the “hard-working” and the “squeezed middle” and I don’t think he cares about much else. I live in hope; but it seems the only parties left with any care for spoonies is the Greens and Respect. Don’t know about the SNP but Plaid Cymru aren’t too bad. Unless there’s a complete change of heart, and a change of government, this will continue – and PIP will be in by then. Disgraceful.

        • ephemerid

          Thanks for that info.

          I don’t think any party should get in without signing in law that they will remain true to their policies. Also the sick, disabled and very low income families who have had their tax credits ripped off them must amount to a massive amount of people who if came together should have some sort power as a collective voice?

  12. The worst part is I think they are just getting warmed up. I think they will make “welfare” a voucher scheme soon like American food stamps where the vouchers can only be used to purchase fattening non-nutritious moldy out of date food from Tory supporting supermarkets. I’ve seen Tories mention this idea a few times already. Then the next move will be to time limit it like they do in America for 99 weeks and then when the 99 weeks are up the claimants will be left destitute.

    • They Want You Dead

      You mean like the Tesco “Benefit Range” – guaranteed to leave you dead with malnutrition within a month.

      • Yep. Your name is so true. If you can’t make the capitalists money, if you’re no use to them, then they do want you dead and gone and our society doesn’t seem to have a problem with that, as long as they think it’s going to happen to somebody else and their children.

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  14. RavensParadise

    I have NOTHING left to lose, once I lose my children, which, I will. Under this new benefits ‘scheme’ I can’t afford childcare, thus can’t survive. I would love for them to tell me how I can afford to work, when childcare costs are way higher than what I can earn. My Job center interview went well, the lady praised me for applying for so many jobs, only to be told “You’re worse off.” Then, she lit the ‘You’re fucked- fuse’ and told me, “Yes, you’re going to be worse off- but now you HAVE to go back to work. Even though, I can clearly see you cannot afford it.” She then hugged me, with watery eyes.

    True story.

    What have I left to lose? Give me a torch, along with the other single parents and I will happily burn down parliament.

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