May Day and More

It’s set to be a busy month this May as resistance to the toff Government once more spills out onto the streets.

Join London’s branches of Solidarity Federation, along with UK Uncut and Occupy London, to take on Workfare in Central London on May 1st.  Meet on the TUC March which begins at noon from Clerkenwell Green.

If the Stalinist infected march doesn’t appeal then re-converge at West One Shopping Centre (by Bond Street tube) at 4pm.  Details on facebook at: whilst Sol Fed have produced a handy map of workfare exploiters in Central London.

There’s events and protests happening on May Day around the UK – some of them can be found at:

On Thursday 3rd May the energy companies will be targeted at the Big Six Energy Bash, more info at:

Action continues against workfare and the poverty pimps who profit on May 4th, with a picket of A4e in Brighton, meet at the Clock Tower from 11am:

On Saturday 5th May Liverpool Sol Fed and Uncut will be once again Combating Workfare in the city, meeting at the Next To Nowhere Bookshop at 11.30.

It may not be on the scale we all wanted, but it’s what we’ve got, and on the 10th May members of UNITE, the PCS and NIPSA will be on strike against the Government’s pension massacre.  Not much news of picket lines or demonstrations as yet, but will try and post some details as they emerge.

A conference is being hosted by Brighton Benefits Campaign on the 26th May where campaigners and activists will meet to discuss How Do We Break Workfare?  Full details at:

Finally, also on May 26th, UK Uncut will be hosting Street Parties around the UK.  No further details have been given yet, keep an eye on their website at:

Apologies to everything I’ve missed, please feel free to post details of other stuff taking place this month in the comments.

2 responses to “May Day and More

    No minister can you bribe or twist,
    Despairs the British lobbyist,
    But seeing what the man will do un-bribed,
    there is no reason too.

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