Remploy Protest Attacks Maria Miller – Factory Killer

Over 100 people joined the Remploy demonstration in Central London yesterday to protest at the closure of the Remploy factories.

The demonstration of Remploy workers and supporters met at the DWP which was being guarded by a burly security presence and then marched to outside Parliament.  Speeches were made by Trade Unionists and Remploy workers who condemned Minister for Disability Maria Miller and vowed to fight the closures to the end.

The charities who have supported the closures also came in for heavy criticism.  The closure of the Remploy sites will make 1700 disabled people unemployed at a stroke.  The Government has said these people can be referred onto the collapsing Work Programme, the latest sanction riddled scheme being administered in many cases by some of the major disability charities.

Some of the charities that have spoken in favour of closing Remploy are the same ones who will profit from lucrative government contracts when the newly unemployed workers are sent to them on the Work Programme.

The DWP are so far refusing to say whether any disabled people have actually got jobs through the Work Programme.

A larger protest was held in Sheffield where over 1000 people gathered outside the DWP offices in the city.

The fight goes on, for more details visit:


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