Action Escalates Against Welfare Reform

Despite the passing of the Welfare Reform Bill recently resistance to it’s implementation shows no sign of dying down.  A range of actions and protests are due to take place, aimed not just at Welfare Reform, but also the savage cuts to vital services, the butchering of the NHS and the just plain cruel Remploy factory closures.

On Wednesday 18th April, disabled people, benefit claimants and supporters will be meeting outside McDonalds in Leicester Square at 1.30pm to take action against the benefit cuts, care funding and the Remploy closures.  Please come if you can and help spread the word.  Facebook link:

Prior to this a demonstration will take place outside the Policy Exchange Conference where lying bastard Chris Grayling will be a keynote speaker.  Meet at Microsoft, 80-100 Victoria Street, Westminster, London, SW1E 5JL at 9am.

Then on Thursday a public meetings is being held to discuss the Remploy Closures.  The meeting will take place at ULU, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HY – download the leaflet for more info (PDF).

Friday 20th April will see demonstrations against the Remploy closures in Sheffield as well as a mass demo in London which will meet outside the DWP at noon before marching to Parliament.  Full details at:

There will be protests targeting fake hippy bastards Virgin on the 20/12st April due to their involvement in NHS reform – more info at:

There are workfare protests taking place in the Birmingham area on the 21st and 28th of this month – whilst a Workfare Walk of Shame will be held in Liverpool on the 28th – keep an eye on the facebook page for details at:

As previously mentioned, May Day will see a Central London day of action action against workfare – meet on the TUC March or keep an eye on the Solidarity Federation website or facebook page for more details nearer the time.  For more details on the ongoing campaigns against workfare visit:

Please help spread the word about all events, tweet, share on facebook and all that stuff.    Let’s show this toff Government of little posh boys what happens when they fuck with the working class.

4 responses to “Action Escalates Against Welfare Reform

  1. We got to fight and fight hard.
    We need the unions to get on board and for this action to coalesce into a constant noise that this awful goverment can’t ignore.
    I don’t think a few actions here and there are going to be enough, sadly.

    • TOS Work Capability Assesments

      i went to the second attempt to comply with this biased and unfair process, having refused to wait an hour for one on monday. when i insisted that i would be recording the interview, the “doctor” became angry, i later realised very scared. i insisted on a copy of THEIR policy which forbids this after asking her 3 times to not raise her voice to me. she informed me that it was not available, nor would a paper copy of the submission be available. She then insisted that i leave her office immediately, which i protested against. i asked at reception whether there was a manager available, which i was told was not. i said i would complain and was shown a phone number which would cost me money to call. during this process 4 other doctors appeared in reception. Intimidation? i asked for a written copy for my records of what had happened that day, which they obliged me with, again looking confused and scared.
      This is the company which has been given 100 million pounds by the DWP to asess over 1.6 million people for fitness to work, at a rate of 40,000 per week. plus the enormous cost of the appeals which are being held against the biased and unfair process.
      they do not have a copy of their policy.
      their staff are not trained.
      they have no discernible management structure.
      their staff cannot comment on the firm as they have to sign the official secrets act.
      they are dealing with vulnerable people.
      it is simply a “face saving” way to throw everyone off benefit, which we have all willingly paid for when we could go to work.
      this is totally unacceptable.
      it is abuse and cruelty of people who cannot fight back by animals.
      it has to stop before more peoples lives are ruined needlessly

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