The Core Issue Is That These Homophobic Wankers Are Shysters

Anti-gay Christian fruitloops The Core Issues Trust are planning to run a poster campaign on London buses claiming that they can cure ‘gay’.

The campaign poster is to feature the slogan ‘Not gay! Post-gay, ex-gay and proud. Get over it!’.  This presumably refers to Mike Davidson, one of the founders of the organisation, who used to be gay but isn’t any more, honest.  God cured him because as is well known, God hates fags.

The Guardian claims the group are a charity and they claim on their website that they are recognised as a charity by HMRC.  The Charities Commission register of UK charities doesn’t appear to contain any reference to them and there is no mention of a charity number on their website.  It seems that despite them clearly being active in London, they are actually based in Northern Ireland where charities are not required to register with the commission.  They should however have charitable aims, and according to the Northern Ireland Department for Social Development, should not undermine the foundations of morality.

According to Companies House they are a limited company by guarantee, which generally means a non-profit making organisation.  This is very different to a registered charity who are governed by strict rules overseen by the Charity Commission.  These rules are soon to be adopted in Northern Ireland.  They are unlikely to allow charitable status to organisations which seem to merely exist to promote homophobia.  It seems they are making a highly misleading if not downright fraudulent claim, to both their donors and the HMRC, when they claim to be a charity.  Right underneath their claims of charitable status is a Paypal donate button. Why are Christians such fucking liars?

Companies House say the organisation was registered in February 2011, although on their website they claim they were founded in 2009.  Which begs the question how were their finances being scrutinised prior to their registration as a company?  They are clearly trading, boasting an online bookshop as well as the request for donations.  They also ask for a £20 pound per person ‘donation’ to people who attend their group psychodrama gay curing magical sessions (PDF).

Mike Davidson runs these sessions claiming he is a psychodrama psychotherapy trainee at the Birmingham Institute for Psychodrama and is a member of the British Association of Psychodrama.

Again this appears to be somewhat misleading.  According to the UK Council for Psychotherapy:

“Mike Davidson is not a member of UKCP. He has never been a student or trainee member of UKCP and has never appeared on our register.

We understand that Mike Davidson is training with the British Psychodrama Association (BPA) and we have asked the BPA to investigate and take appropriate action.”

More importantly, according to a statement buried on their own website, poor old nutcase Mike has been kicked out of the British Psychodrama Association:

“Following his participation in the recent BBC Radio Ulster programme ‘Sunday Sequence’, the British Psychodrama Association (BPA) has revoked the membership and trainee status of Dr Mike Davidson, co-director of Core Issues Trust.”

Yet elsewhere on the site he is still claiming to be a member, in order to fleece twenty quid a shot from people struggling to come to terms with their sexuality.

I wonder what God would make of this very unchristian deception.  The whole sordid operation appears to be little more than a shabby money grabbing racket with a touch of bigotry thrown in for good measure.  Advertising campaigns on London buses don’t come cheap.  God only knows where they are getting their cash from.

5 responses to “The Core Issue Is That These Homophobic Wankers Are Shysters

  1. apparently god hates vampires but there’s enough of them about lol

    stated above

    Why are Christians such fucking liars?

    cannot answer that but believe it is based on their belief they are always right about everything-)

    stated above

    The whole sordid operation appears to be little more than a shabby money grabbing operation with a touch of bigotry thrown in for good measure. Advertising campaigns on London buses don’t come cheap. God only knows where they are getting their cash from.

    now isn’t that most unholy hahaha

  2. Yes, they may be wrong and the claims about Mike Davidson being a member of BCP do seem out of date and should clearly be removed. But if you want to take the moral high ground, then I suggest you do some proper research.

    The organisation is based in Northern Ireland. The charity commission there is not yet fully up and running (see and so registration would not be expected. They are listed in a spreadsheet hosted on the NI CC site. There is no requirement for any charity to be a limited company – many other legal forms are available, and in many cases are the best option, particularly for the early years of a small organisation.

    You know as well as I do that there are plenty of Christians who are quick to denounce this sort of nonsense. So to suppose in this context that all ‘Christians [are] fucking liars’ is stupid and wrong.

    Bus adverts do cost money, but the Guardian article you link to points out that the adverts are also supported (and presumably funded) by another group, the misleadingly named, and larger more established, Anglican Mainstream.

    There is a lot here that needs to be identified as wrong, but by getting your facts wrong and focussing on inaccurate areas you make yourself look like an idiot and take away from the important issues.

    • Fair enough, I’ve amended the piece to include the difference in legal status for charities in northern ireland. it doesn’t change the fact that they are clearly not what is, or should be, defined as a charity in either England or Northern Ireland.

      When I mentioned christians being lying bastards I was mostly thinking of the pretend man who lives in the sky thing.

  3. Eric Greenwood

    I have to ask these so called christians, How does a gay person affect you? Are you going to be forced to be gay? NO, Why does it bother you that they are gay, because of what a book said 2000 years ago.. Aren’t there more pressing problems in the world.. like starvation, death, wars, the abuses on people by government dictatorships.

    I don’t care what people do so long as it between consensual adults, why should it matter to them..

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