Malicious, Unsubstantiated and Tasteless – the post that led to Atos attacking the Carerwatch forums

Due to the annual festival to celebrate the murder of a hippy 2000 years ago, I’ve been a bit late with this.  The Guardian recently featured a revealing film made by Jon Ronson about the attempts of disability denying filth Atos ‘Healthcare’ to censor any criticisms of them published on the internet.

Atos carry out the notorious Work Capability Assessment, a computer based test designed to strip benefits from sick and disabled people by declaring them not sick or disabled enough.  A recent Daily Mirror investigation has revealed that 32 people are dying each week after being found ‘fit for work’ by the company.

Last year several websites were shut down after Atos issued legal threats to web hosting companies. One of those sites was the Carer Watch forum which was discussed in Ronson’s video.  The Carer Watch forum was closed due to a link to this site which Atos claim in a statement featured a post which was malicious, unsubstantiated and tasteless.  This site never received any communications from either Atos or where this blog is hosted.

There is no law which states global corporations can shut down and censor websites over content they consider to be tasteless.  You cannot be malicious to a corporation.  It is not a human being.  As for unsubstantiated, well it’s reproduced below, decide for yourself.

Should Atos fancy an expensive, embarrassing and protracted McLibel style legal battle then do please get in touch.

(after Atos’ legal onslaught last year many websites openly defied their legal threats, with re-designing the Atos logo becoming an online sport)

Atos Macht Frei – Atos Origin Team Up With Gas Chamber Firm!

Atos Origin, the poverty pimps currently pocketing hundreds of millions harassing people who are claiming sickness or disability benefits have teamed up with manufacturers of the holocaust’s gas chambers Siemens.

Siemens will contribute its Siemens IT Solutions & Services for €850-million to Atos Origin and become a shareholder of Atos Origin with a 15% stake.

Siemens are most famous for their use of slave labour during the holocaust.  Prisoners were utilised by Siemens to build the gas chambers in which they would eventually be murdered.  Siemens ran factories at Ravensbrück and in the Auschwitz subcamp of Bobrek, whilst the company supplied electrical parts to other concentration camps.

Atos Origin should fit right in with these former eugenicists as they carry out their state funded program to strip both benefits and dignity from those in society deemed to be unproductive.

Some have criticised the use of nazi imagery by some disability and claimants activists recently.  However the parallels between the current Government’s attitude to disability and the early days of the Nazi regime in 1930s Germany are increasingly hard to ignore.  The above poster is directly based on Nazi propaganda at the time which attempted to use fears about the economy to stigmatise disabled people (the original poster can be viewed here along with many other examples).

The present day smear campaign against those with disabilities or illness is relentless.  The right wing press spew out daily lies about benefit fraud and scroungers whilst Disability Minister Maria Miller has claimed the cost of disability benefits (and therefore presumably disabled people) is ‘unsustainable’.

As early as 1933 the Nazis passed a law passed ordering enforced sterilisation of the disabled and long term sick, something that today might be seen as many Daily Mail columnist’s greatest fantasy. Later came the infamous Aktion T4 euthanasia programme when hundreds of thousands of people with disabilities were murdered.  The medical profession notoriously facilitated many of these deaths.

Atos Origin are currently recruiting healthcare workers and doctors across the UK.  Plans to retest everyone on sickness benefits and apply similar tests to those currently claiming Disability Living Allowance will require a lot of doctors.   GPs, consultants or other experts with an in depth knowledge of their patient’s condition will be ignored however.  These health professionals are not trusted to make a decision on their patients ability to work (yet strangely are going to be trusted to control the NHS budget).   Only Atos doctors,  nurses and other unspecified ‘healthcare’ workers are involved in the decision, which is based on a short test and interview.  With huge numbers of those denied benefits having them re-instated on appeal it appears that in a ‘target driven environment’ Atos doctors simply work to rule, regardless of the long cherished medical idiom of ‘first do no harm’.

Disability message boards and blogs have been inundated with people threatening suicide due to these plans.  It is impossible to know how many suicides have happened already as a result of Atos Origin’s medical tests.  Enforced euthanasia may not be the intention of this government’s policies, but in many cases it is likely to be the result.

In Nazi Germany the disabled and sick were seen as surplus to the task of building a mighty Reich.  In Cameron’s Britain the disabled and sick are seen as surplus to the task of ‘bringing down the deficit’.  What counted in Hitler’s day was whether you were a good soldier, industrialist, scientist or labourer.  Under Fascism people were judged purely on their ability to contribute to the goal of German imperialism and genocidal savagery.  Under capitalism we are judged purely on our ability to create wealth for those at the top.  If you ain’t making the rich money, then they couldn’t care whether you live or die.  Nazism it ain’t, we’re a long way from that.  But if it takes being a little bit nazi to continue to line the pockets of the filthy rich, well then it takes being a little bit of nazi.  Now fuck off and get back to work.

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29 responses to “Malicious, Unsubstantiated and Tasteless – the post that led to Atos attacking the Carerwatch forums

  1. Most of us understand what is happening and fear where all this is going but still no legal representation appears to assist us with fighting it, are they getting paid off too or joining up and turning away while 1000’s die already?

  2. Johnny – the Graun had the Ronson video on CIF. The comment thread was modded to a ridiculous degree. Some disappeared altogether. Same happened to lots of other posters. Seems Atos can’t be named in some situations but can in others. It’s obvious that they watch the Society threads on CIF for criticisms then report abuse on any comment they don’t like. One poster suggested CIFers wrote Atos in every sentence they write on every thread they write just to keep the bastards busy.The Graun has done infomercials with Unum before now, so it’s no surprise that if Atos complains, they’ll probably go along.

  3. I was asked to write for them – did several drafts, backed up with evidence; they sent it to the lawyers and the silence has been deafening ever since. People seem to be very scared of them. I’ve got a huge complaint going on with them and I refuse to back down. i’m under no ilusions that they know exactly who I am but there’s nothing they can do about it – without exposing their snooping, obvs.

  4. Atos are eugenics facilitators for The Nazi Clagerron & its minions in The ConDems & the Toff/Aristo/Bankster/Gangster Class running the so-called ‘West’.
    Atos are also liars & thieves.
    They can sue me if they like. I’d win. And they know it.
    Go on Mr. Atos,I dare you.

    • here we go again invoking godwins lwa, the adhitlerum argument, yawn yawm where is the debate all i hear is an ultra left swp rant.


    • lol hahhaaha anyway if we all do it at once thousands of us how many lawyers have they got to cope?

      • bbest and MiKi – exactly. When I was asked to write for the Graun I though that they’d be keen to get the story (well, mine, anyway) out there. Not so. I’ve spent months getting the evidence – I’ve got complaints on the go at the highest level now, and all concerned are beginning to realise that I won’t go away. Both DWP and Atos bang on about how they’re trying to help and how they have followed up etc. but the truth is they don’t do it properly. I got a reconsideration done, made DWP send the decision makers forms, and demolished it in a 9 page letter to senior management. I won. Atos have hidden the results of their internal investigation but I made DWP send me a copy – Atos continue to deny that there’s anything wrong with their procedures even though their own medical officer said the WCA and report was crap. They know we are ill; they know that we will just give up in the face of all the lies and obfuscations – well, I might be physically ill, but I’ve got all my marbles and as a nurse and ex-dwp disability adviser I know better than they do a lot of the time. They think we’re all thick – and they know that many of us can’t take on a government department and a multi-national on our own. But we can – I’m waiting now for a few more bits of evidence and the conclusion of the DWP cheif exec before I go really public – I’m determined to get the story out. I’m not as sick or disabled as many of the people who are falling foul of this regime, but I have the time and persistence to make them answer to me, and believe me the rot goes a lot deeper than the WCA. There are serious issues with admin, data protection, decision making, scrutiny, on and on it goes. Atos – if you are reading this, you probably know exactly who I am. Do your worst, you do not frighten me. Bring it on. Everything I’ve got is in hard copy, and everything I’ve got will come back to bite you. I refuse to be treated like this, I refuse to allow you and this government to demean me, denigrate me, doubt me, and leave me to starve so that your shareholders can make more money. You have no idea who you’re dealing with – and I have more friends than you have enemies, and we will win in the end.

        • Ephemerid

          Thank you for your post I am sorry you have had to go through so much to get where you are but am pleased to read that you have come so far.

          I truly look forward to reading your results and who knows it may make some sort of difference, maybe after that you need to set a site up explaining to everyone else how they can do it so they never get a chance to do this to other people again.

      • .Hello BBEST you are the Best at least youve got the Balls To tell the truth ATOS cant even spell that word They are mean Evil FXXXXXX s Everybody whos got anything to do with them should if they have got the Evidence { Sue } The Main Man The Boss of ATOS { KEITH WILMAN } BECAUSE He is the one who Employs these doctors They have to do what they are told { I bet you would tell a few PorkyS If you were paid £100 } for every person you see + Expences to put what you like on the forms {LIES} has they do this is for 20 Minutes for That £5 a MINUTE IS THIS WORTH LIEYING FOR? I KNOW Money Talks But Also Sue the so called doctor as well DONT LET THESE PEOPLE WALK ALL OVER YOU!!!!! THANKS MATE Notsonice Targetime


      Laughin ma heid aff … gerrit right up them..

  6. I wasn’t very clear in my last comment – the Graun wanted me to write then backed down. I had a lot to say about Atos – still do. MIkI67’S RIGHT – I hope they do try to stop someone. They won’t because it’s a lot easier for them to stifle public comment and debate, but I think they’ll back down when it’s an individual, as we could go to the tabloids and show them up. I’ve got a document via DWP of one of my WCA’s after I made a complaint. Atos’s own medical examiner described it as poor etc. and siad the conclusions were unjustified etc. Not good. But Atos continue to deny to me that there was any problem. I think things are coming to a head now – the Mirror has published the death figures of people who were fond fit for work, and even the Mail has run a few articles about it. We’ll get there in the end……..

    • Ephemerid

      I hope it does get stopped soon because people are dropping like flies and even one deliberate death because of them is one too many,

  7. Eric Greenwood

    I can see a point where these people suffering the ATOS abuse, The ones who take the drastic action of suicide… i can see some of the more determined, MAY decide to do it in public like the elderly man in Greece did. Public displays with notes and press releases to ALL media, then maybe they will listen.. Yes its extreme, but i sometimes think that the extreme is the only way for people to get their voice across..

    • Eric a person should not have to die for their rights.

    • Yes, Eric – and that’s the tragedy.
      What I’m trying to do is beat them at their own game, and as the evidence mounts, it’s becoming clearer in their own letters etc. that they are avoiding answering for their behaviour.
      I’m only one person, but if what I’m doing gets out there eventually, people will see just how deep and just how far the corruption and the stifling of dissent actually goes.
      I think the tide is turning – the Scottish GP’s are making a fuss, and I hope it won’t be long before the rest of the UK follows. When the likes of the Mail and Mirror are easing up on the scrounger rhetoric and publishing articles about how terrifying things are for people exposed to Atos, something is shifting.
      The WCA’s are bad enough – but the old British sense of fair play is affronted by bullying, and we need to publicise the banning of free speech and the failure to comply with the letter and the spirit of legislation – on the part of DWP as well as Atos.
      What causes most of us the most distress is the fact that people are dying, suffering, and killing themselves, in increasing numbers – it’s a national disgrace.

  8. ‘murder of a hippy 2000 years ago’, it was suicide by centurion

  9. g2-22a08306c7c9466c4d52043c53e209a1

    That’s ridiculous! I hope carer watch are taking legal action to get their forum reinstated, we’re meant to still have freedom of speech in this country.

  10. g2-22a08306c7c9466c4d52043c53e209a1

    And also enjoyed the line about the murder of a hippy, that’s what it was really though wasn’t it? 🙂

  11. can people remember that anything you post on here could be traceable to you and this blog is very likely looked at by both atos and more importantly the filth

    i fully understand people’s anger but i’d hate to see anyone prosecuted for something they posted here

    • You’re right Johnny.
      I have to draw a line somewhere however angry I am.
      All the things I’ve posted here and elsewhere are true – libel’s only libel if it’s a lie; but serious threats are another matter.
      Please be careful, my friends.

  12. I reccomend Nick Cohen’s YOU CAN’T READ THIS BOOK on the growth of censorship in the internet age.

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