If They Come For Our Pasties We’ll Come For Their Wall Paper Shops!

A call has gone out to take the pasty row to the doors of George Osborne’s family business this Wednesday 11th April.  Assorted miscreants will gather outside Osborne & Little on the Kings Road in Chelsea from noon armed only with righteous indignation, and Greggs pasties.

Osborne & Little is Gideon Osborne’s daddy’s posh wallpaper shop.  Sir Peter Osborne and his mummy, Felicity Alexandra Loxton-Peacock, both worked very hard to get Gideon where he is today.  This paid for the privilege and private education that has allowed their wretched spawn to run rampant with the economy.  Like the rest of this toff Government, Gideon Osborne has never had a proper job.  All his millions came from mum and dad.  If he’d been to a comprehensive school he’d be little more than some creepy shyster trying to flog vacuum cleaners from door to door or working behind the counter of a high street loan shark.  Think Ian Beale without the chip shop.  The type of person who answers unsolicited emails from African dignitaries or sends off for Get Rich Quick schemes he found in the classifieds of Nuts magazines.  Far from his previous cossetted existence of cocaine and high class hookers, he’d be wanking off over phone sex lines he rang whilst round at his mates house and nicking his Nan’s sleeping pills.

Yet the perversity of class hierarchy has long allowed chinless fucking idiots like George Gideon Osborne to achieve political success.  You only need to look at the braying mob of public schoolboys in Parliament to see the standards are set pretty low.  Osborne is where he is today because of his father’s money.  Join the mob at Osborne & Little and demand that they keep their odious and errant offspring under control.

I can’t make it, but would thoroughly recommend it.  Whatever happens it’s likely to be a laugh.  Last time I went to Chelsea I ended up chucked out of pub after pub, with a companion wearing a nicked ball gown and my over-sized trainers. I was barefoot.  I walked into a boutique and nicked some well posh sun glasses, only to lose them within five minutes of leaving.  The last thing I remember is standing on a post box shouting whilst my loyal friend scarpered.  This seemed somewhat unfair as she had by far been the most responsible for the pub bannings.  Acid, neat scotch and sleep deprivation can do funny things*.  But everyone was awfully nice.  You can get away with fucking anything in places like Chelsea.  Everyone assumes you’re just some errant toff slumming it.  Should your proletarian status be revealed then you will be met with a mixture of pity, disbelief and terror.  They still probably won’t call the filth unless you nick their ipad.  It’s a different world but it’s still our world.  Take the class war to Chelsea this Wednesday!

The fine animation above is from the Anarchist Media Project.

*I should point out this all happened a long time ago.


18 responses to “If They Come For Our Pasties We’ll Come For Their Wall Paper Shops!

  1. “Acid, neat scotch and sleep deprivation” is definitely a recipe for disaster.
    Space-cakes, rum and Latin-rhythms is a much more civilised affair. 😉

  2. Osborne is one of the biggest cunts of the modern era. Evil Tory cunt.

  3. Burn the fuckers out.

  4. Atos are cunts. The Claggeron is a cunt. ConDems are cunts. Wallace & Gromit are cu……sorry,I meant Ed Miliband & Ed Balls are cunts…there’s a joke in there somewhere.
    In fact,the whole cuntry is one huge gaping cunt,being endlessly & globally fucked by rapacious global kapitalists & aristo/toff/tory bankster gangsters.
    The parasitic syphilitic bastards have diseased us all,cause the’ve taken us all for right cunts.
    The cunts.

    • you and unclespunky, please stop using cunt as a term of vilification.

      • I understand where your head’s at….but…..the condems are making me RAGE with their syphilitic parasitic pollution of democracy and their swastika eyes.

      • Okay,kj,where’s your response now? Don’t be ignorant as well as a prude.
        I was polite enough to respond to your riposte;now all you’re doing is sitting in your smug chair,refusing to enter into dialogue. There’s only one word to describe that : cuntish. There you go; now YOU’ve managed to make my blood boil. You’re as bad as The ConDems.

  5. Quote” “I’ve come up with a Budget that has reduced the 50p rate to 45p, so we don’t have the highest income tax rate in the world. But I’ve also asked people who are currently paying zero to pay income tax.”

    His attitude to enforcement for Rich People Tax Avoidance is

    “Excuse me Sir do you mind awfully if you don’t pull the trigger on that Gun you have pointed at me please, I did ask you nicely diddn’t I”
    He will ask them and it will all get much better ?
    What a sick Joke

  6. http://alextalbot.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/george-osbourne-is-shocked.html
    (Finance Minister) George Osbourne says that he is shocked, shocked to find out that the top earners in the UK are involved in widespread tax avoidance

  7. they should set up a wee comittee that reports every 3 months, with a list of loopholes to close down

  8. @Alex Talbot
    Shocked Shocked
    Funny Lols
    True Dat

  9. Totally support this except that i think we need to be looking a pasties outside of Greggs. Greggs is one of the big and unapplogetic exploiters of workfare; rather than paying for workers themselves, they get people on benefits of about £45 a week to work for them for free. The claimants face losing their benefits if they refuse this work, that amounts to less than £1.30/hour, and yet Greggs gets full-time workers without paying a penny.

    Rather than arming ourselves with Gregg’s pasties, surely there are other options that don’t support one exploiter while attacking another.

  10. whoops-didn’t see this. pasties from small local shops or from those who have taken a stand against workfare, for example. boycottworkfare.org probably has a good list

  11. Landless Peasant

    Burn the cunts

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