Reports From Day of Action Against Workfare

More reports on yesterday’s National Day of Action Against Workfare

Brighton – two Holland & Barretts picketed – more info at: and followed by a successful march against anti-squatting laws.

Edinburgh – British Heart Foundation and Poundstretcher targetted:

Liverpool – ASDA then Holland & Barrett:

Halifax – Started early with a picket of Holland & Barrett on Friday:

Bristol – Punk classics outside Holland & Barrett then a tour of the city’s other workfare exploiters:

Wakefield – West Yorkshire Solfed and Anarchist federation link up:

Bournemouth – Wessex Solidarity picket two branches of Holland & Barrett whilst ukuncut do their thing in Vodafone:

Swindon – Swindon Anarchists picket Holland & Barrett:

Lincoln – Lincoln Underground Collective visit Holland & Barrett, Primark and Poundland:

York – York Welfare Campaign take a tour of the city’s workfare exploiters:

Glasgow – Solfed, the IWW and Anarchist federation picket Holland & Barrett:

In London there were pickets outside Holland & Barrett in both North and South London as covered yesterday.

Actions took place in many other towns and cities around the UK – please post up links to any more reports in the comments.

Above pic from the Bristol action.

9 responses to “Reports From Day of Action Against Workfare

  1. Brilliant I hope we can start on ATOS next -)

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  3. another report from bristol. Mostly we would like to rectify one inaccuracy in solfeds post, We played mostly reggae and hiphop on the sound system, not just punk 🙂

  4. If your forced to go on unpaid work programme and lucky enough to find a job whilst on it, just go to the job centre and sign off, just say your taking a break from the scandelous mistreatment from your so called provider .Don’t bother telling the provider, let them wonder where you’ve gone and more importantly their £000’s in payment…

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