Petrolgate Blows Up In Maude’s Face

The women in York recovering from burns after decanting petrol in her kitchen is not the first victim of this Government by a long way.  The ever growing number of sick and disabled benefits claimants committing suicide and the families forced into homelessness and pensioners into poverty are all casualties of this Tory onslaught.  After Blair’s murderous reign it seems that we can now measure Governments by the bodycount rather than their policies.

But you would have thought, at the very least, not advising your citizens to blow themselves up would be a duty of any Government.  Francis Maude’s comments would have seen him jailed if he was a teenager bragging on facebook.  Instead it’s business as usual for the arrogant toffs who have attempted to blame everyone but themselves for plunging the country into chaos.

In many workplaces, someone who gave out advice on handling flammable materials which turned out to be illegal would very likely be sacked for gross misconduct.  If an industrial accident happened as a result of that advice they may well find themselves in court.  If Francis Maude didn’t realise that petrol could be dangerous, and didn’t know the law, then he should have kept his fucking mouth shut.  These people are in charge of nuclear weapons for fucks sake.  They can’t even be trusted to store petrol.

Maude is yet another toff clown who went to private school then Cambridge.  What is it about the private education system that it turns out such a bunch of inept fuckwits?  I blame the parents personally.  And a lack of basic moral fibre.  Bring back national service for ex-etonians.  If they’d been born on a Council Estate this shower couldn’t get a workfare placement licking ratshit off the sewer walls.  Yet cos mummy and daddy had a few quid they think they have some divine right to govern.

People are literally blowing themselves up because of this Government.  The fuel supplies have run dry due to a pathetic attempt to save Cameron’s blushes after he lied about whether he ate a pasty or not.  Dinner with David Cameron isn’t worth a Greggs doughnut and they can’t even keep that quiet.  How much longer can this shambles go on?

The tragic answer is it’s not ending any time soon.  Labour are no better, the same breed of identikit chinless twats who’ve never done a real job.  Imagine an Oxford Brogue tripping over a man’s face forever and that seems to be the future for this country.   If poverty, unemployment or homelessness don’t get you then third degree burns probably will.


18 responses to “Petrolgate Blows Up In Maude’s Face

  1. 110% true and accurate! Kudos!

  2. How can 1 summarise better then this.

  3. Is this beginning off the end for coalition and goverments interpretation of democracy.


    wish I shared your optimism mate. Round here the ordinary people are sheep who do what they’re told, while the “activists” run around on increasingly pointless, self-regarding hijinx. They don’t even bother to do basic advertising in advance of demonstrations, claiming that “it’s all on the internet” or that “the pigs” might find out if they actually had a demo with more than five people in it.

    TO paraphrase Will Self (sorry) the bad politics is an epiphenomenon; vicious idiots like Cameron are allowed to run the country because enough of the public are vicious and stupid enough to vote for him, while an even larger percentage are simply apathetic.

    People on the left have got a lot of work to do. Mainly in the form of taking a good long look at ourselves.

    • “the “activists” run around on increasingly pointless, self-regarding hijinx”

      Hear, hear. These middle-class idiots who are pissing their university education into the gutter, just so they can save a tree or represent some poor and desperate people 12,000 miles away.This is their practical experience before they enter the public sector, whereupon their activism and egalitarianism soon gets crushed from their otiose and meaningless lives. Replaced with a cold and perverted humanist condition. We, the people, would be much better off without them.

  5. if they can’t starve you, make you homeless, then they try blunders of medical intervention and pill popping, failing that they are now blowing people up, well done the Tories you are right on track……….

  6. the goverment inteded to create panick. crisis is a usefull time for politicians.


    We’ve got to think about ourselves. Why aren’t there massive anti workfare protests? It’s pretty clear cut how wrong it is, yet the public have bought in. The SWP seem to be intent on helping the government with their characiture of protestors as Trot wierdos, muscling in on everything and turning it into a disaster, while the stupes who voted for them are still split about 50-50 between the two Nasty Parties. How did it get this bad?

    • I think the whole country needs to down tool everywhere as it is the only way these b…..ds are going to ever take any notice.

    • ‘Why aren’t there massive anti workfare protests?’

      ….because they only apply to about 10% of the population and the other 90% could’nt give a fuck or are too wasted from sniffing petrol

  8. ‘The women in York recovering from burns after decanting petrol in her kitchen is not the first victim of this Government by a long way’

    she is a victim of her own stupidity, how dumb can you get?

  9. drinking\sniffing petrol 😀

    that takes me back 😀

    2 stroke made us sick as dogs, that was a well learnt lesson

  10. your blog, as ever, awesome…..

  11. Reblogged this on recoverydust and commented:
    awesome blog xx

  12. “The ever growing number of sick and disabled benefits claimants committing suicide and the families forced into homelessness and pensioners into poverty are all casualties of this Tory onslaught”

    Some credible sources would veer this from opinion into fact.

  13. Personally I think the myth that the government intended to create a panic is simply because most people can’t believe they are that stupid. I on the other do believe that they are total and unadulterated inbred cretins.

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