Cameron – From Margaret Thatcher to John Major In Under Two Years

A Government has rarely looked as inept as the Tories have this week.  From pastygate to the granny tax they reveal themselves out as of touch, incompetent and lurching from one crisis to the next.

The budget contained no real surprises.  All Tory Government’s cut taxes for the rich.  Yet it still managed to unite the country in contempt.  The assault on pensioners saw blistering attacks from even the Daily Telegraph.  The pasty tax is as unworkable in practice as it is unfair in principle.  Osborne’s changes to Child Benefit depend on the successful implementation of Universal Credit, and the Orwellian database that lies behind it. The announcement that cheap beer is to be banned only amplified the old Etonian’s contempt for those with least.  It is a brave and stupid Government that taxes pies and raises the price of beer in a near recession.

Increasingly Universal Credit is being presented as the panacea that will fix everything, including the brutal assault on working single parents who are the real big losers of Osborne’s current strategy.

Problem is that even DWP insiders claim that Universal Credit is ‘pie in the sky’.  Even if Iain Duncan Smith manages to construct his new IT system, with all it’s bells and whistles like voice biometrics and real time income reporting, the privacy implications may well be too much for even moderate Tories to swallow.  The fact is that it won’t work, which is why IDS has gone from being the quiet man to the invisible man of British politics.

His acolyte Chris Grayling is reduced to lying to Parliamentary Committees to cover up the collapsing Work Programme.  The Atos health testing system is a shambles that shows little sign of improvement.  The idea that this system can now be extended to three and a half million DLA claimants looks increasingly like wishful thinking.  Plans floated to force sick and disabled people onto workfare seem not only savage but little more than fantasy.

The Government may have ram-raided their flagship Welfare and NHS bills through Parliament, but both look set to unravel in their implementation.  Furious medical staff, teachers and public sector workers alike show no signs of backing down over the destruction of their pensions schemes and the onslaught on public services.  Even the filth are revolting.

The fuel tanker drivers barely needed to twitch and the Government has plunged the country into meltdown.  And the Prime Minister is humiliated after telling lies about a posh pasty he didn’t really eat once.  He must have been a shit PR man if that’s the best he can do.

David Cameron has gone from being Margaret Thatcher to John Major in under two years.  Bungling incompetence and casual brutality are now the only things this Government has left.  Tory sleaze is back on the agenda and the nasty party looks every bit as nasty as ever.  They’ve even managed to lose the support of The Sun.  Who knows how far Murdoch’s revenge will go.

In the workplace and on the streets they have been fought to a stand still.  They are out of ideas, panicking and making mistakes. Hawks on the right of the Tory Party despise Cameron every bit as much as any Trade Union leader.  They’d hang him out to dry in a second, just like beleaguered old John Major in the 90s.  He’s managed to isolate himself from both European leaders and anti-Europe Tory zealots.  The poor little posh boy doesn’t appear to have any friends left.

Expect increasingly bonkers schemes to be announced and the Tories reverting to type.  The recent report on the riots is being spun to blame poor parenting and a lack of moral fibre for the failure of social policies.  This looks like the beginning of a new Back To Basics style campaign.  Bashing the chavs has long been Tory strategy when the chips are down.  It will backfire, just as it did for John Major.  The druggie past of Cameron, Osborne and Boris is a tale that is bound to fully emerge in time.  And right now there will be some Tory minister who can’t keep his dick in his pants ready to explode onto the front pages just like the last time.

Cash for dinner is reminiscent of the cash for questions scandal that saw ministers jailed in the 90s.  With the Government up to their neck in dodgy deals with bent millionaires, who knows how far Tory sleaze will go.  Meanwhile the Leveson Inquiry rumbles on and Cameron’s ex-friends are sharpening their knives in vengeance.  And the OECD has just announced that the UK is back in recession.

The ongoing comedy show shouldn’t detract from the devastation this Government are causing in people’s lives.  But it reveals what has long been suspected.  The Tory Party hasn’t changed in the slightest since the mid 90s when they were condemned to the dustbin of history.   Cameron is not the Tory messiah, he’s just another posh fuckwit.  If Thatcher knew what was going on these days she’d cringe at their shabby incompetence.  Now is the time to attack the fuckers with everything we’ve got.

Let resistance sing from every street, workplace, dole office, school and university.  Let’s show these over-privileged chinless twats what Class War really looks like.  Don’t wait for the Labour Party or the Unions to fire the shots and forget about the Lib Dems.  Let every waking moment be devoted to bringing this unelected toff Government of the rich to their fucking knees.

And fill up those tanks whilst you still can.  It’s getting hairy out there.

10 responses to “Cameron – From Margaret Thatcher to John Major In Under Two Years

  1. I’m absolutely flabberghasted that Maude is still even an MP.

    Only in this insane asylum of a tory society.

  2. the sad thing is, the biggest stick you have is milliband, a man who makes Kinnock look like a worthwhile proposition 😦

  3. Eric Greenwood

    Amen Brothers and sisters.. A bit more news.. Listen to bbc radio 4 The report at 8pm tonight.Its about the work Programme.

    The revolution will not be televised.. it will be bitstreamed. I am doing my bit, talking to the press and passing the word..

  4. Cracking post! More please.

  5. Great post as always, thanks for the BBC 4 radio link Eric I am just about to catch up with that now, lets hope it has something interesting and correct to say-)

  6. Eric Greenwood

    Apparently the above and beyond help given was an hour long interview session in a4e (not a job interview) instead of a 30 minute one? once a month, which means sitting and talking to your adviser. In 6 Months how come he hasnt got an interview via a4e. If A4e has contacts, good reputation with employers, how come they havent got him an interview. What value have a4e given to his job search. If employers wont hire him even with the so called expertise of a4e, then what is the point of a4e.

    They may claim they have too many clients to apply for jobs for all of them, But thats their problem, They signed up for this scheme, they promised to get a job for the clients. If they cannot get jobs for everyone or even interviews, then they are not doing what they are paid for by the government.

    If they say there are jobs out there, but other providers or job agencies are getting people the jobs, then What value has a4e added, why not go to the job agencies, or providers that can do the job.

    Why isn’t there a log of the jobs that they have applied for on his behalf, or spoke to the employers, or if there is, why hasnt he seen it. Wouldnt this be better, since he could be applying for the same jobs as they do, or jobs that are completely out of his skill set.

    In 6 months, they havent got him a single interview, Could that be there are not as many jobs out there that they claim there are, (according to the local paper Local unemployment is at a 15 year high) or employers dont want to take a chance on the unemployed, Or Something that a4e is doing isnt working. Now the first nothing much can be done about that, but the 2nd and 3rd, its upto A4e to convince employers to hire them, that the candidate will be an asset. The 3rd, If a4e arent doing thier job then how come they still have the contract.

  7. i had a specialist focussed job advisor and it took me 2 years to get a job and that was before the economy went tits up, what chance do the A4E drones have?

  8. I think Dennis Skinner & George Galloway, should form a gang and flush Dave Millibands head down the bog, everyday, until he admits he is a tosser

  9. “Hard working people from hard working families who get up early and work hard ….blah…blah…blah”.

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