Pastygate Spreads – Cameron’s Fake Pasty Habit

David Cameron has been reduced to boasting of his love of pasties, bizarrely claiming that he must do because he goes on holiday to Cornwall.  He goes on to say that he last enjoyed a pasty bought from a stall which closed in 2007.  That’s one pasty every five years.  I know a bloke who can eat five in a day.  He loves pasties.

More importantly his pasty came from the West Cornwall Pasty Company.  They have them in London and they are well posh.  A medium sized pasty costs nearly three and a half quid!  It’s fucking yuppie food for pissed commuters.  You can get three pasties from Greggs for that, and dinner from some greasy spoons.

Attempting to establish proletarian cred by eating the poshest pasty of all is like claiming to be a pleb because daddy’s only got a knighthood and isn’t an Earl or Duke.  I bet the Queen thinks twice before spending the best part of a fiver on a fucking pasty.  Cameron’s attempt to show he’s down with the poor has only revealed exactly how out of touch the fucking toff is.

Has there ever been a more pathetic sight is British politics than an old Etonian telling made up stories about a posh pasty he didn’t really eat five years ago?

From the Anarchist Media Project some pastygate propaganda:


6 responses to “Pastygate Spreads – Cameron’s Fake Pasty Habit

  1. Aristo/Toff Class Cunts……Kill Them All!!
    Don’t Go Hungry! Eat The Fucking Rich!
    Squat Their Mansions!
    Fuck Them Up Any Way You Can!…….By Any Means Necessary!

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  3. Sam Brackenbury

    Pastiegate… Faceless Toffs! Hopefuly they will all choke, either that or they succumb to working people! Rob me of a daily pastie! Next the bastards will tax Gravy!

  4. Was it not at Eton, that a boy, asked to write a story about a poverty wrote. “Once upon a time, lived a very poor boy, his father was poor, his mother was poor, even their butler was poor…”.

    Wearing a suit costing more than a years unemployment benefit, I’ll believe he wants to help the poor when he gives away his wealth to them. Until then he’s no different to any other two faced money grabbing politician – he’ll say anything to get elected.

  5. Is he enjoying a Burmese pasty?

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