Call To Action – From Disabled People Against Cuts

Protest 18th of April led by Disabled People Against Cuts
Call To Action

Make Osborne and Cameron Obsolete

Disabled People are asking as many people as possible, from every section
of society, to come to London to show their opposition to “The Scapegoating of Disabled People” including Remploy workers and “Selling Pensioners Down the River” with the  “The Granny Tax”.

Trade Unionists, Pensioners, Disabled People and all claimants need to stand UNITED against these vicious attacks.

Meet Leicester Square McDonalds:  at 1:30Pm on the 18th of April. There will be a short stroll or wheel from here. Any accessible transport queries can be addressed to Transport for All: telephone 02077372339.

6 responses to “Call To Action – From Disabled People Against Cuts

  1. Tweeted this for you. Keep up the fight guys. We stand with you here in America!

  2. Good luck. I loathe this government

  3. wish i could come to this but i am in Ayrshire Scotland and my self and my guide dog Harley came on teh hardet hit march last yr but i jsut wish i could go to this one all the best Love Harley Guide Dog Ayrshire Scotland and Bill Human Slave

  4. As DPAC had to be reminded to include carers in their protest then no, I won’t be going.

    It’s bad enough charities and government forgetting carers, but DPAC?

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