Scottish GPs Vote To Scrap Work Capability Assessment

In yet another blow for the Government’s welfare policies, GPs in Scotland have voted in favour of a motion  calling for the end of the work capability assessment (WCA).  These brutal and demeaning tests have been used to strip sickness and health related benefits from as many people as possible.  The annual Scottish GP conference yesterday voted that:

“i. the inadequate computer-based assessments that are used have little regard to the nature or complexity of the needs of long term sick and disabled persons
ii. the WCA should end with immediate effect and be replaced with a rigorous and safe system that does not cause avoidable harm to some of the weakest and most vulnerable in society “

GPs own opinions on their patient’s ability to work have been repeatedly ignored in favour of a short computer test carried out by French IT Company Atos.  Today’s vote shows that doctors are starting to wake up to the implications of a system that violates the fundamental medical principle of ‘first do no harm’.

Tragically several people have killed themselves after learning of decisions made by Atos and the DWP.  Thosands more have had conditions worsened and been forced into the endless round of appeals and retesting that has become the norm for people on sickness benefits.  Doctors and nurses have been employed to carry out these tests in an effort to give them a modicum of medical respectability.  What the implications of the passing of this motion are for Atos’ recruitment strategy are so far unclear, however this may yet be seen as the beginning of the end of this inhumane policy.    Already insiders have claimed moral is at rock bottom at the company and they are finding it harder to recruit and retain medical staff.  Doctors and nurses should not be used as political cover to dismantle the Welfare State.

This vote has come about in many ways through the lobbying of grass roots, claimant led groups such as most notably the Black Triangle Anti-Defamation Campaign who deserve a fucking medal.  The BMA, who faced protests outside their recruitment fair last year due to the presence of Atos, should now consider their medical ethics across the rest of the UK.  A letter signed by countless organisations last year demanded that the British Medical Journal cease all business relationships with the company.

The Work Capability Assessment is failing.  It is time all medical staff rejected their role in the torment it has caused for hundreds of thousands of sick and disabled people.  Atos and the WCA kills.  It is time both were condemned to history.

20 responses to “Scottish GPs Vote To Scrap Work Capability Assessment

  1. Great post and finally GP’s are standing up and complaining about the obvious, I would love to be optimistic perhaps even consider a move to a fairer Scotland but will this actually change anything?

    I only ask because so far everybody has been totally ignored and the system has continued on in ever more dubious ways?

    • It may. If the GPs stand opposed to the system, then for one thing it’ll become increasingly hard to find medical staff to actually betray their calling working within it – and equally, it’ll be commensurately easier to find people to assist with appeals. Were nurses and physiotherapists to follow suit, ATOS would be left having to abandon the fiction that their assessments had anything to do with medical procedure at all, because they couldn’t get any “qualified medical professionals” to conduct them. And of course, it’s lousy PR for the government… although I’m not sure quite what else they expected when fresh from drafting medical professionals in to screw claimants, they turned on the NHS that provides those very medical professionals. (Of course, health is devolved to Scotland. Imagine what English doctors might do the next time the subject comes up…)

    • it’ll strengthen the Independence vote up here, by giving a positive spin, that no one can deny or disbeleive

      ‘Vote for independence or that cunt cameron’ll come and get ye!’

  2. Arbeitsscheu_UK

    This is great news and can only serve to place further emphasis on it being high time that disabled athletes started showing some compassion and solidarity towards the plight of the fellow disabled being persecuted by Atos and the DWP. By competing in the Paralympics, the sideshow of the corporate Olympic showcase, they are playing Judas for Atos, given that they are the enemy of both the disabled and natural justice alike, along with condoning the total insult of Atos being a sponsor.

    • Charlotte Bates

      Excellent point, well taken. Why doesnt the national press do more to expose these travisties of “democracy”? Come ON you all, wake up!!!

  3. It is a relief to know that Scotland still has common sense and empathy,well done.

  4. great news – but when will english gps follow suit?

  5. Nazi Rule = Nazi Companies to force compliance.
    Atos + A4e = Nazi Companies.

  6. Yet another case of Scotland doing the sensible and fair thing, whilst we down here in England have to suffer whatever our Facist leaders impose on us. I wish we could have independance here! Lol

  7. Scotland has no idea of the refugee crisis they will face as the English working class desperately scramble to get in.

    I propose an extension of the border to at least Sheffield.

  8. We northerners would join up with Scotland like a shot. That’s not England down south anymore.

  9. I have been on the recieving end of this shit my money was stopped for over 4 months I am bipolar with social anxiety problems to I was left sitting in a cold dark flat with no food electric or gas I lost 3 stone in weight its been allmost a year since and I still cant eat a normal adult sized meal due to my stomach shrinking. Any supporting letters from my GP were ignored at the time this happened I was living in Aberdeen I have since moved south and been honest have had no problems since the move allthough I havnt had an apointment for another assessment and been honest I dread the letter coming cos I ken fine they’ll stop my money again mental health problems are ignorable

    • Charlotte Bates

      Its an outrage, and keep on keeping on. Dont let the Bastards get you (keep you) down. Good luck.

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