Anti-workfare Protest Planned at Grayling’s Workfare Conference

Boycott Workfare have called for a protest outside the workfare conference on 26th March entitled ‘Tapping into talent: putting employers at the heart of the Work Programme’.

Employment Minister Chris Grayling, along with a whole host of corporate parasites, will be in attendance to discuss how companies can get their staff for free.

The event includes the CBI and the British Chambers of Commerce amongst it’s sponsors who are both no doubt keen to see low paid staff replaced with forced labour paid less than a pittance by the Government.  Tickets for the conference cost £150.  Benefit claimants are presumably not welcome.

That won’t stop protesters turning up from 9am to give them a ‘rowdy welcome to the conference’.  Following this claimants and supporters will be heading off to some other sites of workfare interest in the area including a ‘Farewell Emma’ party at the local A4e office.

Full details can be found on facebook:

4 responses to “Anti-workfare Protest Planned at Grayling’s Workfare Conference

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  2. KILL ‘EM ALL!

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