Think A4e Are Corporate Scum? You ain’t seen nothing yet

A4e claim to be passionate about getting people back to work.  However one part of their business is just as passionate about helping organisations sack staff.

A4e would rather keep quiet about A4e Transitions.  No ‘fairy jobmother’ style documentaries have been made about this shadowy shower of corporate slime.

This offshoot of A4e are involved in providing ‘outplacement services’ and ‘change management’ for companies who want to sack staff.

Instead of money going into people’s redundancy packages, companies spend money with A4e to help them maintain ‘productivity and morale’ whilst laying off workers.  There is no pretence that this service is to be used for any other reason than to protect the ‘reputational risk’ companies face when carrying out ‘outplacement’.

Whilst hiring A4e Transitions to lay off staff may help some managers sleep at night, the results for the actual workforce are predictably dreadful.  When Corus wanted to lay off 500 staff in 2009, A4e were brought in to ‘manage change’.  Their own figures show that a only a meagre 35% were in employment six months later.  Newly unemployed workers are generally seen as the easiest people to quickly place back in employment.  That A4e failed to do this not only shows that they are inept, but blows apart the myth that unemployment is caused by laziness or the workshy.

If only 35% of skilled workers can find employment within 6 months of becoming unemployed this clearly demonstrates what is blatantly obvious to anyone in that position – there are no fucking jobs.

This whole racket is good business in more ways than one for A4e Transitions who boast that they have 250 offices throughout the country aimed at helping people into work.  What they don’t mention is that these offices are funded by the tax payer via Government contracts such as the Work Programme.  The conflict of interest is clear.  It is in A4e’s interests to encourage companies to lay off as many staff as possible, because they get paid again by the state when those staff are referred onto the Work Programme.

Every worker laid off by the likes of Corus who gains work can be claimed as another ‘Job Outcome’ on their various Government contracts.  They even have the nerve to boast about this.  When the Trelleborg factory in Newtown, Wales closed down A4e were brought in to manage the havoc this caused in workers lives.  58 staff were laid off, people who A4e claim were “experienced, highly skilled supervisors, managers, finance and administration staff”.

Despite this less than half of them were in work six months later.  Far more damning however is A4e’s admission that 9 of these people went on to training through “through A4e’s funded programme for the newly unemployed.”

That’s funded by the Government incidentally, not some humanitarian gesture from multi-millionaire Emma Harrison.  That A4e have the gall to claim this as a success for their ‘outplacement’ scheme is staggering.  Whilst the bosses of Trelleborg very likely no longer gave a fuck, this is hardly a successful outcome for the people forced to attend one of A4e’s shit training courses, quite possibly under threat of benefit sanctions.

The only people this was a success for was A4e themselves who have managed to turn unemployed people into a commodity.  By getting their foot in the door when lay offs happen, they can pick up all those newly unemployed workers, put them through the books and claim fat fees from the Government and the bosses alike.  If they should happen to find work, usually under there own steam, A4e get to pick up a successful job outcome fee.  If they don’t, well not to worry, A4e have already been paid once by the company to help lay them off.  They still get paid again by the Government even if they don’t find work, just not quite as much.

A4e claim on their fake fluffy website that they are improving people’s lives.  The only lives they are improving are the likes of recently departed Emma Harrison who trousered nearly £9 million then got out whilst the going was still good to spend more time with her money.

With the Work Programme and assorted schemes looking flakier by the day, A4e are looking for new ways to rip off the tax payer.  They now claim on their website that they can help governments with difficult problems such as ‘multi-generational unemployment; youth unemployment; poverty; deprivation; poor health and low life expectancy; high crime and substance misuse’.

It seems wherever there is misery, the vultures of A4e hover in the background in the hope they can make a quick buck on the back of it.  Human tragedy should never mean private profit, although it all too often does.  The immoral and corrupt practices of A4e shows all too well what happens when private sector sharks are unleashed to provide public services.

A4e Transitions have a barely updated twitter page @a4etransitions or they can be contacted via this page:

34 responses to “Think A4e Are Corporate Scum? You ain’t seen nothing yet

  1. stated above

    there are no fucking jobs.
    been saying it for months that’s why the whole system is only designed to get people off benefits or onto the lowest benefit of I think 67.00 week?

    What they don’t mention is that these offices are funded by the tax payer via Government contracts such as the Work Programme. The conflict of interest is clear. It is in A4e’s interests to encourage companies to lay off as many staff as possible, because they get paid again by the state when those staff are referred onto the Work Programme.

    knew it would happen and I am pleased it has now come out into the open, cant believe its A4e though so now some serious questions needs answering by government plus this program everywhere should be dropped completely.

    They now claim on their website that they can help governments with difficult problems such as ‘multi-generational unemployment; youth unemployment; poverty; deprivation; poor health and low life expectancy; high crime and substance misuse’.

    this means they will probably be getting into voluntary Euthanasia then as it looks like the only thing they haven’t done yet.

    • Hiya BBest, Everything that has been said is true. I was a fact in the 80s recruitment sector that one selected those with the best prospects to make as much commission as fast as possible. That was a commercial activity and it did benefit both parties.

      I made a fair bit. But not one penny of it was from the Government. We even had a lower commission rate when dealing with government requirements.

      The ones we loved he best though, were the downsizing exercises that we were called on to assist with…… lots of trained, capable, employable people to play with and make lots of money from. The more people I placed, the more of the commission I got to keep.

      Sorry for going on but if I know how best (for the cash), to do this, why does not one of Cameron’s bright children understand that this is how the recruitment industry works ? I might add that I always plugged away on behalf of those less recruit – able. But a man’s gotta earn too.

  2. Disgusting. Thank you for drawing attention to this. Appreciated.

  3. Did you hear about A4e’s:
    * £20,000 personal trips claimed as tax-free expenses
    * champagne culture
    * a4e workfare slave forced to work in a4e finance office, uncovers irregular expense claimants by even the CEO Andrew Dutton
    * Conferences for 100 people in Spain and Monaco
    * More forged signatures (A4e calls this “poor administration” NOT fraud)

    Its surely hotting up…

    • Un-fuckin-believable, I bloody well hope there are prison sentences for fraud and money paid back to the taxpayer.

      You can bet Cameron has dipped his hands in the profits as there is no way he did know what was going on. I hope this is exposed for the government fraud that it is as well.

      • Being a shareholder of A4e isn’t bad – nice returns.

        Shares are of the value of 5p each.

        In April 2010, there was a dividend of £4.44 per share for “ordinary” shares, but check out the dividends for the “ordinary B” class of shares… £617.47 per each 5p share.

        View their accounts yourself (they are rather old ones, cannot wait for the most recent ones to come out) here …

        • Honestly the last question left is how we are gonna get rid of all the parasitical scum from governments to their outsources who victimise, torture and steal from ordinary folk.

      • To confirm all the classes of shares in A4e are… 5p (that is 5 pence or £0.05 each)

  4. This is unbelievable,if only the Mafia had thought of this scam.Money laundering with the freshly cropped(Thanks A4E) unemployed as a front.

  5. Err Johnny, Sue Marsh has just published this and has been heard swearing on Twitter. The shitstorm approaches.

  6. Arbeitsscheu_UK


  7. Aristo class language a la 1984 : mis-spoke (lied), misunderstood (ignored due process at will)misappropriation(grand larceny),mistake(excuse for arrogant law breaking),outplaced(sacked)……you could go on & on & on….
    The entire fuckin’ planet’s being run by aristo class psychos who make The Krays look like Bill & Ben.

  8. New articles coming soon on IUA, more about A4e, including spoof training sessions to trick DWP officials… 2 years later still got contracts!

  9. If you get a job… don’t bloody tell them! sever all connection with them they are nothing but leeches!
    A4E Edinburgh cost the tax payer even more on Wednesday 8th March after setting off the alarm for a fire drill WITHOUT notifying the fire department… doh!

  10. Morbid Symptoms

    Interesting on that page they boast that ’22 consultants are trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Business Diploma’. NLP is a pseudo-scientific new age semi-cult, and is key to A4E’s approach. They have basically taken the ‘you creat your own reality’ occultist visualization technique, and applied it to the banality of ‘job seeking’ – vizualise yourself in the job you want and the fairies will make it so.

    • Symptoms,

      I have taken may courses one being NLP and while they all have their place depending on what you personally want to achieve from them, the techniques are certainly not a one size fits all approach to illness or bring about the life you really want kinda program otherwise we would all be riding around in Ferrari’s, living in mansions with a wad of cash to our names, in glowing consistent health-)

      And as we all know the parasites who live of the backs of the working classes would never really allow that to happen anyway because their elite status (as they see it) in this world would be threatened considerably as they can only feed off human misery and theft which is why they continually seek to perpetrate it wherever they go.

      But it has its useful place enabling personal blame of claimants to continue where reality has left off, such as the out of work, or ill and sick claimants as they seek ever more ways to deny a rightful benefit.

      What people must do is look at what is really going on, then study the techniques being used against them and then shift the blame back onto those who are really responsible such as the government and all who sail in her ship.

  11. Everyone going to a4e needs to now this, do not sign any contract or any paperwork presented to you at a4e refuse to sign but don’t refuse to go there, and if you do sign any paperwork or contract make sure you make amendments to suit you, that’s what I did, they sent me on the two year gig, but after asking a4e if they contracts adheare to English contract law and can I make adjustments, I was told yes I could, so I crossed out all the stuff I did not agree to, and signed the paperwork then I asked them to sign it, I then told them I was going on my hols for two weeks, so u would not be around, that was in December 2011, a4e said they would contact me, I have not heard form them since, I also amended my job seekers agreement at the job centre, and now no one dares to ask me to prove that I am looking for work, I crossed out the bit about sanctions, which I did not agree with, so DWP can not sanction me as DWP had to sign the job seekers agreement too and that’s the contract /agreement I have with DWP anybody can do it as it is legal English contract law

    • lord kushna

      Like your style do you mind sharing what you changed to get both off your back.

      • 1st I asked the job centre staff if the job seekers agreement was in fact a contract, that was before signing it, when I was told yes (as was expected) I then stated that if it was indeed a contract it must therefore be subject to English contact law, please download a copy and have a read.

        You me and everyone in England have the right to make amendments to any contract that is presented to you, so make amendments, then I crossed out the bit about sanctions, if anyone says anything to you, just bring a copy of English contract law with and ask them if you can read it together so the we can agree on points of English contract law.

        Remember to put the letter’s of your first name and last name

        A4e, when you go to

      • Buy your amendments

        When u go to a4e 1st tell them that you refuse to be subjected to private company terms and conditions, tell them that you will attend but will only sign the contract if it is subject to English Contract Law, and you can make amendments, when they say yes, have a read of there contract and cross out anything you dont agree with get them to sign it and job done

      • Also another trick is tell the job centre that you do not want to be linked to a company that are under investigation by the police, you will not be forced to include a4e on your CV, because a4e are under investgtion there would be an conflict of interest, a good idea is to have a mobile phone with a video record there response and ask them who is brave enough to force me speak now or forever keep silent ask them to clarify weather or not there is an conflict of interest, try to get there response on tape or in writing

        • Funny just been reading the following on another site

          Last month David Cameron said authorities had investigated 125 cases of alleged wrongdoing at various providers since April 2006. Just 11 of those were A4e-related but the Government has so far refused to divulge details of the other 114 cases.

          Obviously there are many more but yet again this scamming mob are refusing to provide details as yet………

        • Forgot to ask what does Buy your amendments mean? Also do you mind if I put your info on another blogsite for debate and I will add the link to this site as well?

      • What I me is, my name is lord Kushna after making the amendments I would put lk by the amendments, please feel free to share the info with the world, and sorry if I was not clear

      • If the government refuse to give up information you must write to the information commissioner he has the power to enforce the government with an enforcement order to give up the information, and that’s one if the reasons why I say to you all do not sign any contracts without making amendments, becsuse once you give your consent to be subject to private company rules the information commissioner can not help you

  12. I have been sent my ”referral form” for the dreaded A4e, before that I was on a fantastic training course which really helped me out, I want to be an Adult learning Teacher and I want to go to college to study the relevant subjects. No chance the JC said to me I am now bound by this STUPID TWO YEAR contract! I am livid! TWO years of wasting my life when I could be at college studying for something worthwhile a good JOB!! Grr! I’ll be thirty in a year and I already feel time’s running out the cretins at the JC said that a4e will ”help me to get into the Teaching Sector” like heck they will, judging by some of the stuff I’ve read about them! I’m gonna sign off and get employment with an agency for the time being. I just cannot go there and waste two more years.

    • OMG Greeneyes, that’s the exact situation I’m in. I just got a letter the other day from A4E, saying that I have to start there work programme. I am also due to start a teacher training course and some volunteering , so I am worried about how that will effect me. A4E is a complete waste of time and they are not capable of finding anybody work. I hope you continue to peruse your courses at college, it really is the only way forward. A4E will take you nowhere. Best of luck!

  13. Dear watchdog

    hi my name is Ralph Hossain, i am living in tower hamlets London, in east London, am in government

    work-program for last 12 month in A4e 1st floor Tramway house, 3 Tramway avenue, Stratford, London,

    E15 4PG. I can say this A4e company is from hell, i am attending every week and i can say this A4e

    did no help me to find any-job, and waste of time and, when ever i see my adviser he say to me i call

    you, how come you did’t answer the phone, i said to my adviser Mohammed Ali, what are talk about

    ,my mobile is alwayes on and is always with me, i said why are lie Mohammed, and what is the benefits

    of lie.then i said to my adviser i will call my network provider and ask all 7 day detail to provide me with

    information, anyway after speaking to network provider they said to me A4e is just lying to me and

    there is no miss call from that number 0208519358. then i spoke to my Mohammed can you give to

    date and time you call me, he said i forgot Ralph, then he said i email to you, i said i check my email

    everyday why are lie over again. after then i got my laptop and i show my email i said i have not

    received any email from you. i than said if you sent me email i am 100 percent confident, you would have

    a record in your sent history, and can i see it, and can you give me detail, but he can not show it to

    me. i don’t understand why this A4e company is always lie client, its sound like this A4e company is

    scam, corrupt,frauds, fraudulent, this A4e company is a criminal and should go to prison, i believe

    government should band this A4e,
    i can say not even one person get help and find a jobs because they are just waste of time, and

    government are waste money for no reason, government should spend the money in education.

    you’re Faithfully

    Ralph Hossain

  14. i have been sanctioned my jobseeker allowance for 4 months now because a4e scum bags say i have missed many appointments when i did not get any letters from them to confirm that to be aware of. i told my jobcenter and made so much appeal but nothing can be done. this a4e is a zionist scum, im suprised the government aint doing nothing and watching me sufffer

    rahan miah

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