Iain Duncan Smith’s Lies Even Make Grayling Wince

It was the organ grinder not the monkey’s turn to lie about workfare yesterday with Iain Duncan Smith stepping into the frame.  Even Chris Grayling cringed as IDS lied outright to Parliament about the results of the doomed Work Experience scheme.

He started out by almost telling the truth when he said that 51% of people had come off benefits after leaving Work Experience.  I say almost, because the true figure is 49%, based on a very small sample.  IDS used to this statistic to claim that it had been a very positive scheme.  When Labour’s Future Jobs Fund delivered the exact same results Cameron claimed it was a disaster.

Then IDS got into his stride and decided that half of people hadn’t just come off benefits, but that “more than 50% of those who enter the work experience scheme go into work”.  This is the same lie Cameron told to the House last week and even Chris Grayling rolled his eyes as once again Parliament was casually misled about the Government’s workfare schemes.  Cameron might claim to have made a mistake.  As Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Iain Duncan Smith has no excuse.

IDS was then asked about the mysterious rewritten document on the DWP’s website.  This document had contained proof that Chris Grayling had lied about no-one being mandated to work for big companies on the Government’s Work Programme.  Halfway through the workfare row, the key paragraph was ‘disappeared’ to cover up for Grayling’s lies.

IDS said he would attempt to sort out this ‘little discrepancy’, but only if Labour says how wonderful workfare is and slags out the Unions for opposing forced labour. Which was all a bit what the fuck?

It seems neither IDS or Grayling have any intention of telling the truth about welfare policy, either to the public or to their fellow shit-stains in Parliament.  And why would they, when they’ve been getting away with lying through their teeth since the second they weren’t elected.

It’s now very clear that no real opposition to this Government will come from the Labour party.  The gormless gimp Milliband and his bunch of Tories in disguise have no ideas and nothing to say.  We are the opposition now, to the whole fucking lot of them.  Whilst workfare is far from over, it has shown that we don’t need Labour, or Union bosses, or any other self-appointed leaders to wring concessions from this Government.  Grayling and IDS are fucking with people with very little left to lose.  That thought should infect their every waking moment and haunt their dreams.

27 responses to “Iain Duncan Smith’s Lies Even Make Grayling Wince

  1. Grayling and IDS are fucking with people with very little left to lose. That thought should haunt their every waking moment and infect their dreams.

    If they had one ounce of fucking common sense it would.

  2. “Grayling and IDS are fucking with people with very little left to lose.”

    Yes, indeed.

  3. “We are the opposition now, to the whole fucking lot of them.” Well said. One hopes that some alternative form of government can eventually arise from this shambles.

  4. kay

    that would be the best idea as the libs and labour are w……g to the same tune as the Tory scum so there is no one left to even think of trusting.

  5. Arbeitsscheu_UK

    IDS is an arsehat

  6. I sense a tension in your stride.and a bit pissed offness. I have just been so overwhelmed by the failure and the lies and the attack and then the attacks by our own. Dis and left and activists shoot down dis sites if they do not agree and attack the dis admin that I have gone quiet through being STUNNED!! and I have let off a few rockets in fury and frustration. I/We (? whoever that is. I’d trust my enemies more) are not just the opposition but the future. But what kind of opposition? Made up of the same mad egotistical hotchpotch or egocentrict sectarian views fighting themselves into their own corners or something better.I am very angry, but I’d best start writing because there are things to do. But must be ordered and organised. I am so pissed off I do not know who to turn to who I would trust. I am so angry. But on to tomorrow and a future for a better tomorrow. But would I trust any one? NEVER!!

    The same aim and criteria remains with After Atos and that is that every disabled and person be accounted for and be able to leave their testimony and their mark. Website down but may have found another dis techie. But I am so pissed off, angry and furious and disillusioned by our own Numpties and saboteurs I wonder why I bother. Our own are worse than Atos and Govt and DWP put together x ten. Grrrr 😦 I’ll be back.

    Aunty Admin (Monitor and Chronnicler)
    Counting the Disabled Back In – Because People Matter

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  8. Iain Duncan Smith and Chris Grayling are two of the biggest cunts of the modern era. Well, newsflash for those bastards : behold your future executioners.

  9. After Atos

    I have just been reading the letter from ATOS and I am sorry the site has gone down for a while. People have a right to be angry as these bastards leave no stone unturned in their quest to shut people up.
    Problem is everybody knows so just lets hope there time is very limited here.

  10. It is a disgrace how IDS thinks he can get away with such outright lies,he should be in jail.

  11. He Johnny
    ‘51% of people had come off benefits after leaving Work Experience is not the same as saying 51% of those had gone into work.’

    Is there a time issue between when they left WE and when they left benefits?

    Had any of these 51% come of benefits because they had to re-sign on so there was a gap when administration meant they had ‘left’ benefits? I know that as happened to many people.

    Also -do they mean all beneifts? – as we know many employers are funded by the benefits system though those on low wages, part time workers and tax credits topups?

    Finally – was it into permanent employent ( and that also with a future…)?

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  14. Obi Wan Kenobi

    This comment is pure speculation but:

    If Chris Grayling and Iain Duncan Smith are openly lying on camera in the house of commons, there has to be much much more their trying to cover-up, besides everything we now know regarding the usless work programme.

    There has to be something so bad that if it were to come out, maybe it would bring the whole government down, or worse.

    • Obi Wan Kenobi

      I completely agree with you and have thought about it a lot myself especially as Cameron is trying to re-write our EHR as well into a bill that basically takes away our rights, add this to destroying the legal aid system and we are legally fucked with nowhere to go for help. Once they have managed all that I really dread to think what’s next? Arm Atos staff to shoot us because any of these psycho bastards who obviously love inflicting pain would probably do it.

  15. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Some independant body should do an investigation into the DWP to see whats actually going on and find out why these two idiots are lying so openly.

    • Obi Wan Kenobi,

      I agree with you and its time to worry when they feel they can laugh in our faces openly while they continually keep hurting and lying to us.

  16. Obi Wan Kenobi

    I’ve had it with Iain Duncan Smith and Chris Grayling, when all is revealed regarding what they have acually done to turn the U.K. into a police state for the unemployed, I can see those two pillocks in court facing charges in respect to ignoring peoples basic human rights, and being charged with crimes against humanity, I really feel that strong regarding what these two are inflicting on the unemployed.

    They think they can do whatever they want, because the british public, in 9/10 cases aren’t interested or won’t step in when they see an injustice being purpatrated, well if you think that, just look at all the general public who are online in these blogs wanting to know and finding out what is going on.

    I hope you two get sent to prision for a very long time.

  17. IDS and Grayling are very lucky they are not unemployed, sick or disabled, as they would then be on the other side of this forced labour. MP’s like these two, are a disgrace in using the vulnerable who can’t fight back.

  18. Martin Langley

    As a work program victim I sympathise with all the observations expressed in this blog but would offer a word of advice which transcends all your justified anger. What really hurts them is when their lies and fraud are corrected by the courts. There are legal remedies to what they do (or fail to do) and they are most bitterly resentful when these are applied by judges. I have a negligence suit currently dragging a work program “provider” in front of Brentford County Court…..

    Believe me, “They Don’t Like it Up ‘Em!”

  19. …And now that we know the 50% is more like 3%. Creating long term jobs out of thin air doesn’t seem to be working, who’d have guest that.

  20. Well, there is nothing new about that shit fuck Dopey Duncan Smith Lying. He did so not onece, not Twice, but three sodding times on the same CV. He stated that whilst at Sandhurst he was the recipient of the Sword of Honour, ( decided by the CO and the tutors as who was the best recruit in the intake) and also the honour for the best recruit amongst the recruits themselves which is then put forward to the CO for approval. He never won either of them ( the lying bastard). Then he stated ( on the same CV) that he achieved a First Class Hons Degree in Buissness Studies and Economics at St Palo University in Brazil. The problem here is that the University itself had not only never heard of this lying fuck, but at the time he said he attended , that particular course was not offered by the University. Is there no end to his lies and betrayal l! And he has the sodding nerve to attack those who are the most weak and vunerable in our society and state he is only trying to help. Him and Gargoyle Grealing make Himmler and Hydrich’s attacks on the poles and jews seem rather tame in comparison. Evil, pure evil and spite runs through their vains. Does any one else agree, or am i in the minority in believing these two shits deserve their cumupance at the next election. That is providing they haven’t killed all the sick and disabled off and put every unemployed person in prison for simply not having a job!!

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  23. Philip Erskine Ferey

    Sorry to go on about it but Iaan Duncan Smittz will die in his own piss screaming. 🙂

  24. Philip Erskine Ferey


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