We Will Shut You Down – Workfare Exploiters Mobbed!

Today’s protest against workfare in central London was a heroic success with a 100 strong mob causing havoc for workfare exploiters up and down Oxford Street.

A large crowd assembled outside BHS on Oxford Street, with police carefully guarding the entrance.  However since BHS no longer use workfare the crowd made their way down Oxford Street with police attempting to flank both sides of the demo.

It was too little avail however and a crowd ducked the throngs of police who decided to guard McDonalds to visit Pizza Hut instead where people remained for around 20 minutes closing them down and making speeches outside.

Then it was over the road to Holland & Barrett which was briefly closed, until people ran down to McDonalds at Tottenham Court Road where several people gained entry despite police and a Mcdonald’s manager violently shoving demonstrators around.  At one point the crowd began to move away with police in hot pursuit, only for protesters to double back and re-enter Mcdonalds.

The most common chant was “if you exploit us we will shut you down” and this proved to be correct as people then headed back up Oxford Street where Holland & Barrett were briefly occupied and Pizza Hut over the road once more had a baying mob outside.  A brief occupation of the Oxford Street Plaza followed with protesters blocking the entrance with a large banner, and then people were on the move again.

As ever police seemed to suffer from a lack of intelligence and as they scrambled to protect Top Shop (so last year darling), protesters veered off Oxford Street down back streets to Holiday Inn whose lobby was briefly occupied.  The day finished outside the hotel, with around 20 police all crammed onto the steps blocking anyone from coming in or out.

Tactically the day was a huge success with a fast moving mobile crowd that managed to cause repeated disruption to the workfare sharks.  A great job from Boycott Workfare and everyone else involved.  We will be back.

6 responses to “We Will Shut You Down – Workfare Exploiters Mobbed!

  1. Glad to hear that the day was a good success for the good guys.

  2. Arbeitsscheu_UK

    Great stuff keep the ol’ Bill on their toes, they are looking a bit fat and slobbish these days I notice. Far too much lard arseing going on as they never get out of the patrol cars with the woooopeee-woo sirens blaring out for no apparent reason other than plod indulging themselves watching too many Starsky and Hutch re runs whilst shovelling in the junk food.

    Next time around it might be an idea to have plain clothed splinter groups dispersed amongst the crowds and meeting up actually inside stores at pre arranged times to flash mob them. Apart from that temporarily closing the store it would create distractions which the main protest crowd would be ready for to quickly change venue leaving the flabby rossers running around like headless chickens.

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  5. The following from Oliver Heald’s MP blog this morning

    .The news this morning that the Welfare Reform Bill has now made it onto the statute books is extremely welcome. David Cameron is correct when he said that “today marks an historic step in the biggest welfare revolution in over 60 years.” By introducing and passing the Welfare Reform Bill, the Government has sought to ensure that lives will change for the better, giving people the help they need, while backing individual responsibility so that people can escape poverty, not be trapped in it. For too long the welfare system has hindered rather than promoted individual responsibility and the time has come at last after many years, when this will be reversed. The introduction of the “Benefits Cap” and “Universal Credit,” within the terms of the Act, actively encourages those with an option to do so, to go to work. Equally such measures will hopefully not only address the soaring benefit bill which the Coalition government inherited from the previous government but with any luck it will improve social well being too. Those who have long sought the sanctuary of the benefits system will be provided with an opportunity for self-betterment and a chance to improve their lives and I applaud the Government for taking this positive action.

    and of course you cannot post as comments are closed, I wonder why…..


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