The £5 Billion Workfare Scheme That Still Exists and May Be Increasing Unemployment!

In a further humiliation for Chris Grayling and the Government, poverty pimps A4e mistakenly published their Work Programme performance figures on the internet last night.  And they are atrocious.

The Government have been refusing to tell us how many people have actually gained work under the flagship muliti-billion pound ‘Work Programme’ scheme which can see claimants forced onto workfare for up to six months without pay.  Step forward the dimwits at A4e who last night accidentally released 100’s of megabytes of information to the public via their website.

The eagle eyed folks at Ipswich Unemployed Action spotted the security breach and whilst A4e’s site is currently down, documents have been backed up and can be downloaded at:

By far the most embarrassing information released are the performance tables which indicate that barely anyone is getting a job through the Work Programme:

A quick calculation reveals that possibly less than 10% of people forced to undergo Work Programme have found work.  This is a truly derisory sum, particularly as the Government promised us 40% of participants would find a job through the scheme.  It’s difficult to draw a full conclusions of how the programme is performing overall based on a rough analysis of the internal figures of one provider.  However if these figures are reflected across the board then this is almost certainly less than the number of people who would have found work anyway, without being harassed and sent on workfare by poverty pimps like A4e.

It is quite possible that sending people on enforced six month work placements for the likes of Argos and Pizza Hut is actually creating higher unemployment.  Companies know they can get staff for free so don’t recruit job seekers, and claimants are too busy working nightshifts for ASDA to have time to find real work.

This could not have come at a worse time for A4e, already embroiled in fraud investigations and having recently lost their Chief Executive, Emma Harrison.  To embarrass yourselves is one thing, to embarrass the Government, particularly when they are already floundering around desperately on workfare, is quite another.

Of course, everybody else thinks it’s funny as fuck.

Join the National Day of Action Against Workfare tomorrow, protests now in 35 locations and online!

35 responses to “The £5 Billion Workfare Scheme That Still Exists and May Be Increasing Unemployment!

  1. I had a look through A4e list of “Partners” – ie those that provide “employment” or “training” to the unfortunate benefit claimants. There seems to be very few commercial companies – mostly they are other government funded organisations. The whole thing is a giant circular money mill with just about everyone, except the unemployed getting a pay-off.

  2. Much respect for this post.

    Does anyone know why their website is down? People had already kept a copy and uploaded it all!

  3. I really wish I could join in tomorrow’s protest. Unfortunately around the time most of them kick off I’ll be on a train in between two places and won’t get to Sheffield until an hour and a half after they’ve left the green. That and I’ll be exhausted from travelling. Any other day . . .

  4. They just confirmed the dismal figures we all expected, however the question is why allow it to continue and keep pouring taxpayers money into a scheme that is clearly not working and never has, we really have to ask ourselves who is really benefiting from these crazy schemes….

  5. Just another excuse to funnel money from the public purse into private pockets. That’s all welfare reform is. Fraud investigations should include the government officials who approved all this as no doubt they’ll be in line for their share of the loot. It’s theft from the public purse pure and simple.

  6. Things are moving very quickly behind the scenes. A4E is trying to get the zip file I am hosting taken down (despite the fact it has already been downloaded by several hundred people. We have a mole in the DWP who tells me Grayling is hanging to his job by a particularly fragile thread. Emma Harrison and some other A4E top brass are being hauled into an emergency meeting with the DWP. I am told there is a very good chance all A4E’s contracts will be terminated within days. The A4E site is down as a result of a demand from the DWP. If the contracts are terminated there is a good chance it won’t be back up.

  7. No, direct from A4E. Usual nonsense. Said these documents were private and we had no right to access them, I told them the fault was their for having an idiot as an admin

  8. If you open your host file, add an entry for with their old IP (before they changed it to the loopback you can probably still access everything.

  9. Arbeitsscheu_UK

    Well Emma Harrison is most certainly ify and as for her butt, enormous and as gross as the rest of her. How is it she is always posing for the press like she is some natural beauty? Whereas she is in reality a monster, I have learnt to be very tentative when clicking on links to stories about her having nearly lost my lunch on several occasions.

    And talking about that upper class twat Camoron’s circle of close friends (cronies) I see he has finely had to admit that he himself rode that ex police horse that the ol’ bill ‘lent’ to Rebecca Brooks, after he had previously stated he hadn’t ridden it (pack of lies as usual). So how very cosy the police, politicians and Murdochs empire all in bed together. Whether Camoron was fox hunting at the time hasn’t been revealed but I wouldn’t put it past the toffee nose sack of shit.

  10. – seems to be password protected now

    • password protecting a public site? LOL

      Actually I am quite impressed that they took this step, rather than simply changing the DNS so with a little know how you can still access it.

      (Might be because I posted information on the DNS which prompted this)

      Of course, in makes no difference! Did they not understand that people already have the documents?

      • I’m left almost speechless by the utter shittery and incompetence; not just their IT skills but the whining appeals that someone should do something about the fact that 90% of their attempts to have people Sanctioned in Lincoln failed, to their crass staff training documents. Not forgetting Emma’s homespun homilies about finding work, and indeed their behaviour in Israel – yes they’ve even got there (Stolen wholesale from a comment on Left Foot Forward):

        A4e have serious form.
        A4e authored 2008 report on their methods in Israel:
        (note how the customer journey on the last page circa 2008 is almost no different in substance to their one in use today )

        “Based on their success in the Jerusalem Mehalev pilot, A4e/Amin was awarded the Lights for Employment contract for all of Jerusalem, which they have now been operating since August 2007.”

        What Oxfam said of this “success”

        ” succeeded in its objective to reduce welfare spending by 35%. However, it argues that the money was saved at the expense of hundreds of participants who lost their benefits without finding an alternative source of income. ”

        Basic business model is spend no money, treat people like crap then as soon as people stop showing up put in a claim and cross your fingers they are actually working / DWP doesn’t do a fool proof check. If people starve or go on to commit crime that’s the taxpayers problem…

        Its a rain-maker scam on an industrial scale : If people don’t get jobs blame the economy and ask for more money. If they do take the credit (and ask for more money anyway)

  11. Arbeitsscheu_UK

    Has anyone found any claimants personal data yet?

    • Not really looking for it. Someone who has been a hacker for a week could probably “bypass” their security.

      The purpose was obtaining documents carelessly put on there obtained from a Google search listing. Some very useful information although not really confidential or private in nature.

      The main exception is the work programme data… Even if the DWP asked them to publish they should have refused – not vice versa. They are that terrible.

  12. Arbeitsscheu_UK

    A4e must be data controller for the DWP I would have thought so any beach of personal data legislation by putting it in the public domain is a matter for the ICO. Another potential avenue of pleasure for those exceptional few amongst us wishing to see A4e dropped in the shit up to their bloated necks 🙂

  13. This looks pretty damning in terms of the way these bastards operate

  14. Oops, look what secret url was in one of the private docs

  15. All absolutely outrageous. I’ve had no choice but to report A4e Ltd., to the Information Commissioner’s Office and demand that the people responsible for allowing these documents to come into the public domain are hung, drawn and quartered by Monday morning.

  16. Have the DWP notified providers that clause 14 has been removed? I can see notifications to providers from the DWP drawing attention to various things but I can’t see that. Is it’s possible that only part of the system was copied, or it was copied before clause 14 was removed? Or have I missed something?

    Did Grayling change the document in a panic and forgot to tell anyone?

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  21. lol I always download and save in case I or others want to study them in future against the lies and rhetoric……..

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