20 Towns And Cities Line Up to Take Action Against Workfare

Come to the protest the Tories want to ban!

Despite hysterical Tory threats to crack down on workfare protest’s, 20 towns and cities have lined up to take action next Saturday 3rd March and the number is growing daily.

Action is set to take place in Belfast, Brighton, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Nottingham, Bristol, Lincoln, Sheffield, Aberdeen, York, Margate, Tunbridge Wells and Oxford.

A five day online protest beginning tonight will kick things off, you can find all the details at: http://www.facebook.com/events/373373192687532/

With ministers telling bare faced lies in the press, and government documents being disappeared, or hastily re-written, to cover up for their fibs, more than ever the pressure needs to be stepped up. Rarely has a government looked so weak as they flounder around, bewildered by public disgust at the likes of Tesco and ASDA forcing benefit claimants to work nightshifts at the tax payer’s expense.

This government is vulnerable like never before on workfare. The entire policy of welfare reform depends on it. Already Chris Grayling and Iain Duncan Smith have lied that workfare isn’t mandatory on the government’s flagship Work Programme, plunging the scheme into chaos at grassroots level.

Plans revealed recently to force sick and disabled people to work without end for their benefits are now sure to be abandoned. As major retailers and charities pull out of workfare, it matter’s little what the government tries to do or say. Every company that pulls out is another nail in the coffin of the government’s forced labour schemes.

Four actions are set to take place in London alone, in Lewisham, Hackney, Brixton and Central London. Meet outside BHS on Oxford Street at 11.30am, or visit the Boycott Workfare website for details of all protests at: http://www.boycottworkfare.org/?p=359

You can also find details of all events on facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/events/373373192687532/

The Day of Action was called by Boycott Workfare, an unaffiliated claimant led group who have been campaigning against workfare since before this government weren’t elected.

This day has nothing to do with the SWP, despite the lies ministers tell.

Workfare affects all workers, as wages are driven down, overtime slashed, and much needed jobs go to benefits claimants forced to work without a wage.  It is down to all of us to resist this attack on wages and the unemployed.

There’s still time to organise locally.  Contact Boycott Workfare via their website or facebook to have your protest or action added to the list.

Please share, blog and tweet details of all events.

Join in online, then to the streets on Saturday March 3rd!

13 responses to “20 Towns And Cities Line Up to Take Action Against Workfare

  1. I honestly wish I could go……..I wish well to all who can and hope the police are not on standby for a massacre……….

    I am including a link to DWP statistics recently released on work fare program and placements. I cannot remember if you had these so apologies if I have duplicated.

    Click to access pwp_gbw_feb12.pdf

  2. Result!
    Can we have a giant banner saying ‘fuck you Grayling, you ratfaced thug!’

  3. Reblogged this on myislandmind.

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  5. Add Chesterfield to the list.

  6. is a DLA ‘home inspection’ a bad thing, my cousin seemns to think it is a great idea and his is happening next week

    • Axel tell him to make sure that all of his drugs and suppositories and changes of underwear and clothes and spare walking stick etc. etc. is in his bathroom. My DLA home visit was trashed by the doctor because when he “went to the loo”, he could not find any drugs etc etc. So I could not possibly be as sick as I said I was. Pity he didn’t look in the bedside cabinet, the drawer in the living room and my wardrobe. Not to mention the kitchen. Including my liquid diet from a dry powder tin, My 1 month’s prescription weighed 13 kilogrammes. In 4 boot’s carrier bags.
      Was too ill to challenge it. My bowel collapsed and I could have died. But I was not sick enough for DLA ‘cos he could not find med’s in the bathroom.

  7. Bournemouth Evening Echo were taking on loads of mandatory staff, via a ‘charity’ (Bournemouth Churches Housing Association) at the same time their owner (NewsQuest Media) were sacking 200 staff in Southampton and their sister paper (Exchange and Mart) sacked 100 at Poole and the main paper in Bournemouth were shedding 2 telesales staff a week.
    No way you can get any coverage of peaceful protests down here then!
    F### the system!

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