Stalin Would Blush at this Government’s Workfare Tantrum

Senior ministers are lying through their teeth about workfare. Opponents are smeared and demonised. The free press are coming under attack, simply for not kowtowing to the party line. Documents have disappeared or are being hastily rewritten to cover up ministerial falsehoods. Now the police are being ordered in to stamp out any dissent against this government’s policies. And all of this to defend the undefensible, forced labour.

Stalin would blush at the activities of the government this week. It’s true that politically orchestrated famine has yet to materialise. Instead the policy seems to be to euthanise those deemed unproductive via suicide, poverty or homelessness. Political dissenters are not yet condemned to the Gulag, but say the wrong thing, at the wrong time on facebook and you may well find yourself disappeared for four years.

It is somewhat ironic that the government should be falsely blaming the trot left for public opposition to workfare, whilst acting like mini-soviet dictators themselves.

The truth is that the SWP and their rivals the Socialist Party, have done little more than attempt to colonise a debate which has rightly seen the public erupt in fury. They do not represent the millions of people who are outraged by the activities of this government. Just like Cameron they care only about political power and are equally duplicitous in their pursuit of it. But luckily it’s not really about them, whatever government ministers try to claim. The tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of people who have threatened pickets, boycotts and direct action aimed at the companies involved in workfare have nothing to do with the SWP. All Cameron’s cronies have done is further enrage the public by attempting to smear and misrepresent them. Well that and made themselves look very silly indeed.

Whilst the likes of Emma Harrison and McDonalds pick up millions from forced labour schemes, the government employs ever more dubious means of attempting to suppress true dissent. This has always been the true face of the Tory Party. Big business running rampant with the Stasi ever ready to pounce on those who object. It was true under Thatcher, who introduced ever more draconian laws to suppress dissent, and it appears to be true under Cameron. That they should pretend to be in favour of ‘small government’ and against the ‘nanny state’ is just more doublespeak. Workfare slavery is freedom after all.

Except there is one huge difference. Iain Duncan Smith is no Jo Stalin. Cameron is certainly no Thatcher. This bunch of over-privileged braying toffs are just making themselves a laughing stock. Already derided across Europe,  Cameron is fast becoming a national joke here as well. A fucking embarrassment to be honest.

This government are nothing more than snivelling little public schoolboys, most of whom have never done a day’s real work in their lives. The very worst of the effete upper classes. Not clever enough for business, or brave enough for war, they slunk into politics in the desperate bid to gain some meaning in their empty cossetted lives.

As for their lib dem lapdogs, well perhaps they should be pitied. And then put down.

In an effort to bolster their flagging egos, they are now calling on police to halt next weekend’s National Day of Action Against Workfare which will see protests across the UK, with action planned in 15 towns and cities so far. This has not been organised by the SWP or the Socialist Party  although their supporters will no doubt be welcomed as long as they resist their natural instincts to attempt to hijack them. The day was called by Boycott Workfare, in a feat of spectacular foresight, some time before the workfare row blew up in the press. Boycott Workfare is an unaffiliated claimant led organisation that has been campaigning against workfare since it was shamefully first introduced by Labour. Some other claimant led groups (and by no means all of them) can be found at Benefit Claimants Fighting Back.

Everyone opposed to workfare should get out on the streets next weekend and show that we are not an SWP front or reds under the bed. We need to show that opposition to workfare comes from every sector of society and we demand it is abandoned. And most importantly we need to show that we will not be intimidated by lame threats from the Tory press.

For the latest list of events taking place next week visit Boycott’s Workfare’s website, or you can find a round up of the plans so far on facebook at:!/events/108260229303114/

10 responses to “Stalin Would Blush at this Government’s Workfare Tantrum

  1. Once upon-a-time this would’ve been anarchistic hyperbole: “suicide, poverty or homelessness”Now, it’s just the truth.

  2. Just wait til they bring in the DLA reforms – Personal Independence Payments? Nope, just a way of cutting 20% off the DLA bill – maybe my whole arm will suddenly grow, my spine heal and CFS/ME go away! They will be checking for those miracles every 6 months, instead of just accepting medical facts. Then they’ll try to send me on compulsory workfare with NO END!!!

  3. I thought it was scandalous how the media manufactured the headlines by exclusively focusing on groups with (openly) socialist members to play up their involvement.

    None of the groups pretended even for a minute to be the only workfare opposition, but the media presented them in isolation because it made a good story, and was precisely the narrative that the Tories, the Telegraph, the Daily Mail, etc, were looking for.

    The Tories were hardly going to admit ordinary people are against their policies, so they saw an opportunity to blame someone else. At the same time the “shocking” headline distracts from addressing the real issues of workfare because the government has got away with giving no response. Meanwhile other groups like Boycott Workfare are quite rightly pissed off.

    Socialists need to tackle the premise of the media’s arguments and straight away point to the anti-workfare protesters being ignored because they don’t fit the agenda being put forward by the right wing press.

    Next time the news goes on about a handful of radicals, they should be very clear “look at all those people you’re ignoring!”

    The idea that it is *only* socialists who oppose workfare is just as damaging to socialists as the idea is to the movement as a whole.

    It isn’t a political pissing match, we are actually disabled and unemployed too and are desperate to see the attacks on living conditions end and an end to disability hate crime.

    I have no idea how this comment is going to be received positively or negatively – I’m not much of a writer.

    Thanks for reading

    — a disabled youth fight for jobs member & socialist

  4. I’ve been laughing at the way that certain publications and politicians have been attributing the whole thing to militant, radical left-wing extremists, or the Socialist Workers or whatever. I’m sure a large percentage of the people protesting online, including myself, are quite “normal” people, many of whom are not usually involved in political matters and are not your stereotypical ultra-lefties. I just want to go to work and get paid, and I don’t see what’s so extreme about that.

    Having said that, I went along to a protest on Monday, with the intention of joining in depending on what happened. There were something like twenty people there, and they *were* the ultra-lefties. A couple of them were holding copies of the Socialist Worker paper. I declined to join in with the protest, since I didn’t want to be associated with that movement, especially if you look at that ridiculous article in the Telegraph about the “Tiny band of left-wing radicals”. Sorry, but I believe that holding copies of the Socialist Worker is the quickest way to not get taken seriously by the general public.

    Maybe this was because the protest took place at five o’clock on a Monday afternoon, which is a rather awkward time for some of us. It may well be that more “normal” people turn up to the upcoming National Day of Action on 3rd March, seeing as it’s a Saturday. Then again, maybe most people would prefer to protest online (which is an equally valid form of protest in this situation, and has been very effective so far). What do you think?

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  6. I posted a comment on this topic of the Tory Killing Machine just a couple of hours ago. It’s here –

    What I didn’t mention in that posting was the legal definition of “work camp” in the Tories’ Jobseekers Allowance Regulations 1996 –

    “work camp” means any place in Great Britain where people come together under the auspices of a charity, a local authority or a voluntary organisation to provide a service of benefit to the community or the environment.

    So these fascists have been plotting and planning this since the Thatcher era when I first noticed the term “work camp” in one of the 1983 Regulations that have since been replaced by these 1996 Regs and Labour failed to revoke or at least fix.

    Be afraid folks. Be VERY afraid, for these guys are gunning at us and they wont let-up until we defeat them and ban them from standing for election EVER AGAIN.

  7. STALIN! Oh please! People who may these kinds of comparison make me blush.

  8. Fair enough,lets just compare this Government to a bunch of complete,lying bastards who pathetically tried to cover up their tracks to spare anyone any blushes.

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