Is David Cameron a Lying Bastard?

Obviously yes, but was he a lying bastard when he claimed at Prime Ministers Question Time this morning that half of all participants in the government’s Work Experience scheme had got jobs.  The answer is probably, although it’s impossible to know for sure because the government appear to have given up telling us how many people get jobs from their workfare programmes.

The only figures which have been released are based on just 1,300 (out of 34,200) people who have participated in the work experience scheme.  The figures (which can be viewed here – PDF) show that after 13 weeks, 49% of people remained on benefits.  2% have disappeared from the stats due to administrative fuck ups, and this leaves 49% of people who appear to have come off benefits.

However young people come off benefits all the time, for all different reasons.  Some attempt to sponge of mum and dad instead, some disappear off travelling, some move in with a working partner and lose benefit eligibility and most commonly they start a college or university course.  And of course this scheme being what it is, some of them will have been sanctioned.

The government know how many of these young people actually got jobs because job centres record the information.  But they’ve chosen not to tell us that, which begs the question, why?  Was Cameron lying to the Parliament, and if not will he back up his claims with proof?  Don’t hold your breath.

What’s also interesting though is that of the 49% who came off benefits, a third of them stopped claiming in the first four weeks and half of them in the first fortnight of commencing workfare.  This suggests that even if they did leave to start work it’s not very likely the Work Experience Programme had much to do with it.

(there is one possible explanation for this incidentally.  Jobcentres are under just as much pressure as private contracters to make these schemes appear a success.  One nifty trick is to find someone who’s already been offered a job and sign them up to a scheme with a nod that they probably won’t ever have to attend.  Then they can be claimed as a succesful ‘job outcome’. )

Cameron also claimed in the house that this was significantly more successful than Labour’s Future Jobs Fund.  Which is strange because earlier in the year Cameron condemned the Future Jobs Fund as a failure because half of participants were back on benefits within a month of taking part.  Almost the exact same figure as the number who remained on benefit after leaving the Work Experience scheme.

You might have thought someone from the Labour benches would have mentioned this.  Truth is Labour are in such a mess due to their own very public support for workfare that once again they are left high and dry whilst the internet does all the work.

37 responses to “Is David Cameron a Lying Bastard?

  1. Your posts are very well put, and researched except for the swearing. This puts many people off. I know your anger, but if you just adapted the swearing your posts would reach a far wider audience. However, keep up the pressure.

  2. Is David Cameron a Lying Bastard?

    Is his mouth moving?

  3. To Johnny Void: In stead of using the word “fxxxing”, use the following word: effing.

  4. I disagree Peter Nicholls. JVs expletive emphasis reflects the feelings of many and their thoughts on this Condem government.

    JV states the case perfectly for me as I could not blog anywhere near his ability. The anger I feel at the lies and policies of this Coalition government would cause me to write such expletive riddled piece that I fear you eyes would burn.

    • More seriously on the topic of language and proportionality: there are already well-documented cases of people killing themselves in the face of the new benefits regime. There’s lots more of us just waiting for the letter from the DWP before doing the same. If you’ve ever stared the Grim Reaper in the face, while watching Westminster stage a degenerate pantomime of Democracy, you’d be screaming Cunts at the top of your voice too.

      • Yep Socrates, people have indeed committed suicide, check out to see a list, and if anybody else knows of any more please inform Calum, (an ex police officer), through his website as he is investigating each suicide/death that is brought to his attention and where applicable reporting it as a homicide under the appropriate law.

  5. Swearing is simply a forceful way of expressing oneself when outraged….& you can’t help but be seriously outraged by& at this protean Nazi ‘government’.
    So,to all you Puritans : if you don’t like it,then fuck off until you are outraged,for real.
    And as for this shower of shit in power : they’re cocksucking,motherfucking,cunt-eyed,lying bastards.
    Now,have a go at me instead of the millionaire’s row in Parliament,ya sad twats.

  6. I agree, that although swearing gets it out of your system on Facebook and places, in blogs it is much more effective not to.
    I also took issue with ‘sponging of their mum and dad’. Surely that’s falling into the same rhetoric as the government? Rather than be bullied, it may be the only form of security that young people can hold onto.

  7. When Cameron used to be a press officer at Carlton TV he use to pretend to be a cleaner when he answered the phone to someone he did not want to speak to,obviously he cannot do that now in the commons so he adopts the Clegg-IDS-Grayling method and tells complete lies instead.It does not not matter really,the unemployed,sick amd disabled are scum that can be traded,exploited and disposed of in any way he sees fit.

  8. The thing about Labour is that here is a brilliant chance for them to distance themselves from an increasingly unpopular policy. It shows their complete lack of imagination – the only notable Labourite to mention Workfare or the A4e scandal was Prescott on Twitter:

    John Prescott @johnprescott
    The REAL benefit scroungers! A4e forced to repay public money 5 times after DWP found ‘irregularities’

    This is after almost a week of public outrage!
    That said Twittering does work and the last week has proved that our democracy is somewhat intact even after years of this rubbish… perhaps if we all tweeted @Ed_Miliband POLITELY he’d have to say SOMETHING?

    Has to be better than the alternative of spending several years marching around with the Socialist Workers and being ignored before giving up in disgust, anyway…

  9. via the weirdness of the system, 3 years ago, i HAD to ask to get referred to a specialist employment support organisation but when i finally did get a job, the main ESO, refused to relinquish my papers and threatened to have me done for dole theiving, if i did not give them the original job contract, so they could get their pound of flesh, apparently they only got money for originals and xeroxes were shite

  10. We need to SWARM parliament. Get some direct action going.
    Anyone up for it?

  11. Let’s DO something or we’re all for the workhouse etc.,!

  12. Let me tell you why people are off benefits.

    Because they have been sanctioned!

    This is the A4e way to manipulate their statistics, and why they use it as a tool so so often. Kick the vulnerable while they are down!

  13. Yes, mandatory volunteering is conscription. In a civilian workplace that is forced labour.
    I thought forced or compulsory labour is illegal under Section 71 of the Coroners and Justice Act 2009 in England, and section 47 of the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010.
    Remember “forced or compulsory labour is defined as:
    It is therefore of paramount importance for all Jobseekers to declare themselves to be non-volunteers – beware if you are asked at any time if you would consider voluntary work.
    That old military adage is right: NEVER VOLUNTEER!

    • Hi Wayne, I quote law in the same way to make my points. Thanx 4 that.
      I even send it to other agencies such as an NHS PCT that I am battling for my sick mother.
      It is always ignored. Even when it is as easy to read as that which you have posted. That in some ways is more offensive than robbing my elderly Alzheimers suffering mother.

      The refusal to abide by the law even when it has been pointed out is disgusting and a normal part of our country now.

  14. David Cameron is a fucking evil cunt who quite frankly deserves to die.

  15. The real number is, erm, 47%. “About half”? Yes.

  16. Workfare is unfair, a cruel vicious trick, forced labour imposed on the poor and the sick. As for the vipers’ nest at A4e, a dubious outfit, they seem to be. Cameron and his cronies, more bendy than straws, who knows what goes on behind closed doors?

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    another 22 reasons suggesting he’s nothing but a liar or as jermey hunt would say unintentionally misleading………………..makes me sick that he and his ilk are trying to run my country

  20. Cameron is not going anywhere fast, apart from visiting Rebecca Brooks to do some riding on the old horse, LOL

  21. Yes,Cameron is a lying cockroach who doesn’t give a fuck about ordinary people.What do the fools in this country expect from this rich Toad when they put their silly little crosses next to this devil incarnate’s name on their ballot slips.

  22. Have you ever been one one of these moronic schemes ? They sit you down 25 to a room and encourage you to chase the same crap job. They will improve your chances in interview techniques even though ‘they’ have something wrong with them mentally. They get paid, the people that provide those shitty placements are paid but yes, the only person who doesn’t get paid is you. Because you should learn your place,

    David Cameron has 40 million in the bank yet he still draws from the public funds for his lavish lifestyle. He doesnt need his salary or his expenses. Why doesnt he invest the 40 million in a company and create a few jobs, set an example, I’ll tell you why – cos he’s an hypocritical tosser and couldnt run a tuckshop properly.

  23. He deserves all the bad lanuage he can get, it does not put everone off.

  24. i want to see his blood lining the streets, what happened to the people of this once great country? if it were up to me we would of already over thrown this goverment. i dont know about any of you but I WANT TO BE FREE!!!!

  25. Culture that’s what happened my friend…..devide and conquer a persons identity, take away what they stand for, replace it with others beliefs and religions………. voila you have just mass destructed your opponent……SIMPLES…..Whilst you are fighting for what you believe in your opponent is numbering you 250,000 to 1 my friend….are you following!!!!!

    I personally would like to have us out of the EU tomorrow, to what do we benefit from being in it????…..Let me see, 30,000,000 per day to pay for this pleasure, forced to take mass immigration at the expense of the country regardless as to whether it would be financially viable for the people.[ I FEEL A BACK HANDER COMING ON HERE] And I’m sure I don’t need to get into the nitty gritty economics that have already been enforce by several others.

    However, my friend this is the reality, we haven’t got a pot to piss in cos we’re financially skint, so therefore, can’t afford to detach from the EU now anyway. Furthermore, we haven’t got any industry to support the country as the fuckin TORIES privatised anything that would allow the English working man any level of FREEDOM.


  26. I totally agree that hypocritical low life like david cameron need to be assassinated. Yes he really needs to be;he is so evil. We all hope it shall be soon for betterment of the disgusting country he has developed with his evil

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