Iain Duncan Smith is a Lying Bastard Too!

Yet more outright lies  drip from the mouths of DWP ministers, with the Secretary of State Iain Duncan Smith attempting once again to mislead the electorate in the Daily Mail today.

IDS is talking about the government’s workfare schemes which he claims don’t exist, stating explicitly that: “this Government does not have a workfare programme. Workfare is an American term used to describe employment programmes which force all jobseekers to work at a certain point of their welfare claim — a practice which we do not consider to be effective.”

And staggeringly: “our work programme is purely voluntary.”

This is a fucking lie and one that takes seconds to disprove – take the answer to this  Freedom of Information request which confirms that claimants could be forced to take up an unpaid work placement for six months – far longer than the two month workfare scheme which has hit the headlines. If six months unpaid work isn’t workfare then perhaps IDS will tell us what is.

Every aspect of the Government’s Work Programme scheme is mandatory and the poverty pimps who run the scheme are free to force claimants to do whatever they choose, including unpaid work.  Thousands of people are currently undertaking forced labour under the Work Programme, some examples of which are given on the Boycott Workfare website here and here.

In fact the government plans to extend the use of workfare, as lying bastard Chris Grayling confirmed in a DWP Press Release just three months ago.  The new ‘compulsory community work’ is currently being tested and will be rolled out across the UK next year.

Chris Grayling said back then: “If people who are fit for employment, still haven’t managed to find a job after the intensive support provided by the Work Programme, we want them to do community work and get into the habit and routine of work. No one should expect to be able to sit at home doing nothing.”

As more and more people are bullied off sickness benefits increasing numbers of people with disabilities and mental health problems are likely to face long term unemployment due to the continued prejudice of employers.  It now appears that after undergoing the two year Work Programme, during which they may be expected to carry out up to six months of unpaid work, they could then be referred onto the Compulsory Community Work scheme to face another six months of forced labour.

Not everyone on the Work Programme will be forced to undertake workfare, however many will and already are.  It is at the discretion of the contracters and sub-contracters, which includes Disability Works, the alliance of charities formed to maximise income from the Work Programme (more on this later).  Some people will be forced to sit around doing nothing in A4e’s offices helping Emma Harrison save up for a new mansion at the tax payer’s expense.  Others will be sent to work for nothing, often for private companies.  There are currently no statistics on exactly how many people have been forced onto Workfare due to the Government’s work programme, but the number is set to soar.  Chris Grayling said last year that: “The Work Programme will be the largest welfare-to-work programme the UK has seen since the 1930s.”

This is far from the first time that IDS has lied outright about welfare policy.  It appears that the age old tradition of government ministers pretending to tell us the truth is over.  Now they can come up with any old shit, and the compliant national press appear to be giving them free reign to do so.  They wouldn’t let Hugh Grant get away with this bollocks.

When ministers aren’t  lying outright they are attempting to cover up the truth.  This week we were expecting the first batch of statistics on the Work Programme, including information on how many people actually got jobs.  A DWP release (PDF)  has announced that so far 332,000 people have been referred onto work programme.  Of these around 99% were subject to mandatory referrals.  How many have been forced onto workfare schemes is unknown.  So Far.  It now appears that the department isn’t going to tell us how many got jobs or came off benefit either, in fact we now have to wait until Autumn.  That the government have this information and are choosing not to share it is telling, particularly as bold claims were made that over 40% of Work Programme participants would find work.  With unemployment continuing to rise, it seems increasingly apparant that this isn’t the case.

The National Day of Action Against Workfare is on March 3rd.  With government ministers lying through their teeth, the best thing to do is ignore them and get out on the streets.  The more pressure that can be placed on the likes of @Argos_Online and @salvationarmyuk, who have both boasted of their involvement in non-existent workfare, the more likely it is we can break workfare for good.

Let the ministers lie through their teeth, we can, and we will stop workfare.

24 responses to “Iain Duncan Smith is a Lying Bastard Too!

  1. This is a fucking lie and one that takes seconds to disprove – take the answer to this Freedom of Information request which confirms that claimants could be forced to take up an unpaid work placement for six months – far longer than the two month workfare scheme which has hit the headlines. If six months unpaid work isn’t workfare then perhaps IDS will tell us what is.

    Thanks for that FOI request proving that the work fare program is mandatory and not voluntary as they are trying to pretend, I have copied that FOI everywhere I can think off…….-)

  2. It is sometimes mandatory and sometimes voluntary. If you are on ESA it is voluntary until you get a prognosis of ‘expected to be work ready in 3 months’. Then it is even mandatory for the sick and disabled which is why the ESA WRAG is a fucking farce

    • JAKI

      From what you say nobody will escape it then because most on ESA are being made to go into WRAG where as you say for a short while it will be voluntary until they can kick you off onto JSA which is what I believe this government is trying to do to everyone regardless………

      Its such a disgrace and a worry as many like me who are in the support group keep going round and round the revolving door of assessments stressed to hell knowing we cannot work waiting to be forced into WRAG, The constant stress does nothing to help our illnesses.

  3. this isx the same has the new deal was forcing people to do some form of work experience for just benefit unforntuatly that all i have done i have only have had two proper jobs people say iam brill when on placemen t but it never leads to any thing , proper jobs don’t see these has proper jobs this has lead me to hsave sever depression

    • Hi Lisa

      I am sorry you have gone through those experiences and it goes to show what liars they all are when they say workfare works…..

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  7. Re: DWP rewriting their “guidelines” for providers to supply businesses with Slave Labour:

    Maggie was hard. But she WAS fair. At least she gave jobseekers an extra £10 for signing up to work experience/groups/programmes.

    These unctuous, smarmy bastards since (and including) Bliar are only in the job to get what they can out of it, not for the welfare of the country, or the people. Themselves.

    Also, as Bliar tried, for what they can get AFTER they’re thrown out….

    We need another revolution. Soon. Only this time, without someone as venal and corrupt as Cromwell leading it.

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  12. How do i fight back against the “Avanta work prog”, when i am a “carer”, for a family member,but i am still signing on,and claiming “jsa”, and the ” CAB” and the local “carers ” advice centre, have been no use at all. In fact it seems that most of these advice dept,s are in “league” with the goverment, and jobcentres? When “Avanta”, want me to go onto an “workfare placement”.
    Would be most grateful for some advice
    Mike Mc.
    PS: i would like to know more about your group, to help smash this “evil goverment attack, on the ” welfare claimants, the sick, old and the poor”.

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  18. UPDATE:(figures as of Sep 2014)
    1/4 of referrals had been in work for 6 mths+ over the 2-year-long WP, &
    70% of people referred had returned to the JCP after the 2 yrs were complete.

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