Workfare Collapses

Hot on the heels of Waterstones pulling out of the Government’s forced labour scheme it seems that other retailers are set to follow suit.

It is unclear whether Sainsburys have genuinely pulled out of their Workfare schemes as reported in the Guardian, however the fact they are claiming to have done so is revealing.   Superdrug have also Tweeted they no longer use Workfare, a somewhat spurious claim which was questioned when campaign group Boycott Workfare pointed out an advertisement for a Workfare position with the company.

Now the Unions have stepped into the fray, with shop workers union Usdaw calling on retailers to pull out of the scheme, in which unemployed people are forced to work 30 hours a week with no pay or workplace rights.  The TUC leader Brendan Barber says in the Guardian this weekend that workfare is ‘exploiting participants’ and has joined the calls for companies to pull out.  Hopefully this call also extends to Post Office union the CWU, who have recently endorsed a workfare scheme at the Royal Mail.

CWU secretray Billy Hayes has remained silent on this subject despite being asked about it repeatedly on twitter.  Keep asking him at:!/BillyHayes_CWU

Like the CWU, Tesco are unrepentant about their use of forced labour.  1,400 people have worked for free at the supermarket for no pay.  Tesco say that they have employed 300 job seekers in the same period, less than 25% of participants.  There is no indication whether Tesco have employed more claimants than they would have done anyway without the scheme, but it is quite likely they have employed less.  Why pay benefit claimants when you can get them to work for free?

They may well change their minds about the benefits of using unpaid workers however as resistance to the scheme is not just spreading in the Unions and the High Street.  Last week a successful picket was held outside Poundland in Brighton aimed at the stores use of free labour.  Today a similar picket is to be held down the road in Worthing at another Poundland.

Action against workfare is planned in both Liverpool and London (so far) on March 3rd, and a Boycott Workfare group also are becoming established in Birmingham, where a legal challenge against the scheme is also taking place. Workfare participants are becoming increasingly savvy and aware of what little rights and power they have.  The danger’s of having an unpaid work-force who are openly hostile to their pretend employers should be obvious to all companies.  Unlike the sharks that are used to bully people into workfare, who pay themselves millions of pounds of tax payers money,  actually taking on workfare staff may well turn out to be bad business.  It could well be this that brings this exploitative scheme to an end as the cost of taking on workfare staff outweigh the benefits.  Pickets, protests and direct action will all add to the bill and keep up the pressure.  Every little helps.

Also this week – help DPAC deliver a letter to Killer Miller the Minister of Disabled People on Monday 13th February, whilst as the Welfare Reform Bill makes it way back to the Lords a demo/vigil will be held outside Parliament on Tuesday 14th from 1-3pm and possibly Wednesday as well.  People will be at gathering in Old Palace Yard, Abingdon St SW1. All welcome.

66 responses to “Workfare Collapses

  1. It should collapse in a great heap, it is legalised slavery and torture for large corporates not willing or interested in paying a fair days pay for a days work.
    As the article says why create paid job positions if you can get it for free keeping the profit margin right up.

    How many jobs will have been lost so free replacements can be made and why not spend tax payers money in a much more sensible way to help the job market rather than paying millions out to greedy corporates that fail to do the job (pardon the pun) in the first place.

    You cannot create a job where there isn’t one especially if the wages are being paid out from the company that is actually involved, anything else is just a scam.

    I hope all companies involved in this scheme either do the right moral thing and drop out by themselves or they are forced to quit in other ways.

    I hope all bodies get involved to put an end to this and the companies are named and shamed in the process.

    And before anyone questions my thinking I have worked all my life to supposedly pay into a system that helps and cares for people should they need it including me. If anyone takes the time to study the job market, the fraud stats on benefits, the NHS and legal aid cuts would be able to see clearly what this government is trying to do to you, or should I say take away from you.

  2. Thumbs up. Good post. This is not work experience. It’s abuce. Both of those peple desperate to find a job and those working who have their conditions undermined.

  3. Is there a list of companies involved available? if so might be worth doing an email / twitter campaign saying we will not businesses that uses slave labour

    • Great Idea Kam, I will do a Google search and see if I can compile a list.

    • Well Kam that was fairly easy, for starters take a look at the following in your area.

      Holland & Barrett who have cut down on overtime for staff because workfare can fill the gaps
      HMV – one manager described their workfare worker as “our free person”
      Matalan – “we are always grateful of the extra help, especially during busy times”
      Newham Council
      Haringey Council – Who have decimated their parks staff and intend to “bridge the gap” with Community Payback and workfare placements
      The Royal Mail
      Bookers Wholesale
      TK Maxx
      Burger King
      Arcadia group of clothes stores
      Finsbury Park Business Forum – Wardens are deployed around stations in North London. In 2010, 800 paid station staff were made redundant across the Underground.


      The following voluntary organisations are also using claimants’ forced labour:

      Age Concern
      British Heart Foundation
      Cancer Research
      Capability Scotland
      Gorgie City Farm
      Marie Curie
      Saffron Acres Project
      Salvation Army

      I also found an unemployment blog on the following link

      some companies gain the contract and then outsource to other companies to fulfil the deed, I think this is disgraceful because they will be getting a large financial cut just to win the project and then pass the work onto some other companies.

      The Subcontractors include such as;

      Tomorrow’s People
      Agoriad Cyf
      Papworth Trust
      5 E Ltd
      Disability Works
      Salvation Army
      Sunderland North Community Business Centre
      Cornwall Neighbourhoods for Change (CN4C)
      Pathways Community Interest Company
      Tomorrows People
      Steps to Work (Walsall) Limited
      WISE Ability Limited (Wise Ability)
      Scout Enterprises
      Shaw Trust
      Westward Pathfinder Trust
      Royal British Legion Industries (RBLI)*
      Action for The Blind
      Princes Trust
      Newham Council
      Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council
      Skills for Work
      East Riding County Council
      Stoke-on-Trent City Council
      Bournemouth and Poole College
      Inspire to Independence (i2i)
      Triage Central Limited
      Kennedy Scott
      Prospects Services Ltd

      Related – A look at one of these bidders will give you some idea of the worth of the contracts and their attitude. In particular G4S who also has eyes on the “Privatisation of Jobcentre Plus”, where they will decide if you get payed your dole or not.

      so if JSA gets privatised by these b…..rds expect even worse sanctions and all forms of slavery and torture.

      apologies for the long post but you did ask lol

  4. Im glad to see this list Johnny as Ive been asking for a full list for some time now since I first got involved with the boycotts. Stoke council have always used these schemes, in the 80s they were out sourcing to manpower services commission, British railways, and BTCV and Nacro.
    Im very suprised at Shelter dipping their toe into the gravy, sold their souls to the devil, also Salvation army, how very unchristian,
    Cab have been useing unemployed labour for some time now.
    British Legion, Princes Trust, and Ginger bread should hang their heads in shame.

    do you have a list for east cheshire?

    • Miki67 you are welcome, I agree we really need to get the resistance going along at a better pace, as the young in this country are not only going to become free slave labour for the big corporations for a very long time to come they are also killing off the ill and elderly among us who have paid into the system over a lifetime.

      It is Eugenics pure and simple so now we have to prove it and stop them. We also need stop them getting rid of the EHR bill as that will close us off completely in Britain to any form of legal redress whatsoever to their various crimes against its own citizens.

      Anyone interested in the EHR can Google it where they will find Cameron has recently visited the Strasbourg court of the EHR trying to get Britain released from our EHR obligations in favour of a bill of rights he has had drawn up which just about completely takes away our British human rights with one stroke. Fortunately the judge saw straight through him and sent him packing for now….. They are trying to keep it low key but I have been flowing it very carefully.

      I also feel like I am living in a world I was not meant to be in because nothing makes any sense to me and empathy and compassion for our fellow human beings has gone right out the window. common sense and decency have are now considered strange quirks of nature in favour of parasitical w…ers who are stealing everything from Britain including its citizens and their very souls.

      Jacky, you can usually find a list of companies DWP are related to on their own website and the following is a sample of the areas and the companies involved.

      Scotland Ingeus UK Limited Working Links
      Wales Rehab JobFit * Working Links Wales
      North East Avanta Enterprise Limited (TNG) Ingeus UK Limited
      North East Yorkshire & Humber G4S Newcastle College Group**
      West Yorkshire Business Employment Services Training (BEST) Ltd Ingeus UK Ltd
      South Yorkshire A4E Ltd Serco Ltd
      North West(Merseyside, Halton, Cumbria and Lancashire) A4E Ltd Ingeus UK Ltd
      North West(Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Warrington) Avanta Enterprise Limited (TNG) G4S Seetec
      East Midlands A4E Ltd Ingeus UK Ltd
      West Midlands (Birmingham, Solihull and Black Country) FourstaR Employment & Skills Ltd Newcastle College Group** Pertemps
      West Midlands (Coventry, Warwickshire, Staffordshire and the Marches) ESG Serco Ltd
      East of England Ingeus UK Ltd Seetec
      West London Ingeus UK Ltd Maximus Employment UK LTD Reed in Partnership
      East London A4E Ltd Careers Development Group (CDG) * Seetec
      South East (Thames Valley, Hampshire and IOW) A4E Ltd Maximus Employment UK LTD
      South East (Surrey, Sussex and Kent) Avanta Enterprise Limited (TNG) G4S (Private Sector)
      South West (Gloucester, Wiltshire and West of England) JHP Group Limited Rehab JobFit *
      South West (Devon, Cornwall, Dorset and Somerset) Prospects Services Ltd Working Links

      remember that they will also have their outsourcing companies under them so you need to find a way of identifying them as well. Anyone attending this program that you know personally may be able to tell you.

      hope that helps.

  5. So….THIS is The Claggeron’s ‘Big Society’ at work…literally.
    Thank you to ‘guest’ for supplying a list of the ‘arbeit macht frei’ organisations who are using this forced labour scheme.
    I can hear the flutter of food stamps & housing tokens in the wind.
    I may be starting to get on a bit,but I still have a voice;and I can still wield a can of spray paint.
    I mean,when’s the resistance going to get going?
    We are being steamrollered by the worst ‘government’ in our history. That’s not hyperbole…the evidence is all around.
    I fought like crazy against the Thatcher Regime…and lost. So,when is today’s young & fit generation going to get off its knees & start fighting?
    Is the populace too X-factored and shopping-trollied to give a fuck?
    Some days I think I’m going bonkers.

  6. Apologies if I sound like a grumpy old man. I’m not dissing anyone…it’s just that rhetoric,peaceful protest,or reasoned argument are NEVER going to hold any sway with this gang of neo-con ConDems. They are truly appalling and rigid ideologues and they will ram their disgusting policies through our corrupt Parliament and down our throats with relative ease,smirking and preening all the way.
    And I am frightened,but very angry. And that’s how the bastards want it. They only want to enrich themselves at their fellow citizens’ expense.
    I have never seen anything like this….even in the 80’s.

    • never apologise for your opinions MIK167, we are all entitled to them for now….. that’s democracy and a fair debate of ideas, something it look like we sadly appear to be losing.

      I am also frightened and angry for myself and others in a similar position in this country and still do not know what to do exactly except keep arming myself with information that may help.

      No I have never seen anything like this either…….not in this country

    • I think you might be right. It’s our fight to lose, but we will lose if we don’t do more than a couple of strikes a year. We need a general prolonged period of peaceful (i cannot condone violence and it plays into their hands, even though they are violent in their ideology) civil disobedience/general strike.

  7. Tesco stated in the Guardian article they’ve had 1400 workfare slaves and only 300 of them have been givn permenant employment.

    1100 people doing 30 free hours a week is very handy for their profits eh.

    This really needs to STOP.

    • WRBREFUGEE, I agree however so many charities and businesses are using people in this manner it is difficult to find shops etc that do not. For example I normally have my groceries delivered at home but then found all the major supermarkets are using workfare so I e-mailed them all stating my objections and that I would not be requiring their services until they dropped slavery practices. I also intimated I would be shaming them as much as possible around my local areas and on line.

      This decision has caused me personal hardship however it is my way of joining the fight against this tyranny and if everyone did the same those burlinesses would soon be out of pocket and drop the scheme.

  8. Johnny Ive read that quote from Tesco and it needs close reading,they say that they have had 1400 placements in the last 4 months,and that since the scheme started 300 have found permanent positions with Tesco so imo ,theres a lot more than 1400 folk been used as free labour,does the FOI act apply to private business? would be worth looking into these figures

    • very true, in fact they claim to have employed 300 job seekers since the scheme started, which doesn’t necessarily mean all those job seekers were on the workfare schemes either

  9. the message i picked up from the ‘Big Society’ thing was more about charities doing the work, not for free but for the usual going rate, like what they do now anyway because they can do the same job as our council but better and cheaper.

    Having been on the receiving end of both council & charity run services, the charity services were a lot better and this is what it is about, dumping the crappy expensive services, run by ‘civil servants’ and getting people whoi actually want to do the job, to do them.

    • Hi Axel, I too have utilised charity services, however they are informing me now its all change and only gaining funding from the government to do their bidding rather than continuing along the lines of what charity was originally set up for.

      It appears some have had their funding taken from them and then offered it back if they tender for the work fare programs and similar.I am led to believe this is causing massive mistrust of charities by users at the moment.

      • does the government give money to charities, directly?

        surely paying the charities to do their job is a good thing, a very good thing?

        When i was at Redhall, in Edinburgh, the staff had to spend a good part of their week, scrabbling around for grants and donations, surely it would be better if they spent their time doing useful things like ‘helping’ the clients out and doing things with them?

        As i understand the idea, the huge ball of funding that follows me about, would have gone straight to Redhall, instead of going to CEC and them subcontracting to Redhall

        • Hi Axel, I am not sure regards Gov direct payment to charities in the past but from what the ones I am involved with are saying at the moment they are being paid to tender for the work fare program which leaves them afloat but with much less time to do charity work.

          About Redhall. Where staff emotionally abuse its participants in private out of other participants’ hearing. Where, in a place where some participants are believed suicide risks, they are capable of telling you “cliquiness is life.” Where you are exploited to stand in muddy puddles shovelling compost into bags for them to sell. Where they keep you digging for the dake of digging. Where the claimed training is rubbishily brief one-off tasters. Where a complaint was upheld against an innocent student who it had not been made against, because she made a handier scapegoat than permanent staff.

          • also asking why the Indymedia Scotland site is rigged by controlling moderators and member registration, so is longer longer properly Indymedia at all, while the UK site is not. Why does the UK site let a controlled media interest with its
            own agenda stand as Indymedia in Scotland and use its name undeservedly?

  10. This is good news. We will make these corporate scum and their political lackeys rue the day.
    I think it should be illegal to take people on, even voluntarily (and yes this will be an issue for charity shops and the like, but we’re intelligent enough to arrange something), in this capacity. Forcing unemployed people to compete like this with ever decreasing standards is a race to the bottom. Taxpayers are paying the wages of the unemployed and they are also paying the providers that place them, and still people support this evil nonsense!

  11. bbest: i’m not sure the government ever ‘gave’ money to charities either

    i think we are talking at slight cross purposes here, the council paid Redhall to keep me occupied and give me training in office skills, which they did but the new way is the government in westminster gives redhall the money directly and because the council does not take its huge slice of the the pie, Redhall does not have to worry so much about getting money from other sources so much, so the can can spend more of their day doing what they want to do [training, helping, advising] and less of what they dont want to do [filing in the forms and applying to the the private charities at the correct time of year, for the correct items….]

    • lol Axel you may be right so I will just say that the organisations I thought were charities have gone over to council/government funding where a lot of what they used to do for people is being dropped.

      I may be wrong as I have not studied it in depth just yet it is on my to do list as members on another blog started to complain about the same thing saying the charities they used agendas had changed to a government proposals to receive funding so I will leave it at that until I can find any further details and apologise if I created any confusion lol

  12. ‘charities do good things, for specialised groups of people’ Redhal was mental health

    ‘Charities need to get money to fund their actions’

    would you have your qualified special needs teacher(?), doing grunt office and admin work, writing request letters, researching the the charity donor options or would you rather have do, what they trained to do, what they want to do and what they are good at?

    or maybe a better idea is they write to a big organisation, with lots of money that supports general charity work-the government!

    as an example, we got funding from a few sources for chain saw training and seperately chainsaw safety gear but we could not get funding for the chainsaws themselves, because of the precise and specialist natures of the organisation we applied for funding too, it would have been so much easier and we could have acheived so much more, if our staff had not been so boigged down in paperwork

    • mm, from what you say its the usual bureaucracy ie bogged down in paperwork rather than getting the real job done……………

      • no, a different kind of burueacracy, which is nicely suited to the genteel world of gifting organisations but a nightmare if you are using it as the foundation for your business model

  13. If I volunteer it’s voluntary…that’s stark staring obvious. If I’m forced,then it’s forced labour.
    I played a free gig for a mental health charity fundraiser; I wanted to & I enjoyed it.
    A fair number of the people attending are truly incapable of work,but are being ‘eugenicized’ by Iain D. Smith (Reichsminister) his Gauleiters (Emma Harrison et al),and their willing gangs of pencil-pushing Sturbahnfuhrers & Stormtroopers. When the day of reckoning comes for this “coalition of the willing” you can bet they’ll say,” We were only following orders…”.
    It can’t happen here?…..It already is;the general population really needs to wake up to what’s goin’ on…before the stormtroopers come a knockin’ for them & it’s all too late.
    This ConDem ‘government’ is abominable,disgraceful & in it for themselves and their class.

    • Miki67 I agree and as someone who has worked all my life and paid into the system the thought of being hounded repeatedly for the pittance I live in is a scary prospect.

      eugenicized is really happening in this country and people really need to understand it.

  14. In the Dickensian 19th. Century,someone coined the phrase,” As cold as charity.” Apt.

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  16. what is our understanding of the word ‘eugenicized’?

  17. Axel…..I think the word is a good one : the English language is very inventive & descriptive…e.g. The Big Society & We’re All In It Together.

  18. Here’s a good one : Oppositional Defiance Disorder.
    Acronym : O.D.D.
    Coming soon to a child or vulnerable adult near you,soon.
    Another fascist Yank ‘psychiatric illness’ being adopted here.
    I’m sure Emma Harrison & her ilk will use it,and its like,to justify throwing someone off their forced labour schemes once they’ve outlasted their usefulness,and further cut their benefit when they object,and they’ve got a ‘recognised disorder’ to justify it.
    Who’s anti-social in these circumstances.
    Maybe I’m just going MAD!

  19. Axel…please stop trying to lead us down blind alleys…the word means applied eugenics. Simple. Now,please leave us alone. Thank you.

  20. eerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, no, it doesn’t


  22. miki67: I can and do understand the the word, i just dont understand your usage of it, if you are going to give new meanings to old words, it is maybe an idea to tell people about it, so you can appear radical and hard core instead of shouting and looking like a dumb fuck monkey

  23. I think the word we are probably after is ‘euthanase’?

  24. Axel…would you mind NOT insulting me….if your education is lacking,perhaps you could consider further education;it would help you.
    And,by the way,I’ll SHOUT if I want to….is that okay,mummy?

  25. And the word you
    are desperately seeking is ‘euthanize’.

  26. miki: oki, i’ve looked up eugenics and it means more or less what i thought it did, short of cutting all our bollocks off, how can we be ‘eugenicized’?

    I do not know what the word means, wiki has nothing, google has nothing, all i was asking is, what does it mean, in the context of here?

  27. Fair enuff…let’s call the whole thing off…and I apologise for the internet equivalent of shouting. New words can be invented all the time…that was very true prior to the 18th. Century when dictionaries first started to appear.
    We who post on this site are mainly in agreement about what awful things our political masters perpetrate. Everything else is of little consequence.
    Too many revolutions have been sidetracked by semantics or the equivalent of ” how many angels can dance on the head of a pin? “

    • Miki67,

      Too many revolutions have been sidetracked by semantics or the equivalent of ” how many angels can dance on the head of a pin? “

      correct and we can all agree to disagree and still get on with debate and ideas about the scourge of government that is currently plaguing us all as they are the real enemy.

  28. i think, the government has a secret agenda of what it wants to actually achieve and it is distracting us with excess evils and we are so busy fighting them, we will miss the ‘lesser evils’ they want actioned.

    I have a feeling the ‘severely mauled’ act, that will get passed, will have what they want and maybe a few extra morsels too but they can still say, ‘you hated it, so we cut out the bad bits for you!’ and appear to have bowed to public pressure

    Is the lesser of 2 evils a good outcome, when the major evil was just placed there as a pawn to be sacrificed?

    • AXEL.
      I believe you are correct.

      I have always believed anything the government does is for its own self serving purpose regardless of whether we can see or understand the reason ourselves.

      I also believe that every so often when the public are clearly furious regards an obvious injustice some MP or other dignitary is hung out to dry on cue while probably claiming a large goodbye handshake for doing so.

      As one of my friends once said look at what everybody else is doing/thinking and run in the opposite direction.

      • and another thing….

        I think westminster is one bunch of assholes and the DWP is a seperate bunch of assholes, think of it like 2 seperate factions, westminster wants to spend less money, the DWP wants to keep all its drones, it does’nt really care about giving us money, that is just a by product of what they do all day shuffling paper.

        Forms are complex and awkward, not to make it difficult for us, but to justify and secure their jobs, the shitty forms are just another by product. The advantage they see in this system is, it needs a lot of people to make it work and it also justifies the jobs of people in the supporting industries (CRO, CAB, support workers etc).

        Whenever i get forms, they are filled in for me by ‘experts’ and when i read them afterwards, i only understand about 30% of what they say and this isn’t because i am stupid becuase of the brain damage, its double speak, incomprehensible bollocks.

        I’m lucky, i have a support team but its a fucking nightmare for anyuone trying to maintain their own dignity and doing it themselves.

        • I agree but do not know the answer as we are all being put through hell at the moment. I cannot fill all the forms in by myself and agree that it is double speak and designed to ask the same question in a different way hoping they can trip you up, they are trying to stuff me at every turn as well, fortunately It sounds like we both have a good medical team and for that I think we have to be truly grateful as I would hate to do it without them.

  29. I dont have to pay Council Tax, however I’m not exempt from CT, I just dont have to pay it?

    I have ‘mental incompotence exemption’ or something, my psychiatrist signed the form, so i dont have to pay it

    But and remember this, I’m not actually exempt, I just dont have to pay it!

    no wonder things are so fucked up, if the system is so twisted

    At the time, I had a social worker and he tried to get the CT bod to explain it, in terms i could understand but he failed, it is a weird mystery, that i make no attempt to understand

  30. The ‘system’ is designed to endlessly fuck with your head so that they hope you give up in frustration.
    If you manage to jump through all the demeaning hoops then you’re ‘in’…and provided you don’t rock the boat,you’ll stay in and collect the few benefits they grudgingly allow you.
    This upcoming ‘new’ system won’t even allow you that. Endless re- interviews & computer driven ‘medicals’…and even if you get past it all,less money,more hardship; therefore a stress driven earlier death by a thousand cuts. That’s Reichminister Smith’s ugly bare bones of his ugly reforms.
    NO effective opposition. NO effective resistance. NO chance of a decent civil society. NO end in sight.
    Here’s a frightening statistic : of the cuts/ austerity plan/ harsh measures laid out by The ConDems,only 9% have been implemented. There’s still 91% to come. And this shower of shit will NEVER back down. What will the country be like by the time 100% of their policies are in force? Too awful to contemplate.

    • Hi Zola I wish I could join you however I am unable due to ill health. The time I have I spend on-line doing anything I can to help, join, sign and educate the public on where this is all going.

      .Miki67m you said:

      Endless re- interviews & computer driven ‘medicals’…and even if you get past it all,less money,more hardship; therefore a stress driven earlier death by a thousand cuts.

      I agree and I am well aware that we are fighting for our very lives, I know we are all afraid regardless of how strong some people say they are as it is a natural response when you are facing constant death by starvation, possible homelessness, treated like crap in hospital and are subject to hate crime on the street and in the media.

      Here’s a frightening statistic : of the cuts/ austerity plan/ harsh measures laid out by The ConDems,only 9% have been implemented. There’s still 91% to come. And this shower of shit will NEVER back down.

      Again agreed it is going to get worse if they do not get stopped, one of the ways to stop them is to take them to the EHR in Strasbourg, This mob know that sooner or later there will be a death too far and someone will go to the EHR court so they are currently trying to shut this route down by filling the public’s head with we don’t want prisoners to be able to vote etc as an excuse to approach the EHR and ask to remove Britain who will then have her own bill of rights instead.

      You can Google the HR changes they are proposing and believe me it basically takes away all of our HR. Cameron has already been to Strasbourg to plead with the judge to release Britain from her obligations in favour of her own. Fortunately the judge saw straight through him and sent him packing for now……..

      While I know the cuts are dangerous to us losing our legal aid and opting out of the EHR is far worse because that is the only avenue we have to legal redress that could stop him.

      familiarise yourself with what’s going on because its being done very quietly in the background with little media attention hoping we wont notice however many of us have and have signed petitions, spoke to MP’s and Lords etc to get this stopped from going through.

      here is one link just to explain.

  31. we are a valuble resource to the DWP et al, we keep them and their friends in the advice sector in jobs, if it was’nt for us, they’d have to sign on like ordinary joes. They, the DWP, want our lives to be awkward, so we need to fill in lots of their forms and secure their jobs.

    The politicians, on the other hand, are just a bunch of nasty fuckwits, who want to stop paying everyone anything and the DWP is scared of them because that is what they do{pay people}

    so, as i see it, we are merely a resource, being fought over, in the current war between Westminster and the DWP

    • ACEl of course we are a resource the only way to stop that is to stop privatising us and our basic services which is only interested in profits and skimming of taxpayers money for schemes that do not work but do allow a lot of taxpayers money to be stolen in the process.

      Public sector workers may be in for a nasty shock as there has been talk of paypoint type computerising of benefits in future which would mean no staff required………..


    Join me TODAY in Albany Road, no leaflets, no political affiation…just me and my megaphone…not protesting, rather INFORMING the public what is just round the corner……………….

    Thankyou 🙂

    Zola de Cwtchi x

  33. some excellent informatio n I was not aware of. knowledge is king. What a mess this country is becoming

  34. I am Ashamed
    Of My Country
    Ashamed to be British
    Ashamed of the Labour Government
    and ashamed of the citizens who Ignore
    Unexpectedly Proud of the House Of Lords
    And the Bishops and the Judges

  35. if poverty is accompanied by pysical dangers prosperity is accompanied by spiritual dangers, god will often move us through both for the purpose of testing us !!!

  36. An outstanding share! I have just forwarded this onto a co-worker who has been doing a little research on this. And he actually ordered me dinner due to the fact that I discovered it for him… lol. So allow me to reword this…. Thanks for the meal!! But yeah, thanks for spending some time to discuss this subject here on your internet site.

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