Why Are We Still Paying For This Old Witch?

Whilst homelessness and unemployment soars, the country’s biggest free-loader is set to rub her stolen wealth in the faces of her subjects yet again with this year’s Diamond Jubilee.

With public anger being rightly directed at banker’s bonuses, the UK’s biggest freeloader will be paid nearly £40 million pounds this year for doing precisely fuck all (going on holiday and eating dinner is not work).  Not content with this however the greedy bitch expects us all to pay for her boring fucking party to mark 60 years of Elizabeth Windsor fleecing the tax payer.

A host of spineless arselickers like class traitor Paul McCartney are being lined up to celebrate the blood drenched House of Windsor at a concert with tickets available for just 10,000 people. The cost to the tax payer is expected to be well over £7 million, a figure which doubtlessly doesn’t include the cost of thousands of coppers on the streets, pre-emptive arrests and the predicted damage the Diamond Jubilee will do to the economy.

After the Queen’s complete lack of compassion following the death of Diana, the Royal Family kept a low profile and stayed that way for over a decade. And a good thing it was too. Staying out of our faces was the best way to help us forget that we are ruled over by this unelected, unqualified bimbo without the looks and her racist cunt of a husband.

That all changed after the marriage of her gormless grandson to a woman who managed to get upstaged at her own wedding by her sister’s arse. Re-inventing themselves as the most vacuous kind of celebrities, William and Harry the half blood prince are attempting to rebrand the Royals for the Hello generation. When not putting British troop’s lives in danger on some ego-driven jaunt pretending to be soldiers, they leer at us from exclusive parties where they spend their useless lives getting pissed at our expense.

Jordan and Wayne Rooney would be better value for money than this odious pair of chinless spongers. As the bonfire of the bonuses commences these leeches drain money from the British tax payer with barely a voice raised in dissent. Instead of banker enforced austerity being used as political cover to destroy the NHS and the Welfare State, we should be using it as an excuse to sling these graceless parasites out on the street.

It’s a national embarrassment to be ruled over by these clowns. The whole rancid tribe should be deported to the Falklands where they they can live out their pointless existence as target practice for the Argies.  Failing that a few public executions would do far more to lift the national spirit then the fawning orgy of servility set to shame the nation during the jubilee. It’s time to bring this whole sorry charade to it’s rightful end. Enough is enough. Off with their fucking heads.

Heathcote Williams provides an investigative poem exploring the UK’s biggest benefit scroungers with the newly released Royal Babylon


4 responses to “Why Are We Still Paying For This Old Witch?

  1. Come on, what do you propose a head of state like the French-a president. Think of all the foreign tourists who clog up London and spend their dollars/yens/Euros etc.

    As for the amount she gets paid to be the head of state-I think as these are such hard times we should have every public servant being paid minimum wage for a month, perhaps!

    The only way is for everyone to pay their dues-not tax evasion or tax avoidance.

  2. perhaps we should follow the queens lead
    in appointing lords, dukes, and peers
    and simply appoint another “public”
    one less critical

  3. I don’t know how she’ll cope when that benefit cap comes in…oh wait.

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