Why Not Hang A Liberal From This Lamp Post

From today every Lib Dem MP, Councillor, activist or member has blood on their hands.  Last night Lib Dem MPs voted to strip vital and often life saving benefits from cancer patients and children with disabilities.

The objections from the Lords to the most insiduous aspects of the Welfare Reform Bill will be over-ridden as Cameron and his lapdogs ram-raid the bill into law.  With suicides already taking place due to the UK’s increasingly vicious welfare policy, even more people will take their own lives rather than face indignity and poverty.

Ten of thousands of people are to be made homeless at a stroke, many of them children.  Disabled people and people with life-threatening conditions may find themselves forced onto workfare schemes, stacking shelves in Poundland for no pay.  The untold suffering this Bill will bring, in a country with already one of the strictest and least generous welfare regimes in the western world, cannot yet begun to be imagined.

Cameron and Iain Duncan Smith must be laughing their fucking heads off at their spineless coalition partners.  Just like when they destroyed the educational chances of a generation, it will be the Liberal Democrats, not the Tories, who are remembered for unleashing devastation on the vulnerable.

Every Lib Dem member with a shred of conscience should immediately hand back their membership or know that they too are a part of this all out assault.  The party that opposed the Iraq war has now chosen to wage war on our own children.  Those who stay in the party in the hope of modifying the Tories approach or having some influence on the power dazzled Clegg and Cable are fully culpable for the actions of this government.  If you are a member then remember this next time you see someone freezing in a shop doorway, or hear of a suicide due to the vicious health testing regime.  You and your party did this and the suffering you have already caused cannot be undone by weasel words.

Will you be able to look the person who sells you the Big Issue in the eye knowing that you helped place them in that position.    That the Party you support and you pay for is very likely responsible for them losing their homes.  Should a friend or relative be diagnosed with cancer will you hold your head up high as their benefits are stripped away and they are forced to undergo chemotherapy whilst living on a pittance and being subjected to demeaning health testing and back to work interviews.

No matter how many intellectual or moral hoops you jump through there is no justification for this.   If you stay in the Liberal Democrat Party after this you are scum and should be treated as such.  However unlike Tory scum, whose intentions are clear, you are far worse.  You are collaborators, scabs, traitors, treacherous vermin who turn their backs on their own community and morality in the vague hope that perhaps one day you too will get a ride in the Ministerial Limo.

There is no changing the party from within.  You had a chance at that and failed and it’s now far too late.  Clegg and Cable don’t care about you, or what you think, anymore than David Cameron does.  And neither does anyone else.  Whilst you remain in the Liberal Democrat Party your opinions are worthless.  You can be as politically correct as you like and dutifully read the Guardian everyday – it means nothing when by your actions you have condemned millions to poverty, ill health and homelessness.  You are rotting fetid vermin clinging onto the illusion of power for no reason other than that you didn’t haven’t the moral courage to do anything else when you had the chance.  May your rancid hearts rot you from the inside out.

And all for what.  For your stupid fucking badly timed referendum that has seen your precious electoral reform taken off the table for a generation.  You are nothing now.  Whether you die quietly in your sleep or are ripped apart in the street by your constituents, no tears will be shed for you.

So go back to your constituencies and prepare to die.  Politically and morally you are bankrupt.  Take your sandals, and your hemp clothing, and your fucking beards, and throw them on the pyre to burn along with your party and your principles.  We will never forgive.  And should the time come we will hunt you down like dogs.

34 responses to “Why Not Hang A Liberal From This Lamp Post

  1. Excellent article. The Liberal Democrats belong in the dustbin of modern history and that is where they will be come the general election. Now the fight is on save universal healthcare which is something else they will becomes allied to the destruction of.

  2. An excellent article and the Liberal Democrats belong in the dustbin of modern history. They will be slaughtered come the general election but in the meantime they will be willing allies in the destruction of universal healthcare in the United Kingdom. Very sad indeed.

  3. Great article. Says it all. There are enough lamp posts for every single politician in Westminster who only care about trousering as much as they can.

    Hang ’em high.

  4. Spineless Liberal

    This isn’t fair. I don’t believe I have blood on my hands – I am a party member, I don’t agree with the bill. So there. The position is consistent, I don’t believe in every policy. No member of any party does.

    On this matter, several of our MPs rebelled, and our Lords were leaders of the amendments. LD Councillors have nothing to do with government action. I guarantee they will be heavily criticised at Federal Conference. I possibly wouldn’t vote for an MP in my constituency who voted for this bill. But handing in my party card serves nothing and nobody. It won’t help the bill’s victims, it won’t get anything changed.

    • Expel Nick Clegg and his cabinet mates from the party if you want to disassociate yourselves from what is going on at leadership level. I can’t see any other way of saving any shred of a good name the LibDems have remaining to them. This is a terrible, terrible thing to have your party be complicit in.

    • Like lambs to the slaughter you lib dems entered this hideous pact; your party has sacrificed the poor and politically inconsequential to the tory dragon. It was you who tethered the goat. How naieve can you be?

    • “I guarantee they will be heavily criticised at Federal Conference.” They must be shitting themselves…

      Seriously, have a word with yourself

  5. I hate the bloody Guardian anyway. saw through it long ago. It has never been activist or social or egalitarian, it is just a rag for social rich social comment. Comment is Cheap. Lives are expensive when they cost the ones you love. See you on the battlements. And go hang a load of Labour too. I don’t think there is enough lamp posts. No wonder they put them up so high.

  6. Why aren’t people in the streets every day – surely there’s enough people seriously fucked off now to smash -not reform – this poisonous system?

  7. Nobody has thought of a better idea. Shit, but there we go.

  8. We’re heading for the Streets.

    When a Torygraph reading ex-publicschool boy is ranting like a SWP teenage, you know the shit’s going to hit the fan.

    Fuck! This is going to be one Hell of a Ride.

  9. How many Conservatives does it take to change a lightbulb? – None,they will make someone else do it for nothing.
    How many Lib-Dems does it take to change a lightbulb? – Don’t care,they are just fucking bastards.

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  11. R4s In our Time did a prog on the european revolutions, from the usual ‘tut-tut’ establishment perspective, one of the eye-opening parts was how the historian described the revolutionary movement fell apart because once concessions had been made to the middle class, the ‘liberal’ element of the movement, they didnt want to do any more, and turned on the ‘extremists’, the poor, who hadnt gained anything. Plus ca fucking change mate, you cant trust a liberal, theyre only in it for themselves.

  12. Go Johnny Go! What a great rant….i’m with you all the way. The day these ConDem cunts are put on the pyre is the day I will feel free.
    And Millipede and his spineless gaggle in ‘the opposition’ can join them.
    This horde of Social Darwinists in ‘Parliament’ are dragging us,not back to Victorian servitude,but to Mediaeval serfdom.
    I think its time for blood to run in the gutters.
    If we could get armed,we’d stand a chance. Otherwise,we’re truly fucked.

  13. And,by the way,to ‘Spineless Liberal’ commenting above: snivel & whinge all you want,you worthless lickspittle. “It wasn’t us….honest…the bad big boys made us do it…”. You horrible little ConDem coward. Emigrate….it’s your only chance of survival when the proverbial hits the windmill.
    Your days are numbered.
    Your ‘party’ is loathed.
    It’s over.
    And out.

  14. Well, they’ve scuppered any chances of getting into power for a very long time, probably a good thing too.

  15. Anybody seen ‘Vendetta’? Of course you have……that’s what i’d love to see : this ‘orrible cunt-filled gaggle of neo-nazis blown to smithereens. I wanna see the utter,total destruction of the syphilitic,parasitic aristo class. You don’t hear about the EDL or the BNP any more….why? Coz their mates,The ConDems are in power and are busy rolling out their fascist agenda licketysplit. I’d give anything for some serious weaponry.

    • Brilliant article,

      MIKi67, I am with you every step of the way,

      However all parties have blood on their hands as Labour began the whole F…in thing initially and the rest jumped aboard in the worst possible way.

      Leaves one remaining question, who the F can we vote for next as none will change the damage done…….

  16. There is NO ONE to vote for,except,maybe,possibly,The Greens;but they’re in the professional political game now,too,and are constantly ridiculed & put down by the ‘established’ parties. Effectively negated.
    ‘New’ Labour was ALWAYS Old Tory….I mean,the FIRST person Bliar invited to Downing St. was his political stepmother,one Margaret Thatcher.
    The ‘system’ is corrupt to the core….has been for a long time;probably always has been.
    We really do need a true revolution.

    • MiKi67,

      What to do then? I cannot see any way out of it without doing away with the government altogether, While I would love to see them all strung up from the surrounding lamposts most of the people I know are now too ill……..

  17. If……most of the population wasn’t X-factored and/or shopping trollied,and there was some way of organising properly ( without being immediately infiltrated by the gestapo ),then some REAL action could be taken.
    One way,from history,that was very successful,was the soviet cell system.
    I was involved in resisting the Thatcher Regime,and we lost. That’s the simple truth.
    The latest gang of out and out Fascists are even more demented than Thatcher,and they really need to be resisted.

    • MIKI67,

      I agree to some extent regards what you say about X factor, shopping etc, it appears most people require a negative experience to make them think and gain some sort of understanding.
      you said:

      The latest gang of out and out Fascists are even more demented than Thatcher,and they really need to be resisted.

      I completely agree with what you say and if it is allowed to continue at this rate we are all lost unless it really spills over into a revolt when the public majority starts to realise all are effected not just a one or two Gov, media demonised sectors of society they do not currently belong to.

      If you have not read the new British bill of rights by Cameron I suggest you Google it and take a look see as it takes away most of our HR away in this country. Fortunately on his recent trip to Strasbourg to plead with the judge to release us from our EHR obligations the judge saw straight through him and he sent him packing, for now…

      I almost find it unbearable to live in this world because I feel like a different species, in fact I have concluded there must be two types of human species on this planet as I definitely do not belong to the ‘can’t see. won’t see mob and never have.

      You mentioned One way,from history,that was very successful,was the soviet cell system. can you forward me some links to have a look at that info as I cannot seem to find anything when I Google it?


  18. Ummm… there’s a spelling and some factual errors and suggests hanging people because they support a party that has in part voted through a bill that will cause deaths, and even references that the lib dems were the only party to oppose war in Iraq. Why not hang anyone that has supported any political party from a lamp post? Because it’s a genocidal paradox. Irrational hate directed at a particular political party shows naivety in regards to political pragmatism. I mean really, lynching? You want to lynch people because the party they are associated with makes cuts that might harm someone, harm, like the kind of harm that might be caused by a lynching. Unlike P-Diddy’s Vote or Die campaign, you would like to see a Vote and Die campaign? Then you’d have to lynch the lynchers for causing harm. Who would lynch the last person? Or would they hang themselves? Maybe if we got down to one human being that person would finally be free from the tyrannical shackles of this evil Con-Dem-nation which spends only ~24% on welfare unlike the Nordic states which spend roughly ~33%. Did someone say the Anglo-Saxon (Britain and Ireland) system was the third most generous welfare model in the world? We should hang them off something too.

    Don’t get me wrong. There is plenty wrong with these cuts, especially the dialogue around cuts and the perceived causes and consequences of national debt. It just speeds the conversation up if people discuss why they are angry rather than making the case for politically motivated murder.

    • Alan,

      I think most people are venting which can spill over into the blame game, however truth be told most are not violent and would not wish to see anybody strung up but the fantasy is good and relives the pressure-)

      However as people are beginning to die in the country the Gov have created can you blame people for being angry? I believe the constant marches and independent think tanks who advise government might be a clue instead of blatantly ignoring what is not fit for purpose and costs the tax payer millions more in unexpected revenue.

      There is a difference between making a mistake and putting it right than allowing others to die through your mistakes and ignoring it completely. People who are seriously ill are being pressured constantly to the point where they are beginning to realise that if they are not going to die naturally of their illnesses they are going to be hounded to death instead.

      So if you are one of these targeted people what can you do when it comes down to a fight for very basic survival and life??

      Do you not believe you have a right to fight for your life regardless of the method used in trying to kill you?

      If someone holds a gun to your head you would fight for your life, so if someone is starving you to death and trying to make you homeless should your fight be any less in fighting for your life or it be any less of an offence than the gun?

      • I don’t blame people for being angry, I’m angry about it. There are just so many better expressions of anguish than bloging about hanging Lib-Dems.

        I never thought that this person actually intended to do anything written in this article. Venting is part of the system. People are encouraged to shout all their rage at a monitor because it feels good for a bit and distracts them from what’s actually going on (usually) without changing anything. If you are chewing on a scape-goat you should think about who fed you the goat.

    • Alan..who can blame or question the citizens, when their leaders and ‘betters’ and ‘superiors’ believe in ‘an eye for an eye’ e.g. Bin Laden, Afghanistan…P.S. we are not all Born Again and regenerated as a new creation, full of the Spirit of Truth and reflecting the love of a Heavenly Father. No they are in the world and that is all they have got, of course they will fight for what little they have…they are not ready to turn the other cheek…and by the way…who is/are the CROWN? yours Shalom S.

  19. To guest : if you wish to know about the soviet cell system just read any history of The Russian Revolution and how The Communist Party managed to organize and overthrow the status quo beneath The Cheka’s radar.

  20. Excellent post, but I suspect that those who say the Lib Dems are doomed may well be wrong. They might lose some, but by no means all, of their traditional support, but they are well placed to pick up a slab of the less extreme right wing.

    Likewise, come 2015, it might over-optimistic to assume Cameron is going to get creamed over WRB and the NHS. The former certainly has a lot of support in the country as a whole and, human nature being what it is, if the NHS bill goes ahead, the majority will adjust to it, no doubt griping the while, but doing it anyway.

    Just don’t be too surprised, though, if he rolls back into Downing Street with a majority in 3 year’s time. And then we’ll all – the sick and disabled – be seriously fucked.

    You think it’s bad now – if Cameron gets a working majority there’ll be a mini building boom as the workhouses and camps go up, and the sick and disabled are stripped of their benefits, because the only way the state can afford us is just to feed and “house” us at the least possible cost. Plus it saves us becoming homeless and dying on the streets, which would be so embarrassing and messy.

    And THAT will be the good outcome. As I’ve been saying on my own blog for over a year, the position of the sick and disabled is directly analogous to that of the Jews (and the disabled, let’s not forget), in mid thirties Nazi Germany. Hell, we already have forced labour, and the relocation of undesirables (Dale Farm), there aren’t that many dots left to be joined.

    Welcome to Cameron’s Reich . . .

    • Ron.

      Saying Cameron may get back in really scares me because as you say there will be much worse to come and for once in my life I am unable to fight back as I once could, like many others I suspect.

      Trouble is all I can see is the other parties agree with these Nazi policies as well and have had a hand in it all themselves as well so aren’t we f….ked whoever gets in as well?

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