Dr Hans-Christian Raabe: Homophobic Scum Tries to Win Back Job Dictating Drug Policy

Mad bastard Dr Hans-Christian Raabe is whinging in the Daily Mail again after being granted a judicial review to challenge Theresa May’s decision not to appoint him to the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs.

Dr Raabe had initially been appointed to the committee in January last year when Theresa May decided to throw reason and objectivity to the wind and employ the Maranatha Christian cultist to advise on drug policy in place of a real scientist.

When it later emerged that Dr Raabe had co-authored a report attempting to link homosexuality with paedophilia and had previously deceived the Government by not revealing his links to anti-abortion campaigns, he was promptly sacked less than a month later.

This was all a huge embarrassment for the Home Secretary May who would rather her own backward and bigoted views on sexuality were kept firmly in the closet.

But now the intrepid Dr Raabe is back, claiming that he was the victim of a witch hunt and that he was called was called a ‘bigot, scum and a mad ba****d’ on the internet of all places.

Dr Raabe claims this isn’t true, he loves the gays but he couldn’t suck a whole one. Despite his previous utterances Dr Raabe says he would never discriminate against gay people, in fact he’s no doubt tried to cure many of them. The Maranatha Community, of whom Dr Raabe is a prominent member and has worked as a medical co-ordinator, have released this document discussing curing homosexuality.

It appears to argue that it would be unethical for a Doctor not to attempt to warn their patients of the evils of gayness:

“A doctor who is treating a smoker for lung and heart diseases would be considered irresponsible if he/she did not strongly emphasize to the patient the adverse effect of smoking and encourage him/her to quit. To advise a smoker to change his lifestyle and to quit smoking is considered to be good medical practice. However, to point out the dangers of homosexual lifestyle to a homosexual one risks being labelled as being “homophobic.”

This man isn’t fit to be a GP, let alone a government advisor.

Dr Raabe is been able assisted in his noble cause by James Dingemans QC, who calls himself a Human Rights lawyer but actually appears to favour the rights of non-existent sky pixies over human beings. He acted (and lost) for the couple who refused to rent out a room in their B&B to a gay couple. Another high profile case he lost was when he defended civil registrar Lilian Ladele who refused to preside over a Civil Partnership due to  her Christian beliefs. Here he is warning of the terrible dangers that might befall the church due to the Gender Recognition Act. No agenda there then.

His losing streak is set to continue with this case against the Home Secretary as well, but it’s worth mentioning simply because the Tories are somewhat vulnerable to sex and drugs. Whilst Cameron pretends to be pro-gay, the truth is his cabinet is saddled with homophobic old pricks like Iain Duncan Smith who has voted against every piece of LGBT rights legislation since 1998.  Meanwhile Tory Liz Truss called on Question Time this week for those found in possession of drugs to be prosecuted and potentially imprisoned. Whether this should apply to the Prime Minister, George Osborne or Louise Mensch who recently admitted hoovering Class A drugs is unclear.


6 responses to “Dr Hans-Christian Raabe: Homophobic Scum Tries to Win Back Job Dictating Drug Policy

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  2. class article. As usual. Good work the void!

  3. Love your reworking of the Jonathan Swift (?) remark about loving babies. Good piece.

  4. They say that ignorance is bliss and plenty of it here. I worked for 25 years with addicts, in the UK and USA, and was married to a recovered heroin addict who would up substituting with cannabis. The viriole on here is bigotted and vile. Presumably the site belongs to someone living off my taxes with serious issues. Evil breeds evil, so look in your own back yard before you spew such venom.

  5. Patricia Rodgers

    Dr. Raabe is to be congratulated – please Dr. Raabe – stick to your guns. Rich people like Branson are on another planet – they can afford to buy themselves out of whatever trouble they get themselves into – not so the poor people and those who advocate legalising drugs are not the friends of the poor.

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