Iain Duncan Smith Attacks Christian Values

Has there ever been a more odious immoral cunt in British politics than Iain Duncan Smith?  Not content from stripping benefits from people with terminal illnesses and disabled people he is now turning his attention on some of the UK’s poorest children.

Fake Christian Smith has today attacked Bishops who plan to vote against the benefit cap in the Lords tomorrow saying:

“I would like to see their concerns about ordinary people, who are working hard, paying their tax and commuting long hours, who don’t have as much money as they would otherwise because they’re paying tax for all of this. Where is the bishops’ concern for them?

“It’s all very well for the bishops to express a political opinion, but I would love them to ask about the poor people on low incomes who are working hard, whose families share rooms, who are doing the right thing.”

What Iain Duncan Smith doesn’t say (but knows) is that many of those hard working families are exactly the people who will be forced into homelessness by the Housing Benefit caps which have already come into force in London this month.

Smith and his cronies have lied and lied again about families living it up in plush London houses which hard working families couldn’t afford, just like he lies above about hard working families forced to share rooms.  IDS knows full well that the children of Housing Benefit claimants are also expected to share rooms.

Housing Benefit is an in work benefit and only 1 in 8 claimants are unemployed.  Any working low income family could have lived in London and claimed housing benefit and in fact tens of thousands did.  When calculating the benefit the only factors taken into account are income, the amount of rent due and whether you have savings of over £16,000.  Whether the claimant is in work or not does not enter the equation.

The constant portrayal of benefit claimants being offered properties that low waged earners couldn’t afford is even enshrined on the DWP’s website:

“The measures announced will provide a fairer and more sustainable Housing Benefit scheme by taking steps to ensure that people on benefit are not living in accommodation that would be out of the reach of most people in work, creating a fairer system for low-income working families and for the taxpayer.”

In London a salary of over £30,000 a year could still have been topped up with Housing Benefit in some areas – meaning that these properties were absolutely in reach for most people in work.  This is not a distortion by Smith and the DWP, this is not an exaggeration, it is a Government Department and the Secretary of State telling a bare faced lie to the public.

So when heathen Smith lectures the Bishops he is actually instructing them to feel sorry for the people on considerably better salaries than the people at the very bottom, rather than extend their piety towards those on low wages, who are unemployed or unable to work due to disability or illness.  You don’t need to believe in sky pixies to know this is the exact opposite of Christian charity.

Smith has even made the ludicrous claims that the benefit cuts will help the poor.  It seems when you take money away from tax payers they deserve Christian pity, when money is taken from the very poorest you are doing them a favour.

The situation will be devastating for many families who aren’t in work if the benefit cap of £500 a week is introduced.  Whilst this sounds like a large sum what is rarely mentioned is that the bulk of it is paid to landlords.  This is actually another attack on Housing Benefit which was designed to ensure that those on low incomes are actually able to afford a roof over their children’s heads.  It is not the fault of the poor that housing has become unaffordable in vast swathes of the country.

As the cap on Housing Benefit is currently at £400, then this will leave larger families who have done the ‘right thing’, and moved to the few areas of outer London and the Home Counties where a 3/4 bed property can be found for that figure with just £100 a week to survive.

Take a family of four with both parents working.  Even if they spend considerably less than average on gas and electricity, meaning their children go cold in the winter, it’s safe to assume that £20 a week of this is likely to be spent on energy.  A further £10 can reasonably assumed for water and the most basic landline telephone package.

With transport fares soaring it is not unlikely that travel to school could eat away another £20 a week of the families income.  This would leave a family of six with just £50 a week, just over a pound a day each to buy food.

This of course does not include other expenses such as clothes, stationary, household costs, toiletries, washing, school uniforms, replacement of household items etc.

Forget Sky TV or broadband, so far this family can’t even afford a television licence.  As for days out, pocket money, Christmas and birthday presents, not a chance.  We are also assuming that this family are not in any debt.  Finally these calculations also don’t take into account one of the more insidious aspects of Welfare Reform, which will see local authorities able to scrap the bulk of Council Tax Benefit.  As if these people aren’t poor enough already, their council are likely to hound them for what little scraps they have left if this bill goes through.  It is not inconceivable that by the time some low income families have paid their rent, council tax, fares and bills that they may found themselves with more going out than coming in before such luxuries as food and clothing are taken into account.

This is third world poverty being introduced in British cities.

Of course Smith would claim the parents should find work, but with unemployment sky rocketing this may not be possible for some people.  High unemployment’s like that, it means some people can’t get jobs.  So now, the children of the unemployed are to be punished for the government’s trashing of the economy.

For those in central London facing homelessness a low waged job won’t help anyway since the introduction of the Housing Benefit Caps will still mean their rent is unaffordable.

Perhaps they should move claim the tories.  But rents are rising across the South East and the upcoming influx of benefit claimants into the Home Counties is only likely to exacerbate that.

Possibly Smith’s vision is that the poor will all move up north where they can be subject to the kind of ‘managed decline’ that the tories planned for Liverpool in the 80s.

It remains to be seen if the Bishops will remain true to their faith and block this part of the Welfare Reform Act in the Lords tomorrow.  But it should be made very clear, any who do not may well find that places in their imaginary heaven  are not allocated to those who would abandon the poor and vulnerable so callously.

Which means they will burn in hell along with Duncan Smith and the rest of the godless tory vermin.

A Vigil and Lobby will be held on Monday and Wednesday this week and Tuesday 31st January as the amendments to the Welfare Reform Bill are debated in the Lords:  http://benefitclaimantsfightback.wordpress.com/2012/01/22/welfare-reform-bill-vigil-and-lobbies/

There will be further action opposing the bill next weekend: http://www.ukuncut.org.uk/blog/message-from-the-invisible

23 responses to “Iain Duncan Smith Attacks Christian Values

  1. Third world poverty??! Fuck off, mate. The cunt here is you. Dumb fuckwit.

  2. “It’s all very well for the bishops to express a political opinion, but I would love them to ask about the poor people on low incomes who are working hard”

    Urm, if it’s wrong for a bishop to express a political opinion then it’s equally wrong for a millionaire to exress an opinion about poor people on low incomes!

  3. Although I’m as angry as anybody at the prospect of having my DLA taken away from tme, I do find myself compelled to comment on some of the things which have been said by both the author of this article, as well as Iain Drunken Spliff, as he is known by many.
    1. Let’s face it, IDS is a prat; thoughtless, egotistical and greedy. But with a Tory Government (sorry Nick Clegg, but you’re as useful as a chocolate teapot) do you really expect anything else?
    2. You begin the article by referring to IDS attacking Christian values, but then conclude the article by referring to ‘an imaginary heaven’. So which viewpoint do you subscribe to? If you’re an atheist and don’t believe in God or heaven, what does it matter that IDS is showing no sign of any Christian values?
    3. And probably most significantly, I’m afraid that anyone who needs to resort to using four letter words starting with c followed by an anagram of nut is going to lose the argument from the get go. I’m as angry as anyone about this useless government’s deplorable tactics (for the record, I’ve had CP for 30 years, dyspraxia and tunnel vision too) but neither I, the guy who wrote the article, or anyone who has responded to it are going to achieve anything by using foul language. In fact it makes us look no better than the idiots who forced into this position.

    • Thanks for that Matt. I’m also sick of people using the c-word as an add-on to their otherwise righteous statements. How does it make the women who live and work alongside them feel, to feel that an often cherished part of their body is considered a fitting description of a despicable tool. Look to Shakespearean insults, show some imagination; start with any play including Falstaff (both parts of Henry iv, Henry V and the Merry Wives of Windsor). btw does anyone know if The Complete Insults of Shakespeare is consultable online?

  4. Excellent! Thankyou for telling it like it is. IDS and co have a philosophy, make them unemployed then tell them its their own fault. Kick them when they’re down, then kick them some more. I will fall just under the cap, unless my rent goes up (which is very likely). The cap holds no prejudice, it cares not if you are working or not, it cares not if you are disabled, it cares not if you are 2 years old and already sharing with your 3yr old brother. The benefit cap says you should share with your 13yr old sister too and kiss goodbye to a birthday present or christmas present. I’d work if I could afford childcare and actually find a job, but that’s all my fault according to the tories. I’d still be on housing benefit anyway.

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  6. IDS says,”…who don’t have as much money as they would otherwise because they’re paying tax for all of this.” Has anyone asked him how much more people will have if his reforms are introduced? Another £100 a week, or a day, or a fiver a month, or what exactly? Can he guarantee that money saved by these caps will be granted directly to the hardworking taxpayers he speaks of, or will it be siphoned off into other avenues so they never receive it? If he’s trying to sell it on this basis, let’s pin him down on it and then we can point to it later and use it as evidence of his lack of credibility.

  7. Ian Duncan Smith is not a Christian, he is a devil. The above article is very, very laudable-. The BBC had the nerve to introduce IDS by referring to his (non-existent) Christian values. If IDS was a real Christian, he would be fighting interest / usury and not for a dark “welfare reform”. Americans are the same because they keep invoking alleged Christian values when opposing the welfare state. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that a welfare state is bad. However, it has explicitly prohibited the the dealing of interest / usury which ‘anti-socialists’ in the UK and US have mysteriously NEVER opposed. So much for their Christian sincerity.

    Finally,.any person who argues that UK unemployment benefits are a bit too high needs to get their head out of their backside NOW.
    Check the following website to see whether the UK is an ‘innocent welfare paradise’ or not.

  8. Bob Williams-Findlay

    The belief of the author doesn’t really matter because the central issue is the hypocrisy that runs right through UK politics. It is claimed the the UK is a Christian country, however, the New Testament makes a distinction between having “a faith” and living by Christian values. The parable of the widow’s mite highlights the idea that material value isn’t the most important thing in life. Christian values and Capitalism are at odds with each other, yet the ruling classes have used “faith” to keep ordinary people in their place; it’s this above all else that has underpinned the Church and State relationship for centuries.

    All three major political parties serve Capital at the expense of labour. IDS talks about “fairness” and “social justice” but he ignores the tax dodgers like Tony Blair and Richard Branson, justifies fat cat salaries whilst trying to force down wages by introducing caps. The poor are being battered but so too are middle income families.

  9. jesus fucking christ – that’s the first time I’ve been attacked for bad language and being a christian at the same time.

    as it happens i’m heathen as fuck, IDS however does claim to worship the sky pixie, although it seems he skipped the bit about compassion and went straight for the vengeance and homophobia.

  10. So the disease, IDS, wants poorer families to move out of London, keep London just for the wealthy? That’s what he keeps implying. Putting aside the other people in the UK who will suffer through this; if all those people who require housing benefit in London move then London will no longer have shop assistants, cleaners, care workers…any occupation that is really just above minimum wage. The wealthy Londoners will not appreciate a filthy city where they can’t spend their dosh.
    Totally agree with Nalik, politics has over the centuries used religion as a means of making the populous accept policies be that in taxation or in encouraging the populous to die for a concept that they have dreamed up.
    IDS? Should be DIS, devil incarnate Smith.

  11. Divide and rule.

    Propaganda works with emotions – near the top of the list (under fear) is envy. That’s what shithead IDS and co are working on, just like the good little Nazis they are.

    May they all meet painful, slow, impoverished, lonely deaths.

  12. @ kj and Matt – I am a woman. There was only one word of its type that I ‘banned’ from use around me, that is the word c*nt (and possibly b*tch, which I am perhaps now more sensitive to actually). I found it offensive in its, then, connotation of a certain attitude, of certain men towards women. The meanings of words and their usage change over time, however. And I now find it, and occasionally use it in this way myself, as the perfect word to describe a certain type of man. I consider the notion of that part of a woman’s body being ‘fondly cherished’ a bit insulting really. I don’t fondly cherish mine, and it would make me feel a bit sick if a man confessed to having that kind of feeling towards that part of my body tbh.

  13. Woman, feminist, one time separatist. IDS is a cunt. And if people feel po-faced about the use of the word cunt as opposed to people being pushed into disgusting poverty by cunts like IDS they urgently need to reassess their priorities.

  14. This guy is a pom pose dick!! there for the grace of god go you IDS and your privileged family just hope and pray that god does nt strike you down with a life threatening illness like Cancer or gives you an ongoing chronic condition that means you can,t work you are an arsehole and yes a c***

  15. Never mind which choice of swear words you choose. I swear like hell on Facebook, but I do think that a blog saying something as important as this has more power and sway without the swear words.

  16. Duncan shits only a slimy little bastard when he does not get babys blood to put on his cornflakes.A cancer on him and his tory shirt lifters.

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  19. Philip Erskine Ferey

    Iaan Duncan Smittz……….Zig Heil !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Working Class Hero

    Let’s just talk some facts here. because the facts speak for themselves, IDS being a C, or not. I think the facts speak for themselves.

    Rich and powerful people use religion, and I mean ‘religion’ for their own selfish and greedy ends, and have done for centuries. You can call yourself anything you want, and IDS claims to be a ‘devout Christian’. As a Christian myself, I see no evidence of Christian values guiding his ethics or his certainly political policies either. The wealthy, and sometimes the affluent Middle class, use religion, church going and the profession of ‘faith’ to claim the high moral ground, almost always when they don’t have a moral leg to stand on. How do wealthy people get wealthy in societies such as the UK, US and Western Europe generally? Look at the history of empires to find the reality of that. The Tory party is merely the continuation empire politics and values. Divide and conquer, racism, classism, turning everyone against everyone else very cleverly but may I add, also very cruelly, purposely and perniciously. To use ‘faith’ in this way is a cop out, like the worst kind of far right Christian fundies in the US and their equally nutty counterparts in IS over in Syria. In short, ‘It was God wot made me do it’ so blame God instead of the individuals who carry out injustice. Blasphemy is the reality. They are using God to excuse their own evil, prejudices and warped ideology.

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