National Day of Action Against Atos – 30th September!

That’s tomorrow folks (assuming you’re reading this today).  17 cities so far and online.  Please help spread the word.

Here’s the latest news.

Cities around the UK are mobilising for the next National Day of Action Against Poverty Pimps Atos taking place on Friday 30th September.

Disabled people and supporters, claimants groups and anti-cuts groups will be gathering outside the offices of Atos once again demanding an end to the demeaning health testing which has seen thousands of people stripped of benefits.

Details of all the protests, pickets and events  so far below.  If you are organising a protest then please leave details in the comments or email us to be added to the list:

Friday, September 30 · 12:00pm – 2:00pm
Five Ways House, Islington Row, Middleway, B15 1SF

Demonstration and Leafletting Outside the ATOS Assesment centre Five Ways house is just next to Five Ways train station and we will leaflet there as well. We may decide to move to the city centre for more visibility but a decision on that will be made on the day.

Action supported by Birmingham Against the Cuts, DPAC and Enable:

Friday, September 30 · From 12:00pm
Churchill Square, Brighton

Performance of Dick Whittington & His Work Capability Assessment – join in & shout at the computer!
Funeral procession for those who have died because of Atos. Wear black!
Leafleting & picket of Atos Healthcare testing centre in Upper North Street.

Friday, September 30 · 11:00am – 2:00pm
Government Buildings, Flowers Hill, Brislington, Bristol BS4 5LA.

Welfare as we know it is under attack. Those claiming disability benefits are facing severe pressure as record numbers are being assessed as fit for work when they aren’t. ATOS, the company doing the tests, seems to be paid by results and the tests are carried out in such a way as to make them extremely underhand and unfair. Join the protest, all welcome:

Friday, September 30 · 12:00pm – 3:00pm
ATOS Assessment Centre Batchelor St Chatham (Next to Jolly Caulkers)

Medway Against Cuts will be holding a picket outside the Chatham Atos centre from 12pm – 2pm:

Friday, September 30 · 12:00pm – 2:00pm
1 & 2 Grosvenor Court, 151 Foregate Street, Chester, CH1 1HG

JOIN US outside Atos Healthcare, Chester to protest against this multi-national private company who “make profits by stripping severely ill & disabled people of their benefits:

Friday, September 30 · 11:00am – 1:00pm
Atos building, 44 York Place, Edinburgh

Edinburgh Atos Protest – please turn up and show your support:

Friday 30th September 1.30pm – 2.30pm
Atos Medical Assessment Centre, Corunna House, 29 Cadogan Street, G2 7RD

The National Day Of Action Against Atos event will happen in Glasgow outside the Atos Medical Assessment Centre.

They will be handing out leaflets to those attending sickness assessments on how to deal with the medical:

Friday, September 30 · 10:00am – 12:00pm
7-8, Queens Rd, Hastings, East Sussex TN34 1QP

Organised by Hastings Against Cuts (HAC):

Friday, September 30 · 12:00pm – 12:30pm
Atos Origin Leeds, MWB Business Exchange, Whitehall Quay, Leeds

Leeds Protest on Day of Action Against Atos. Organised by Youth Fight For Jobs:

In London people will be gathering outside the BMJ Recruitment Fair where Atos will be attempting to recruit yet more ‘disability assessors’:

Friday, September 30 · 12:00pm – 3:00pm
Albert Bridge House
Bridge Street
Manchester M60 9DA

Organised by Manchester Against Benefit Cuts

Friday, September 30 · 4:30pm – 5:30pm
Atos, St Marys House, Norwich

Local poet Vince Laws will be protesting outside Atos, St Mary’s House and invites people to join him:

Friday, September 30 · 12:00pm – 3:00pm
Pedestrianised area of Hockley, outside Jugglers at the crossing of Broad St/Carlton St/Stoney St

A protest against ATOS and the their unfair capability assessments, designed to strip claimants of their disability benefits.

Assemble in Hockley to head over to protest at the ATOS assessment centre on Stoney Street:

Friday, September 30 · 1.15-2.15 pm
Outside 59 St Aldates OX1 1ST.
(past the Magistrates Court, on the corner with Thames Street.Opposite Thames Valley Police Station)

All Welcome. Please bring placards, banners etc:

Friday September 30 · from 11am
Argosy House, Marsh Mills , Plymouth

Keep pressure on Atos profiteers. Join the national day of action FRIDAY 11.00am. Organised by Plymouth Claimants Union.

Friday, September 30 · 12:00pm – 3:00pm
Hartshead Square, Sheffield

Come and give ATOS some food for thought. But you won’t find any teddy bears at this picnic. Because ATOS certainly aren’t kind and cuddly:

Friday, September 30 – 12:30pm – 2:00pm
St. Sampson’s Square

In line with the national call-out for actions against ATOS on 30th September, York Welfare Campaign are organising a protest and speak-out at St Sampson’s Square:

Online Protest Against the Atos Enablers – they’re all in it together!

As part of the next National Day of Action Against disability deniers Atos, being held on Friday 30th September, join in the online protest to inform people doing business with Atos exactly where the money’s coming from.!/event.php?eid=199018570168931

More to come – watch this space for details!

For the main facebook event page for the National Day of Action visit: or the website is at:

In related news over 100 people and organisations have signed a letter urging the BMJ and RCN to no longer publish Atos recruitment advertising.

One response to “National Day of Action Against Atos – 30th September!

  1. OK think of it all logicaly. Atos Healthcare will screw you. If you do have leukemia, heart problems etc you are fit for work. Type atos healthcare death into Google & pay attention to the Guardian newspaper as this should be reliable.

    I have found a case with documentation of a man who worked for the Royal Mail where Atos said his knee condition was more in his mind. 3 Weeks before his operation which I am sure the NHS would do just for fun. He then has a document from Atos he has made available online saying it was a computer error on the Atos system.

    Judge Martin reported concern at overwhelming evidence that DWP Decision Makers refuse to believe the claimants. Tribunal Chairs express constant concerns that medical reports from ATOS Healthcare do not coincide with reality.

    So we know their computer system is not infallible and mistakes are made. Their computer system is called LiMA (Atos Origin’s Logic Integrated Medical Assessment information technology software). This software is protected by commercial confidentiality.

    So what does this company have that allows them to be the lowest bidder for medical assessments for private company’s and social care like ESA, IB & DLA. Its their LiMA computer system it allows them to pass people through like a conveyor belt using nurses to do the assessment to save cash undercutting other company’s.

    So if they are unable to use there computer system which makes mistakes and the results can’t be verified by the DWP or even our law courts down to this commercial confidentiality.

    The way I have found to do this is the Data Protections Act

    // Statement
    I do not authorise and forbid ‘ATOS Healthcare’ or any company or individual working for ‘ATOS Healthcare’ to store, calculate or processes any personal data on my self by electronic means such as a computer. I do not give permission for data stored on myself by non electronic means such as a paper based filing system to be stored for longer than is required or submitted to any 3rd party other than the ‘Department of work and pensions’. I wish to view and possibly photograph all data collected on myself during the assessment.
    // Statement

    Ok so you don’t want to refuse an assessment as this will give them ammo. But if you have real concerns about the system it is your right to protect your data .

    My concerns are.

    1) It is a private company I am worried about the use of my data how are they any different to Tesco.
    2) It is a bias system designed with questions that can underestimate your condition.
    3) I would like to be examined by a Doctor as there may be stuff missed by a computer system.
    4) With all the bad press and social media I don’t trust LiMA.
    5) You suffer from Cyberphobia.

    There are a ton of reasons you may not wish your data to be prossesed by LiMA. I had a few questions I wanted answering about Atos and LiMA before I would let them use their computer with my data.

    1) Is the person that will examine me today (15/11/11) a Registered Medical Practitioner? If so can I please have the doctor’s reference number?

    2) Does the medical assessor know what a is? If so please describe the operation and the aftercare below?

    4) If LiMA and LiMA’s logic system is protected by commercial confidentiality then how can I or the DWP verify its output?

    5) Do you think I should follow the advice my Doctor & My Consultant have given me or trust LiMA’s results?

    6) If my condition worsens or the operation is not a success as a result of returning to work before my bones have set as a result of this assessment who is responsible in the medical examiners point of view the medical examiner, LiMA’s developers, Ian Duncan Smith or ‘Atos Healthcare’?

    7) As LiMA works on logical algorithms were the developers more qualified than my consultant in my condition if so which developer?

    8) Lastly in the medical examiners opinion as ‘Atos Healthcare’ is responsible for advising UK public services such as the DWP. That the commercial confidentiality clause should be lifted for scrutiny as ‘Atos Healthcare’ operates outside the UK all source code or logic systems should be disclosed to the DWP for future legal actions?

    I put all this into a letter saying I needed to know this information before I would life the DPA statement above. I did not refuse the assessment the nurse wouldn’t answer the question and there was no Doctor works and the assessment centre I attended which can carry out the tests without the computer system. It has thrown a real spanner in the works. They will let me know what happens next but at least I will see a Doctor eventually 🙂

    If more people did this it would become unprofitable for the lowest bidder and if their track record is anything to go by they will shut.

    Hope This Helps people with disability’s with this company reminds me of Tesco in my opinion they are out to screw everyone.

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