Derby University Accredits Atos Disability Denial Courses!

Derby University have agreed to accredit Atos Healthcare’s training in ‘disability assessment’  meaning that it could be used as part of a qualification towards a degree award.

Paul Wilkinson, Head of Corporate Sales for University of Derby Corporate, has said:   “Accreditation of Atos Healthcare’s Disability Analysis Training is an important development as it demonstrates that the course is meeting the higher education quality standards set by a UK university. We are delighted to be working with Atos Healthcare to support their delivery of training and wish the nurses every success on the training programme.”  more at:

Atos’ disability assessments have led to thousands of sick and disabled people being denied vital benefits and tragically led to suicides.   Several Atos doctors are already facing being struck off the medical register over their treatment of vulnerable claimants.

Atos Healthcare’s  flawed assessments have been repeatedly over-turned  with over 40% of cases winning an appeal against Atos’ assessments in the courts.  Atos staff, which Derby University claim have been trained to  higher education quality standards, have assessed people with terminal cancer and other serious and life threatening medical conditions as being fit for work.

Disabled activists, claimants groups and supporters have been holding regular protests against this organisation whose health testing regime has been dubbed not fit for purpose.  The next Day of Action is being held on September 30th.

Derby University Corporate sharks can be contacted at:  Simon Redfern, Deputy Head of Corporate Relations
Tel: 01332 591942 or 07748 920038

Why not tell the bastards what you think.

LATEST: The person on the end of the email address above appears to have jumped ship (see comments below).  The head of Corporate Relations at Derby University is Peter Gallimore and he can be found at: Tel: +44 (0)1332 591942 | Mbl: 07748 920038 |

More contact details are available at:

7 responses to “Derby University Accredits Atos Disability Denial Courses!

  1. I just emailed Simon Redfern to register my disgust and received the following reply:

    I am on annual leave until September 16, when I will officially leave the University of Derby to take up a new post in the East Midlands.

    If your enquiry relates to University matters, please contact any of my colleagues on the following Press Office numbers: Joanna Colburn on 01332 593004, Anne Wake on 01332 591187, Sean Kirby, on 01332 591891 or Peter Gallimore on 01332 591041.
    Many thanks

    Wonder why he’s moving on?????

  2. I just got the same as above. have tried to send to Derby uni anyway

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  5. Sent email to p.gallimore @ unversity of disablism – i mean, derby. Think we need to contact their students union as well and try to obtain their support. Maybe we ought to pay them a visit!

  6. Ah, hell no!
    As someone who has supported Disabled People Against the Cuts group on quite a few demos and also as a University of Derby student, this completely sickens me. I’m probably a little late in reading this, but I shall be trying my hardest to get as much support as I can to change the University’s decision.

  7. What is wrong with this type of training being accredited university points?
    Atos sound like a hideous organisation but they are working on behalf or the Government who I presume have put them under pressure to perform in a certain manner and to meet targets. This is not the fault of the university, and neither is it the fault of the nurses and doctors who have been recruited to undertake the assessments. They have no agenda but are being used as scapegoats for claimants to vent their anger, fear and frustration on. Many claimants should not be claiming certain benefits but I also realise there are many genuine claimants and also a huge amount for people who are not getting the benefits they are entitled to. I do however think the manner in which functional assessments are carried out for ESA and PIP need to be changed drastically. They are unfair and unrealistic. I personally find the negative and threatening attitude of many of the posters on these sort of sites appalling. I understand Maximus is taking over some fo they park that Atos was doing so it will be interesting to see how they fare. Be angry with the Government, not the doctors and nurses who carry out the assessments.

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