Atos Origin and the New Statesman

Disability denying bastards Atos Origin have long had a cosy relationship with the Labour Party who first gave them a contract worth hundreds of millions to strip health related benefits from sick and disabled people.  As recently as this year David Milliband was seen cheering on Atos whilst later giving a speech accusing benefit claimants of ‘ripping off society’.

It seems however that David Milliband (pictured above at their Scotland HQ earlier in the year) is not the only member of the fake left establishment to enjoy the company (and in this case money) from the newly rebranded Atos.

The New Statesman have given coverage to the nationwide protests against Atos Origin and their crude methods which have left thousands of sick and disabled people in poverty and led to many suicides.  Unfortunately they’ve also been only to happy to take money in the form of event sponsorship from the French owned IT giant.  If you back both sides you can’t lose.

Atos Origin have sponsored New Statesman’s Round Table discussions, New Statesman events at the Labour Party Conference and until at least 2007 the New Statesman New Media Awards.

The most recent New Statesman event sponsored by Atos mentioned on their website was in 2009, a round table discussion on defence (PDF).  It is therefore entirely possible that the New Statesman have ended their business relationship with Atos.  New Statesman fringe events at this year’s Labour Party conference have not yet been announced, so perhaps Atos have been given the cold shoulder there as well.  Here’s hoping.

The problem is that over a week ago the New Statesman were emailed with the questions:

Will Atos be sponsoring any New Statesman events at this year’s Labour party conference?

Have Atos sponsored any recent New Statesman events, round table discussions or awards, or are they scheduled to sponsor any?

Will New Statesman consider sponsorship from Atos for events in the future?

And they haven’t answered.  Now we know life must be busy in the fast paced world of fake fabian socialism, but we’d like some answers please.

The New Statesman can be contacted at: or – you can even give them a ring on (0)20 7936 6400 – perhaps if enough people get in touch they may deign to provide us with an answer.

The next National Day of Action Against Atos and Benefit Cuts takes place on the 30th September.

12 responses to “Atos Origin and the New Statesman

  1. This (defamation lawyer) writes for them and can’t normally be shut-up on Twitter –!/DavidAllenGreen I’d imagine he will just ignore you though. He only likes talking to famous people…

  2. Email sent to the New Statesman.

  3. Have you got your milliband’s mixed up?

  4. Picture looks like Ed Milliband to me?

  5. @Bob Bobbins – on the second mention yes, clearly – anyone know about the first mention?


    Oops! seems Davie’s taken the blame for Ed’s misdemeanour’s again? I was sneaked into above event and can confirm that’s Ed, with Ian Gray,Leader of Scottish Labour Party in the Scottish Parliamant, not poor Davie!

  7. WHY THE REMARKS ABOUT THAMES REACH? Hostel owners can refuse people at their own discretion. They should train police about drug and alcohol related incidents involving homeless people and get them to use the mental health act sparingly.Then the incidents wouldn’t be magnified 10 fold and Thames Reach execs wouldn’t blame it solely on alcohol pricing. I know Jeremy Swain atleast enough to email him and see what involvement if any he has in holistic programmes for homeless people but he himself can’t go down with a sinking ship unless he pays his remaining staff after the cuts and redundencies bite. Where are all the Thames reach staff going to go? Under the bridge? I’ve been homeless and it’s murder. They should be improving the acommadation and make it safer i agree no point on putting the onus on drink charges but like i said what is the CEO of thames reach going to do ? Realistically? Agree with politicos or die in a ditch? He to pay his people. It’s a tricky one. I myself am trying to get funding to include a programme for homeless, drug/alcohol misuse and exoffenders into something productive. So if you can reach Mr Swain i’ll come with you and we can ask him what he can do about the lion’s share of the funding? Come on don;t be shy. I’m only a wee Glesga boy.


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  9. 2007 – so very old news, and by god how quickly time has passed.

    In that time, Cameron, IDS, Grayling, and the the Conservative Coalition have RE-contracted Atos, and given them the target of removing the disability benefits from 7/8 people.

    That’s THIS Conservative government right NOW, not Labour, not the Democrats or Republicans, not the Tufty The Squirell Club – the Conservatives, enabled by the Lib Dems.

    This pogrom on us is solely down to Cameron and his ideological mates.

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