Tory Sleaze Is Back! – George Osborne in Cocaine and Kink Scandal

Former cokehead in charge of nation’s finances!

“George Osborne did take cocaine on that night. And not just on that night. He took it on a regular basis with me, with his friends.”

So has claimed Natalie Rowe, his former Dominatrix on the Australian ABC programme ‘PM’.  Osborne has yet to comment.  Sources say he merely sniffed.  His mate Andy Coulson attempted a clean up job after this story first emerged but now there’s no more News of the World to carry out the Tory Party’s dirty work.

The word is he was also paying for the services of Ms Rowe and used the name ‘Louise’ as his ‘safeword’ for when the spankings got too much.

Which is (just about) a coincidence as Tory MP Louise Mensch was also recently outed as a drug user.  She called it ‘tabloid nonsense’.  Osborne, and Cameron who’s also a former illegal drug user have always refused to deny it.  They say it is part of their private life.  Try explaining that to a magistrate.  1400 people were imprisoned last year for possession of drugs.

7 responses to “Tory Sleaze Is Back! – George Osborne in Cocaine and Kink Scandal

  1. I don’t care what drugs people take but I wish the politicians had the courage to admit they took them and stop the hypocritical nonsense of charging people for drug use.

    If they want past drug use to be a private matter fair enough, but if that’s the case they should have the moral decency to at least decriminalise it. They can’t claim drugs should be illegal and people should be jailed for drug use whilst saying that their own past history with drugs is a private matter.

  2. figures wrong surely. 1400 arrests maybe certainly not 1400 custodial sentences for drug use/possession.

    • “The latest Ministry of Justice figures, published last week, show that 79,413 people were found guilty of, or given a formal caution – and therefore a criminal record – for possession of a controlled drug in 2010.

      They included 44,058 people who were arrested and found guilty of possessing cannabis, of whom 18,870 were cautioned. A further 11,000 people were criminalised for simple possession of other class B and class C drugs such as amphetamines and tranquillisers. A total of 23,648 were found guilty of possessing class A drugs, which includes cocaine and ecstasy. A total of 1,400 were jailed last year for simply possessing illegal drugs, including 60 for cannabis possession. More than a quarter of those convicted at court for a possession offence were aged under 21.

      44,000 people were dealt with in court for cannabis possession in 2010, a further 79,107 received informal warnings and 13,916 were given fixed a penalty notice – neither of which result in a criminal record.”

      drugs are still illegal if you’re working class.

  3. Maybe, just maybe, if you had the misfortune to live in the same block as this despicable women – you would question everything she says!

  4. If Georgie Boy really snorted cocaine and ended up becoming the chancellor of the exchequer, gives a very good endorsement to cocaine.Perhaps we should all start snorting cocaine, but we could end up in jail unlike Georgie Boy.The thing is I really do not want a cokehead to run the economy at this perilous juncture,if the claims by this lady are allegedly true.

  5. A head full of cocaine explains why the Chancellor’s forecasts for economic growth are LIKE A HUNDRED TIMES BETTER than everybody else’s.

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