G4S, disability testing and the DWP – what’s going on?

Are notorious security firm G4S being lined up to administer disability testing for the new Personal Independence Payment scheme?  Could they even be set to replace arch-bastards Atos?

With a history of bungling and brutality they certainly seem well qualified.  The news that a security company  are involved in disability testing trials on behalf of the DWP confirms what has long been suspected – that this government regard benefit claimants and disabled people as  a criminal fringe, to be harrassed, bullied and impoverished along with travellers, asylum seekers, homeless people and others on the economic margins of society.

Just how involved G4S are to become in policing of benefit claimants remains to be seen.   Let’s see what the DWP have to say …

Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

I request some information on the current trials being carried out
by G4S concerning the new Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

The information requested is:

What are the scope of these trials, how many people are expected to
partake, what are the time-frames and are any other companies or
organisations involved in delivering this trial?

Were these trails made available to competitive tender and if so
can the tender specification be published, or information given on
where it may be obtained?

If these trials were not available for competitive tender then can
the department release all correspondence with G4S (excluding
financial information and other contract details which may be
exempt from the FOI under competition rules)which relates to the
nature, methods and administration of the trials. This information
should include the nature of the trails being carried out eg what
is the level of medical qualification (if any) of those conducting
the assessments, the nature of the assessment including any formal
or informal documents relating to the testing procedure or
standardised questions, the methods of selection of candidates to
take part in the trials etc.

When will the study be complete? How will information be evaluated?
Where and when will these evaluations be made available to the

Are G4S involved in any other work relating to disability testing
or health testing for the DWP, whether regarding the new PIP system
or the current administration of eligibility tests for ESA?

Are there any formal plans to include G4S in the roll out of PIP,
are any agreements in place, or will the independent testing
element of the scheme be made available to competitive tender?

Finally I refer to a previous request made in June 2010 regarding
employment or other destinations of those denied ESA due to the
Atos testing procedure (your Ref: FoI 1370). In your response you
specified that “the Department is planning to commission a survey
which will look at the destinations of a sample of people who make
a claim for ESA. We would expect to publish the results of the
survey as they become available”.

Has this survey been carried out, and if so can the Department make
available it’s findings? If this is not the case then can the
Department confirm that there is still no information or statistics
available relating to how many people denied ESA are able to find
work and in what timescale?


johnny void


4 responses to “G4S, disability testing and the DWP – what’s going on?

  1. Thanks for putting into words what my (perfectly capable of work as far as ATOSSERS is concerned) brain has been struggling with JV.

  2. after reading all of your ‘posts’ regarding this subject I followed the link to http://mindinflux.wordpress.com/2010/10/26/disability-and-propaganda/#comment-357

    & I left the following comment…just repeating it here…for convenience…am gonna send same to my local MP who was sooo helpful when he was ‘in opposition’….but now he’s ‘in govt.’ should really learn to keep his ‘opinions’ to himself…he’s recently been spouting off in the local press…& in the Houses Of Criminals…oops meant Parliament…excuse the ‘crazy talk’ there…but isn’t that the literal translation of ‘parliament’ is? so, perhaps he should watch it…in case he ends up in a ‘PR Poster’..heh heh! sorry, can’t help being ‘ironic’ not like I’m mental or owt! mmm..? my comment as promised…’it is a ‘fact’ [there are many written records incl. letters to the press, by prominent Nazi’s enthusing about this…] Hitler’s Nazi Govt. Admired & emulated the ‘compulsory sterilization’ & other ‘ eugenics based laws enacted throughout the USA prior to WW1..in I think 37states! & then when you think about it…it was ‘Edward Bernays’ who was paid by ‘corporate usa’ to ‘influence the public opinion back in the 20’s to get rid of the ‘social stigma’ of ‘ladies smoking in public’ [i smoke & i am disabled from an accident i was in on my way to work…so don’t know where they’ll place me..ha ha! plz take that in context with the following], he paid some ‘high class debutantes’ to join an ‘annual parade’ & they were at a given point to light up…he then rang the papers to tell them that he knew that ‘some suffragettes were planning a protest by lighting their ‘torches of freedom’..usurping the legitimacy of that movement also…thus was born ‘propaganda’ aka ‘public relations’ & ‘madison ave’…we have been force fed their PR ever since….strange when you know that he [Bernays] was the nephew of Sigmund Freud…who eventually because he had ‘friends in high places…the british govt…was allowed to enter this country…when there was a ‘complete ban’ on ‘immigration’ from germany on the grounds of ‘race,religion,etc…’But Freud had these friends and so was allowed to come here, he was of course jewish…..fast forward the GB 2011 & that ‘model of ethics’ we all pay for…the BBC & there recent showing of a documentary filmed at ‘Dignitas’ in Switzerland…? enter ‘predictive programming’ perhaps? Certainly in the propaganda spilling from all the main stream media there is more than a hint of ‘neuro linguistic programming’…but the general public can’t or won’t see it…as Himmler said…’when a govts. actions’ are something, so repugnant & vile, they will refuse to believe that it is true, let alone being carried out’ & by the time they realise that they were wrong, far too late to do anything about it…indeed it becomes the ‘accepted norm’!

    It is because we so consistently refuse to learn from our history…that we are condemned to repeat it! I am quoting someone there…can’t just remember who [due to a severe head injury also sustained in that accident on my way to work….!], at the time I am writing this….but an axiom if ever there was one eh? then there’s the old saying ‘1st they came for the ‘activist’, but i was’nt an ‘activist’ so I did nothing….when they came for me…there was nobody left…’ So if the currently ablebodied & still employed middle ‘chattering class’ as the Daily Mail calls them…think they are immune to these ‘witch hunts’ to feign real action concerning the economy..distracting them with such methods as to the govts. total ‘corporate toadyisms’ & ‘handouts’ to their ‘real’ masters in the forms of ‘bail outs’ & ‘tax breaks’ & ‘complete obedience’ to those who may control the PR, next time an election is due…if there is a next time….News International were not the 1st to do it, nor more seriously the ‘only’ ones with such control & power where they should have NONE! If these people believe they are ‘safe’ from these heinous actions both by the govt. & the media…then I hope they don’t have any ‘unfortunate accidents’ on their way to work…& if they do…the ‘insurance they think they have to cover these ‘circumstances’ is sufficient to cover any of the devastating injuries they may sustain…I suggest they read their ‘small print’ in these policies…because many of them are only payable if you are ‘considered too disabled to work’ by the state & severely enough to be in receipt of ‘Disability Living Allowance’…which would be an awful ‘irony’! Do you not think…? thanks for letting me waffle on…I myself had no such insurance because I paid into the ‘states’ national health insurance…to cover any such ‘inability to work’….but I know people who do buy these policies….only when I point out that they ‘ain’t as covered’, protected as they think they are….they have ‘serious words’ with their ‘financial advisors’ & have cancelled their ‘not so protective insurance’…when I say ‘financial advisors’ I do of course mean ‘flim flam/snake oil salespeople’! yours perpetually awaiting that particular irony…which i hope never to live long enough to be witness to…..but I refer you to the statement I stole from ‘someone’ above! xxx’

    thanks for indulging this old bird…! ha ha…or do i mean ‘ga ga’…mmm?

  3. G4S are already involved in Welfare To Work and WRAG – http://www.g4swelfaretowork.com/

  4. for more on G4S and their dubious past –


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