The Great Atos Rebrand – Update

The challenge to redesign the logo of poverty pimps Atos is rolling along quite nicely with creative versions of the Atos logo cropping up all over the place.

The fine folk at Schnews have this to offer:

We’ve also had some turn up in the comments from Doggy and Katie:

Finally the just turned eight year old would be disappointed not to be included:

Lots of sites are also now carrying rebranded logos and copies of the piece which initially led Atos to use dodgy legal threats to have the Carer Watch forums closed down.


and from here:

Here’s a current list, apologies to anyone missed, please put a link in the comments and we’ll keep it updated.

Keep ’em coming …

A National Day of Action Against Atos has been called for September 30th.

18 responses to “The Great Atos Rebrand – Update

  1. Snortysnigger. ^likes^

  2. cheers, list updated.

  3. Teh IntaWebz do not like being told to shut up…

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  12. Would like to use the ATOS / Simpsons logo in a newsletter, I suppose it’s unlikely that it would be legal… any ideas? thanks,

  13. ATOS National Demo. February 19th 2014

    (sorry if repeated)

  14. gone through the info within this website lots,
    going to take the plunge very soon and buy a steam shower
    cabin, more than likely just after the holiday break

  15. this is awesome.. i had fun strollin’ around this links.. 🙂

    buy soundcloud re-posts

  16. You think atos are bad for the people they ‘serve’, you want to see how they treat the staff who don’t see things the way the managers want them too.

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