News of the World Ad Boycott is Just X Factor For Liberals

It’s open season on the News of the World and that, by any sane indicator, is probably a good thing.  Let’s hope they get some real justice delivered to their doorstep at tomorrow’s protest outside their offices.

The real story is that the police sat on this information for so long and Cameron’s cosy relationship with all things Murdoch.  This is already disappearing under the reams of self-satisfied liberal tweeters and guardianistas announcing the latest multi-national blood sucker to pick up a bit of free PR by pulling an ad from this weekend’s newspaper.

It already looks like  Cameron and no doubt Murdoch will walk away unscathed.  They’ve had a long time to prepare for this, thanks to the inaction of the filth.  The NOTW will either cling on or merge with the Sun and normal service will be resumed after this break from their sponsors.

Of course hacking a missing teenager’s phone is fucking out of  order, particularly as it led to false hope for her parents.  The same applies to 7/7 victims and dead soldiers families, although possibly not to celebrities and MPs.  No-one really gave a shit about that.  At the very least what we’re seeing is some boundaries set as to who the public consider fair game.

It may surprise some people but most NOTW readers aren’t stupid.  They know, probably more so than holier than thou Guardian readers, that the press are a bunch of hypocritical lying wankers.  They read it for the footie, the telly, the horoscopes or because they want to know who Ryan Giggs is shagging this week.  It’s entertainment with a bit of news on top.  And it fits in your back pocket.

It may be that the News of the World has crossed a line with it’s readers, just as the Sun did in Liverpool over the Hillsborough tragedy.  A mass boycott this Sunday is possible and would be genuinely fucking funny.  Pleading with other capitalists to sort it all out for us and make that nasty Mr Murdoch go away is just silly.

Whether a mass boycott does happen remains to be seen.  If it does it will have little to do with anything some liberal said on twitter.  For now people still appear to be buying the Sun.  Compared to actively working to destroy working class communities, engineering hate campaigns against the sick, disabled and unemployed, or ruthlessly slandering a city in mourning, this all seems just a bit, well, under-whelming.  People have got bigger shit to worry about at the moment.  This was grubby hacks doing grubby hack shit.  No-one died as a result of their actions.

The likes of Ford and NPower currently enjoying the free corporate PR moral high ground by pulling ads do worse shit than this every fucking day.  And meanwhile the rest of the corporate press, who are equally up to their necks in it, will enjoy the boost in ad revenue the current campaign is gifting them.

This hasn’t stopped the liberal twitterati jumping up and down with glee every time some corporate parasite grabs a bit of free air time by withdrawing an ad from the NOTW.  Vote now says Sunny Hundal (ever the opportunist), email them, tweet, jump up and down in outrage, let’s see who we can boot out of the Newscorp house this week.

It’s capitalism that has driven the tabloids to become ever more intrusive and drag every last drop of sensational copy from every tragedy.  It’s capitalism that has driven the tabloid witch hunts, the hate campaigns and the alienation which means some people know more about what Chezza’s up to than their neighbours.  And it’s capitalism that has forced all of the corporate press, along with politicians, so far to the right of the political spectrum that it’s become the default setting even in the Guardian and the Mirror.  It’s all about the money.

Appealing to other capitalists to change things is worse than futile.  They will point to the inbuilt morality of the market whilst milking the situation for every last penny they can get.  Perhaps NOTW will go down, perhaps not.  Either way the market will be shown to have triumphed.  Enjoy the spectacle folks.  I’d rather watch X Factor.


3 responses to “News of the World Ad Boycott is Just X Factor For Liberals

  1. Sadly you’re right. Very little will change, but all this does give people the chance to get together to show their utter disdain for Murdoch and his boot-boys, and Cameron is making himself look like a huge sleazebag by not publicly dumping Rebekah Brooks. His inability to immediately do the right thing because she’s possibly got him by the short hairs is dragging him down right now, and that can’t be a bad thing. He’s been weakened by his unwillingness to throw Brooks and Coulson under the bus.

  2. yeah hopefully some of this will rub off on cameron, shit sticks after all.

  3. Apparently – some of the boycotters weren’t actually advertsing or planning to advertise in the NOTW anyway.

    Can I boycott state violence and grab a piece of land off the royal thieves declaring it to be not under state control in protest against Menwith Hill and GCHQ who probably hack everything…even the barcode on me forehead

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