Benefit Claimants in Solidarity With The PCS

Thursday, June 30 · 8:30am – 11:00am

Euston Tower, then Triton Square, Euston Road, London, NW1

Benefit claimants, disabled people and supporters will be joining the PCS picket line at HMRC, Euston Tower from 8.30am*.

We will be standing in solidarity with all striking workers on the day, and in particular public sector workers who know only too well what the result of this government’s savage welfare policies will be.

Join us at Euston Tower, where speeches will begin at 9am. At 10am we will be paying a short visit to notorious poverty pimps Atos Origin, the IT company responsible for carrying out the disastrous Work Capability Assessments which have driven sick and disabled claimants to suicide.

Many of us then will make our way to the Trade Union march and Striker’s Assembly, both being held in central London. For full details of all events, pickets and actions taking place in London on the day please visit:

*the PCS picket line will begin at 7am so please come earlier if you can.

In South London Lambeth claimants will be joining the picket outside Brixton Job Centre on Brixton Road from 8.30am. Then at 10am they will be paying a visit to Brixton A4e – conveniently located close to the Job Centre at 444a Brixton Road – more info at:

In Edinburgh ECAP and others will be joining the picket at the High Riggs Job Centre by Tollcross from approx 7.15am – 10am and then leafleting and protesting at A4e, 34 Earl Grey Street approx 8.30am – 11am:

There is also a protest being held in Manchester against the Workfare Convention – more details at:

One response to “Benefit Claimants in Solidarity With The PCS

  1. Hi Johnny,
    For those south of the river we’ll be joining the PCS picket at Brixton Job Centre from 8.30 onwards, then paying a visit to the local poverty profiteers A4e at 10.

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