Steve Cram: He can run but he can’t hide

Today we’re picking on Steve Cram who has signed up as ‘ambassador’ for poverty pimps Atos Origin.

Today hundred’s of people are contacting him and asking him to reconsider.

He’s on facebook where he’s already getting banny at:

Twitter – @jarrowarrow @ExtraMileme @COCO_Charity (add #atosorigin to tweets)

email –

Steve Cram’s agent can be contacted at:

Phone: 01434 689 040/07900 223 563


or contact his charity:

There’s even a facebook page devoted to contacting Stevie at:

3 responses to “Steve Cram: He can run but he can’t hide

  1. Good post and information. Thanks.

  2. Hi Steve Cram
    I’m 63 and have long admired you. Sadly I now suffer from MS and have had the most unpleasant dealings with ATOS whilst being assessed for benefits so that I can survive. Rude, unprofessional , in fact just plain nasty.
    Why are you involved with these people and god forbid, as an ambassador.
    Rather like being the ambassador for a pariah state.
    Please reconsider your position. Thank you.


    Perhaps he wants to ensure his place in the history books.
    After all, other sportsmen and women will probably beat his records if they have not already, but I doubt anyone can beat being an ambassador for atos at a time when enough facts are known to know its a bad bad idea.

    He will certainly be remembered, but sadly for all the wrong reasons by far to many people.

    But he has been given plenty of warning about what his actions are doing, and has chosen to remain silent on the issue, which speaks volumes.

    Steve, people wont forget what you have done, you will be held in contempt by many for a very long time, I just hope they are paying you enough to ease your consience.

    Unless of course, you do the right thing, and back out and publicly state why.

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