Steve Cram Signs For Poverty Pimps Atos Origin

Top sports star Steve Cram has signed up to be to be an ambassador for notorious poverty pimps Atos Origin.  According to Atos themselves the ‘Arrow of Jarrow’ will promote their “long-term role as the Worldwide IT Partner for the Olympic Games in order to strengthen our UK business.”

Atos Origin have recently been the target of protests by disabled people and supporters over their treatment of benefit claimants forced to attend the ‘Work Capability Assessment’ which is administered by Atos.

Perhaps Cram is unaware of the people deemed ‘fit for week’ by Atos who have died whilst appealing this decision.  Perhaps he has not heard of the suicides that have taken place due to people being stripped of benefits.  Maybe he is unaware of the people with terminal illnesses, mental health conditions and serious disabilities who have been declared ‘fit for work’ and may now be forced onto workfare schemes.

So why not tell him.  Steve Cram is on twitter @jarrowarrow.  He also runs a company called Extra Mile Me who can be found on twitter @extramileme or on the phone at:  01434 689 040/07900 223 563

He runs a thriving online empire selling Cram-Alert bracelets (no laughing) who can be contacted at:

Be nice (for now) he also runs a charity after all and they can be found at @COCO_Charity on twitter or visit:


14 responses to “Steve Cram Signs For Poverty Pimps Atos Origin

  1. Don’t do it Steve. Don’t get sucked in.

  2. Please feel free to cut and paste the email I sent and add your name at the end:

    Dear Mr Cram,

    Having read an interview with you in the Daily Telegraph and about the charity work you do and the fact that you have been involved with the Paralympics, I find it very surprising that you have made the decision to be ambassador for this company.

    Please refer to this article –

    You may or may not be aware that on Wednesday 11th May there was a demonstration of disabled people in London – the biggest ever demonstration of disabled people. They were campaigning against ATOS Healthcare, part of ATOS origin, and the barbaric WCA tests they carry out on the sick and disabled and the notorious tick box LIMA computer system used by them in ascertaining people as fit for work or not.

    It may interest you to know that many Charities, Organisation, Medical Professional, Scholars & Academics, Independent Inquiries & Commissions have made clear and unequivocal public statements that the Work Capability Assessment in it’s current guise is “NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE”.

    There are many articles throughout the press concerning deaths and suicides caused by this companies actions. Please withdraw your support for them and speak to any disabled charity to find out what the disabled community, charities and the CAB think regarding this company.

    It would be fabulous if you would withdraw your support for this company and publicise why!

    Thank you for any help you are able to give in this matter.

    Yours sincerely

  3. John Hargrave

    Please do not become an ambassador for Atos, after all they don’t give A-toss about disabled people. Many of us have been thrown on the ‘scrap heap’ as they decide many are ‘fit’ for work, when the opposite is true. It is taking longer and longer to appeal and many people are having to survive at well below the poverty line. Some people have been driven to suicide. They are paid hefty sums of money by the government to get people off of benefits and some 70% of appeals are upheld. Steve, they may pay you well but you are being used to give them a creditable face, when they deserve nothing of the sort. Think also many disabled people buy your products and if we were to stop doing this you could be well out of pocket. Please listen to sense and reason and wash Atos away, they do not deserve you. We do.

  4. atosvictimsgroup

    I once had great respect for this past athlete but no longer, I shall be bombarding his company with email’s and phone calls, I’ve already posted something on his facebook page…

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  7. Hi Mr Cram
    Would you be good (and polite) enough to request that your admin ‘team’ cease deleting posts from those of us who have been badly treated by ATOS for whom you are an ambassador.
    Not kind, thoughtful or ambassadorial.
    If this is now your position, then you have a common duty to reply to me and the others that are concerned and have been so badly treated by this international conglomorate.
    I feel that you have been very badly advised.
    You now have a responsibility – deal with it.
    Thank you.

  8. Sam Brackenbury

    Dear Mr Cram,

    As a disabled person I would ask that you cut all links with ATOS ORIGIN this company has been mentioned as being “The Main Cause” of several peoples suicides, as it stands Atos Origin, are being paid £1000 for every disabled person they kick off benefit!!!

    As a major promoter of “Sport For All”etcetra, I cannot see how you can endorse such a callous and sinister a company as Atos Origin, if you continue to support such a company, be assured that you will lose the support of thousands of disabled people, and you will have to face us sooner or later.

  9. Left a comment on the sunderland echo about this, and it was deleted by the ‘moderator’

    Disgraceful in my opinion,. that despite so many people telling him, for so long, nothing has been said publicly.

    I can only assume he fully supports their actions, and assume he or a representative is respsonsible for removing any evidence from newspaper comments etc.

  10. Lord Coe visited ATOS with Cram.
    Lord Coe and Steve Cram are apparently working together on the olympics.
    Lord Coe was given an honoury degree by Steve Cram only a short while ago.
    Steve Cram is ambassador for ATOS.
    Something smells fishy here.

  11. A person who cares

    Just bumping this, it wont just go away Mr Cram.

  12. Still managing to get more publicity, to come across (indirectly) as a ‘nice guy’ wont fool anyone Steve.

    Front page, highlighted stories on newspapers mentioning your charity DO NOT detract from your actions Steve.

  13. Whilst watching the london marathon i was surprised and disappointed to hear crams derisory and mocking tone towards a tired james cracknell as he was finishing, also mentioning ‘the year he didnt make under 3 hours’, forgetting to mention that in the intervening time he had suffered a tragic brain injury…and was running for brain injured children. How
    utterly inappropriate- it was only b foster that tempered this with a kind comment, obviously embarassed by his friends arrogance.
    I had no idea about his involvement in that company until i googled him to get this message out. Extraordinary attitude.

  14. Mr Cram,If I were you I’d resign from this as of this moment. You doing this is the most two faced thing you could ever do.Its about as wise & believable as Hitler running a synagogue & just as sick in my opinion. Your badges support murderers. Do you have any depicting terrorists?. You no doubt are using the “Charity” to fund it.

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