Margaret Thatcher … going … going …

Fears grow over ‘frail’ Baroness Thatcher after no public appearance for nearly two months

Could be any day now.  Prepare the bunting!

Party – Trafalgar Square, London – When Maggie Thatcher Dies


5 responses to “Margaret Thatcher … going … going …

  1. May she quickly join her friends – like Franco, Pinochet, Reagan. And when they erect her tombstone, each year on the anniversary of her croaking there ought to be a massive piss in on the grave site…

  2. Yeah right, I bet you’d also think it’s acceptable to urinate on war memorials when you’re out on a piss-up with your teenage mates?

    It’s easy to make anonymous odious comments about someone you know nothing about. Why hate Mrs Thatcher, other than Churchill she was actually the strongest leader this country has ever had. What did she do wrong? Shut down the unproductive coal mines and militant unions? Encouraged people to better themselves and start businesses? Led us to victory through the Falklands war? Maybe you’d consider pissing on Churchill’s grave too, since he led us against Germany in the Second World War? What about Blair, who took us into the Iraq war with George W? Will you be celebrating his demise?

    Next time, engage your brain before you start typing. Knob.

  3. For christ’s sake, don’t get my hopes up on pure speculation.

  4. David Soutter

    Its quite amusing but reading here and on one or two other blogs about the merriment concerning the possible demise of Margaret Thatcher, well it just warms my heart and I should think Maggies as well. Thatcher was right in nearly everything that she did, the left where all but destroyed by here 11 years in power, the pathetic railings against her now serve to strengthen the legacy and I will bet 10/- that it makes her smile as well. Nothing better than hearing the rnatings of a bunch of sad lefties winging about ‘how all unfair it is’ !!!!!!!!

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