Hundreds Attend Deptford Anti-Monarchy Party

With the turn out on this year’s London Mayday event generally being a bit crap it’s heartening to know that the biggest party on wedding day in South East London was an anti-royal one.

Over five hundred people turned out for the event held at the Social Centre Plus in Deptford which lasted late into the night with music and stand up comedians.  Support from the fine folk of Deptford was unanimous, not just for the event but also for Social Centre Plus, a squatted community centre established as a space to support the anti-cuts movement.

Only one slightly inebriated royalist expressed concern at the sentiment of the day, muttering something about tourism before skulking away.  Other locals joined to chat on the stall outside the venue, donated money and enjoyed the sunshine and party atmosphere on the roof of the building.

One unwelcome guest was local Lewisham Councillor Mike Harris who thought his republican views might make him some friends.  A strange, dweeby looking bloke in a badly fitting cheap cardigan, Harris attempted to defend voting through the cuts in the borough whilst above him hundreds of people openly expressed their scorn.

Harris tweeted later “Just been mocked by 100 people from an squat on Deptford high st for making ‘democratic socialist’ cuts”.  This was in reference to his claim that closing local libraries and cutting services for the some of borough’s most vulnerable residents was somehow ‘socially democratic’.  The cunt’s lucky he wasn’t lynched.


3 responses to “Hundreds Attend Deptford Anti-Monarchy Party

  1. Good point but your closing language offends all women! Please think about it.

  2. I’m thinking …

    nah he’s still a cunt

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