Anarchist Snub To Wills and Kate!

Palaces insiders have been left fuming after the humiliating news was revealed that most anarchists intend to ignore the Royal Wedding celebrations on Friday and probably go down the pub instead.

Whilst thousands of police officers have been drafted into the capital it appears that any chance of a major demonstration against the wedding looks remote.  This is believed to be due to no-one really giving that much of a shit about the affairs of inbred chinless wankers.  Plus it’s probably going to piss down.

Commander Bob Broadhurst is said to be devastated at the snub.  According to Scotland Yard sources all usual procedures were followed, including a plea for anarchists to attend published in both the Evening Standard and Daily Telegraph and even an offer to haul them out of their beds to make sure they didn’t miss the big day.  “What a waste of fucking money” say police sources.

The lack of anarchist participation is believed to be a sign of increasing indifference to the Royal Family.  One palace insider told us “It’s a pretty poor show when not even anarchists can be bothered to protest at a Royal Wedding.  Fucking Vodafone gets more attention than we do these days.”

It’s now down to just famous anarchist liability Chris Knight and his cardboard guillotine, EDL’s Chipping Norton division and pair of pretend jihadists to provide entertainment for the hundreds of bored coppers  who plan to turn up on the day.  Donut shops are readying themselves for record sales.

Anarchists are not the only ones to deliver a snub to the Palace.  The Butcher of Bahrain, Darth Vadar and even Margaret Thatcher have all declined their invitations.  In Thatcher’s case this is believed to be because the senile old hag could croak anytime.  Some have suggested that only the death of Thatcher is likely to bring anarchists out onto the street this weekend.  That, after all, would be something worth celebrating.  A plan by the Palace to off the old trout has so far been resisted until George Osborne has been surgically removed from her arse.

Anyone wishing to ignore the whole pointless charade and get pissed instead could do worse than visit the monarchy-free street party to be held in Deptford on Friday.


6 responses to “Anarchist Snub To Wills and Kate!

  1. Ooooh! Donuts! YES!

    I’ll be checking out Republic’s “Not The Royal Wedding” street party in Red Lion Square, 11:30 – 3:30pm. THEY’VE got face-painting and embarassing poetry readings. And an ice-cream van… 🙂

    Have a brilliant, Royal Twattery-Free day in Deptford!

  2. I very much enjoyed the tone of this blog post. It certainly tickled me!

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