National Campaign To Make Nick Clegg Cry

“Papa, why does everyone in the country think you’re a cunt?”

Perhaps it’s because you’ve sold out a generation ensuring that only snivelling little wretches like your own children, who don’t like you, will have a chance of an education.  Perhaps it’s because you’ve sold out your party and every Lib Dem activist in the country wants to kick you in the face for destroying their political careers.  Perhaps it’s because the public rightly see you as a pathetic bitchboy apologist for Cameron and Osborne.  Perhaps it’s because you’re a bad father and lie to your family.  Perhaps it’s because you blew the one chance you had of introducing a genuine PR electoral system.  Perhaps it’s because your name will forever be synonymous with toadying up to the rich, selling out principles for a plush job and then crying to the media about how horrible people are being to you.

Perhaps it’s because you can no longer walk the streets of your constituency without being subject to righteous abuse.  Perhaps it’s because we all know now that without your dad you’d just be another chinless non-entity.  Perhaps it’s because of the very real suffering your spineless coalition is inflicting on the country.  Perhaps it’s because you’re a joke, a spineless sub-human piece of fetid scum who’s only contribution to modern politics has been to show what a vapid shambles of power grabbing morons the soon to be over liberal democrat party was.

There are many reasons to think Nick Clegg is a cunt.  Why not tell him and his party all about it on National Troll a Tory Day on 14th April.  Be unkind.  Be unfair.  Be fucking brutal. Let’s make Nick Clegg cry like a baby, tonight, tomorrow night and every night until his pathetic career comes to a well deserved end.

Then someone can take him out the back and shoot him.


7 responses to “National Campaign To Make Nick Clegg Cry

  1. Thing to do is listen to my song and sing it whenever you see Clegg:

  2. Trev Fairminer

    I am with you there David 🙂

  3. Trev Fairminer

    Just tried to share on facebook, got this message:
    This message contains blocked content that has previously been flagged as abusive or spammy. Let us know if you think this is an error.

  4. Cassie H. Craven

    Dear Johnny Void. What a complete and utter worthless, shit-headed little cunt you are. Please do our gene pool a favour and throw yourself off a cliff.

    Kind Regards

  5. Ooh you’ve upset them there Johnny. The middle class are doubly fucked off by the cuts as they have been fattened up with job creation schemes in public sector admin and policing jobs and the poor are their meal tickets. ( not to mention there are too many of them for’ internships’ ( never heard them complaining about the lack of Welfare To Work schemes – and I have been on a few – the euphemism is training or work experience – I went on one such run by Labour party parasites which was claimed as an inclusive community project and seemed to be about a./ policing the community and b./filling their pockets c./ dividing the community through race – BTW )The Tories will replace Labour party parasites with their own parasites. e.g They have replaced one Home buying scheme with another almost identical run by their own.

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