Top Cops Announce Royal Wedding Protest!

A good start say London residents

“the wedding is a threat to principals, it is a threat to democracy.”

Commander Bob Broadhurst speaking in the Daily Mail.

Senior police chiefs have announced a protest against the Royal Wedding today raising hopes that scenes of violence seen at the TUC demo on Saturday will be repeated on 29th April.

Police are warning that any so called patriots attending the event may well be stopped, searched, beaten and even murdered if they come to vent their sick joy at this offensive charade.  Benefit scrounging scum in the palace, many of whom have trust funds and went to top public schools, are believed to be the ring leaders for this event which could see London brought to a standstill.

Many decent people have called for the Black Bloc to finally take a firmer line with these anti-social parasites.  “The time for namby pambying is over” one London resident told us:  “violence is all these scumbags understand.”

Even Vince Cable has called for more violence and direct action, warning that:  “No government would change economic policy in response to a demo.”

Whilst the brave attacks on banks and The Ritz have been singled out as “a good start”, some are concerned that an escalation in robustness in required to fully rid our streets of these treacherous vermin.  Rumours just started on the internet suggest that guillotines may be used on the streets of Europe for the first time in over 200 years.

Concerns have emerged that mindless police thugs may attempt to protect the so called wedding celebrations, no doubt plunging London into yet more chaos.  Some have warned against alarmism however, pointing out that most of them won’t have jobs by then and anyway, they aren’t very clever.

Unbelievably some government stooges in the TUC have condemned Saturday’s successful strategy in the West End.  These self styled leaders would have the country sit back and watch as mindless thugs smash up the NHS and Welfare State.

Luckily few care what they think anymore.  As one east end grandmother told us on Saturday as she lobbed a pickled egg filled with oven cleaner at a coppers head:  “Enough is enough … off with their fucking heads”.

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3 responses to “Top Cops Announce Royal Wedding Protest!

  1. Princess Plutogirl

    How about police stop and search Kate Schmate? Why is she any better than any other citizen? Have a small private ceremony like normal people. And just to show they’re no better than anyone else, how about everyone start calling themselves HRH and give themselves a title? Let’s all be royal. Make your title as funny, wacky, and creative as possible, and use it in as many places as you can, especially on the Internet.

    As an American, I want to express my complete solidarity with the protestors. Civil disobedience and peaceful protest are the way to go. Abolish monarchy, royalty, and aristocracy from the face of this planet!

  2. I wonder if Kate Murdleton will have her veil ripped off her face by PCs? Or will the Bahrain and Saudi Royals invited to the wedding be arrested and charged with murder, torture etc. “Oh but the UK doesn’t have the authority to police the conduct of other countries.” Well what about Libya? Even if you want to take the “diplomatic stance” (see also sucking up to scumbags for oil) why the fuck are these disgusting individuals who are objectively the worst dictators in the world today (arguably the worst for the last half a century) being allowed to set foot here? Let alone being invited by our heads of state to be…

  3. Ha! Hope y’all enjoyed the wedding…

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