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National Day of Protest Against Benefit Cuts – Day 3

The 3rd National Day of Protest Against Benefit Cuts has been called for April 14th 2011.

Millions are set to be affected by savage cuts to housing, disability, sickness and welfare benefits. People with disabilities, illness, the unemployed, single parents, carers, the low waged, part time students, volunteers, homeless people and college students are all likely to see a devastating drop in disposable income and find themselves slipping even further below the poverty line.

The poorest and most vulnerable are being asked to pay for the mistakes and extravagances of the richest. Meanwhile poverty pimps like Atos Origin and A4e are set to rake in hundreds of millions on government contracts to bully and intimidate people from claiming the pittance handed out in benefit payments. Many disabled people have threatened suicide if these cuts are allowed to continue. Some have tragically already carried out that threat.

The first two days of protest against benefit cuts have seen demonstrations, meetings, unemployed discos, public pantomimes and occupations in cities across the UK. Atos Origin have been forced to close offices, protesters have gathered inside and outside workfare sharks A4e and demonstrations have taken place from Downing Street to local town centres such as Lydney and Crawley.

This time we have two months to organise for the biggest day yet. We call on all claimants, as groups or individuals, to organise and take action around the country on April 14th.

If you are planning an event in your town or city please add details to the facebook page at: and contact us to be added to the website at:

You can also send details to

If you would like to see action locally, set up a group, event page or ask below for people to join you. Alternatively contact your local friendly claimants union/anarchist group/anticuts groups and ask them if they are organising anything. We will do out best to promote and co-ordinate all activity on facebook, the website and anywhere else we can think of.

We are fighting for our homes, our livelihoods, our very survival. It’s time to show these public school parasites and their poverty pimp collaborators we mean business.

Supported by:

o Black Triangle Anti-Defamation Campaign
o Brighton Benefits Campaign
o Cardiff’s Unemployed Daytime Disco
o Carer Watch
o Carer Watch fb page
o Crippen – Disabled Cartoonist
o Diary of a Benefit Scrounger
o Disabled People Against Cuts
o Dundee Unemployed Workers
o Free London Listings
o Goldsmiths in Occupation
o Haringey Solidarity Group
o Ipswich Unemployed Action
o Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group
o Lancaster and Morecambe Against the Cuts
o London Coalition Against Poverty (LCAP)
o Mad Pride
o Norfolk Community Action Group
o Nottingham Claimants’ Union
o Nuneaton Against Benefit Cuts
o Oxford Save Our Services
o Squattastic
o Tyneside Claimants Union
o Welfare Action Hackney
o Welfare Rights 4 u (UK)
o Work Programme & Flexible New Deal Scandal
o World Homeless Day


Shock New Figures Reveal Rise In Laziness!

Some have predicted laziness could hit 3 million over the coming year.

Shocking figures have revealed that 44,000 people became lazy and workshy over the last month.  Young people and women appear to have been amongst the worst affected with one in five people under 25 now resorting to scrounging whilst 7,800 more women now sit around all day watching television and moaning.  A government source told us:

“Women have always been traditionally lazy with a history of lazing around the house drinking gin whilst men do all the work so to some extent these figures come as no surprise.  The rise in idleness amongst public sector workers is concerning and we believe is due to a combination of Gordon Brown, snow and the disabled.”

Disabled people are believed to be at the forefront of the laziness outbreak, with some reportedly too lazy to walk and many spending all day lying around in bed.

Worryingly more people are expected to become lazy over the next few months as Argos’ post Christmas reductions on plasma televisions and an improved SKY daytime schedule start to take effect.

The number of people who are lazy part time has also reached record levels.   Officials claim this could easily be rectified by forcing part time workers to work full time for the same salary.

“People must simply learn to work much harder for less or else how on earth are hardworking businessmen expected to make the kind of money they have become accustomed to.” said a Treasury spokesman this morning.

The outbreak of laziness has been condemned by hard working bankers and city workers, many of whom have received paltry bonuses this year.  Climbing into his new Porsche, one city spiv told us tensions were running high:

“We have worked tirelessly with the government to bring about the economic boom yet we are now seeing every month that thousands of people elect to stay at home and eat chips all day instead of getting out and doing a decent day’s work.  It’s all very well for these scrounging scum, sitting around having babies with their so called disabilities, yet it’s people like me who suffer.  Perhaps they’d like to know how it feels to only own three houses despite working like a slave.”

George Osborne was unavailable for comment, believed to be in the middle of a gruelling three hour lunch.  However his spokesman told us: “Gideon’s father worked very hard to get him where he is today and if the poor, idle and workshy can’t be bothered to do the same then fuck them.”

Atos Macht Frei – Atos Origin Team Up With Gas Chamber Firm!

Atos Origin, the poverty pimps currently pocketing hundreds of millions harassing people who are claiming sickness or disability benefits have teamed up with manufacturers of the holocaust’s gas chambers Siemens.

Siemens will contribute its Siemens IT Solutions & Services for €850-million to Atos Origin and become a shareholder of Atos Origin with a 15% stake.

Siemens are most famous for their use of slave labour during the holocaust.  Prisoners were utilised by Siemens to build the gas chambers in which they would eventually be murdered.  Siemens ran factories at Ravensbrück and in the Auschwitz subcamp of Bobrek, whilst the company supplied electrical parts to other concentration camps.

Atos Origin should fit right in with these former eugenicists as they carry out their state funded program to strip both benefits and dignity from those in society deemed to be unproductive.

Some have criticised the use of nazi imagery by some disability and claimants activists recently.  However the parallels between the current Government’s attitude to disability and the early days of the Nazi regime in 1930s Germany are increasingly hard to ignore.  The above poster is directly based on Nazi propaganda at the time which attempted to use fears about the economy to stigmatise disabled people (the original poster can be viewed here along with many other examples).

The present day smear campaign against those with disabilities or illness is relentless.  The right wing press spew out daily lies about benefit fraud and scroungers whilst Disability Minister Maria Miller has claimed the cost of disability benefits (and therefore presumably disabled people) is ‘unsustainable’.

As early as 1933 the Nazis passed a law passed ordering enforced sterilisation of the disabled and long term sick, something that today might be seen as many Daily Mail columnist’s greatest fantasy. Later came the infamous Aktion T4 euthanasia programme when hundreds of thousands of people with disabilities were murdered.  The medical profession notoriously facilitated many of these deaths.

Atos Origin are currently recruiting healthcare workers and doctors across the UK.  Plans to retest everyone on sickness benefits and apply similar tests to those currently claiming Disability Living Allowance will require a lot of doctors.   GPs, consultants or other experts with an in depth knowledge of their patient’s condition will be ignored however.  These health professionals are not trusted to make a decision on their patients ability to work (yet strangely are going to be trusted to control the NHS budget).   Only Atos doctors,  nurses and other unspecified ‘healthcare’ workers are involved in the decision, which is based on a short test and interview.  With huge numbers of those denied benefits having them re-instated on appeal it appears that in a ‘target driven environment’ Atos doctors simply work to rule, regardless of the long cherished medical idiom of ‘first do no harm’.

Disability message boards and blogs have been inundated with people threatening suicide due to these plans.  It is impossible to know how many suicides have happened already as a result of Atos Origin’s medical tests.  Enforced euthanasia may not be the intention of this government’s policies, but in many cases it is likely to be the result.

In Nazi Germany the disabled and sick were seen as surplus to the task of building a mighty Reich.  In Cameron’s Britain the disabled and sick are seen as surplus to the task of ‘bringing down the deficit’.  What counted in Hitler’s day was whether you were a good soldier, industrialist, scientist or labourer.  Under Fascism people were judged purely on their ability to contribute to the goal of German imperialism and genocidal savagery.  Under capitalism we are judged purely on our ability to create wealth for those at the top.  If you ain’t making the rich money, then they couldn’t care whether you live or die.  Nazism it ain’t, we’re a long way from that.  But if it takes being a little bit nazi to continue to line the pockets of the filthy rich, well then it takes being a little bit of nazi.  Now fuck off and get back to work.

Above poster design from

The third National Day of Protest Against Benefit Cuts has been called for April 14th 2011.

Dr Hans-Christian Raabe: Homophobic Scum Gets Sacked From Job Dictating Drug Policy!

Today’s comedy news from Condem central reveals that Dr Hans-Christian Raabe, the nasty little homophobe appointed to the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs two weeks ago, has been sacked already.

It seems that Dr Hans’ widely known horseshit opinions, such as claiming homosexuality was linked to paedos, had not filtered up to clueless twat James Brokenshire, the minister responsible for hiring him. Perhaps the Home Office has yet to discover google.

Predictably Dr Hans is whinging about his dismissal in the Daily Mail claiming: “Are we saying that being a Christian is now a bar to public office?”

Meanwhile fellow prohibitionist and scientology groupie David Raynes has claimed Dr Hans is the victim of a witch hunt. Make your fucking minds up.

In less reported news, one of the Government’s health advisors was also sacked this week for speaking to the Guardian about Clegg’s little fib concerning £400 million to be spent on Mental Health Services. Turns out this is not new money, but cash that will come from other services. David Richards, professor of mental health services research at the University of Exeter, happened to mention this and was promptly sacked for his troubles.

The fact that this government are a fucking incompetent joke became self-evident some time ago. Sadly it gets less funny everyday.