DWP Publish Secret Atos Origin Advice Lines

Tomorrow (24th January) is the second National Day of Protest Against Benefit Cuts with actions and events taking place around the country.

Amongst those visited on the day will include notorious poverty pimps Atos Origin, architects of the vicious system of testing for health related benefits which has seen people with terminal cancer declared fit for work.

If you can’t make an event in person, or even if you can and have a spare five minutes, why not rings one of Atos’ top secret advice lines and tell them what you think.

Here’s the phone numbers they didn’t want you to see taken straight from: http://www.dwp.gov.uk/healthcare-professional/guidance/atos-healthcare/

“Advice from Atos

Atos Healthcare can give telephone advice to clinicians on medical matters relating to:

* certification – such as completion of certificates and reports
* disability benefits.

They are only able to offer general advice and cannot discuss individual cases of people who are being assessed for benefit. This advice service is strictly for healthcare professionals.

Atos Healthcare can also provide more formal educational sessions to clinicians by prior arrangement.
Atos help lines for clinicians

Please do not give these numbers to patients.

Birmingham 0121 626 2941
Bootle 0151 934 6070
Bristol 0117 971 8382
Cardiff 029 2058 6750
Croydon 0208 633 1324
Edinburgh 0131 222 5055
Glasgow 0141 249 3616
Leeds 0113 230 9068
Manchester 0121 335 0720
Newcastle 01264 837 789
Nottingham 0115 975 8362
Wembley 0208 795 8772″


One response to “DWP Publish Secret Atos Origin Advice Lines

  1. if you want to really protest send emails letters texts at the same time on the same day to MP dwp misters and david cameron it will overwhelm there comp systems.and do it every day at the same time every week they will not be able to ignore us.

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