National Troll A Tory Day! – December 15th

For all those unable to attend the National Day of Action Against Benefit Cuts we are pleased to present the first National Troll A Tory Day* on December 15th 2010.

*We aim to be as inclusive as possible.  With this in mind Tory can also be taken to mean Lib Dem, as we can longer see any difference between them.

Spend the day online firing out as many passionate, mischievous, heartfelt or just down and dirty rude messages to the Tory press, Tory or Libdem bloggers and Tory/Lib Dem MPs wherever they may skulk.

For too long the media have portrayed benefit claimants as scroungers, lazy or fraudulent.  This is our chance to tell the truth about life on benefits and how these cuts will affect us all.

The obvious candidates are the Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph and The Sun.  All allow comments and in the Mail’s case these comments are sometimes unmoderated.  Find a recent story about benefit claimants, or just dive in an interrupt the latest chat about X Factor.

In the event comments are removed or strictly moderated then why not switch to Tory/Lib Dem bloggers.  Government supporting website Guido Fawkes and MP Iain Dale are two of the most prominent.  Again comment moderation may be turned on, but don’t let that put you off, make them work for their living for a change.  Should you tire of these, then Iain Dale has a handy list of the top 100 Conservative blogs to get your teeth into.  There’s a similar list of Lib Dem blogs on Libdemvoice.

Facebookers might want to pay a visit to the facebook pages of David Cameron, Nick Clegg or Vince CableConservative Home, and also have the facility to leave comments.  Lots of Tory councillors and MPs have blogs, use google to find them and give them a piece of your mind.  If you have a blog yourself why not write a post about the upcoming benefit cuts or use facebook, twitter or any of the new fangled devices available to show your contempt.

You can write to your MP via   Or how about a letter to your local paper explaining to them how the vicious benefit cuts are likely to impact on you or your family.

The internet gives us unprecedented opportunity to tell this spineless Government exactly what we think of them.  Let’s come out in force on the 15th December and start the fight back against the welfare and housing benefit cuts set to devastate so many lives.


One response to “National Troll A Tory Day! – December 15th

  1. THE BIG SHOP – oh please – let’s all go browsing the shops in oxford street together on saturday 18 december from 1pm – the unemployed, students, trades unionists, homeless, anarchists, anti captialists, pro capitalists, disabled people – anybody who might be or will be affected by these cuts – we could visit all the big shops browsing for bargains – i read that they were discounting before christmas this year

    there’s no law against window shopping in oxford street – it isn’t even a demonstration – nothing could actually stop us

    why don’t we make 18 december the most interesting pre-christmas day oxford street has ever had – oh please! it would be so good – can’t we get anybody within reasonable striking diistance to foresake their own high street for the bright lights of the west end

    the government stokes hatred and stigmatisation of the poor, the unemployed and the disadvantaged – how can they say they want to offer people equality of opportunity when they make hatred, contempt and prejudice the bottom line of their social policy?

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