Go Stacey, Vote Cher!

Thankfully it seems our worst predictions after last year’s Rage vs X Factor charade have not materialised.  Stacey Solomon is well on her way to becoming the nation’s sweetheart after her glorious victory on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of here at the weekend.  The proletarian will rise again.

X Factor has stuck to it’s noble working class roots again this year.  Although the Darling of Tesco was sadly voted out last night and the pervy benefit scrounger is long gone our class is still well represented in this year’s X Factor final.

Matt Cardle has a great voice and is a painter and decorator.  So far so good, but let’s face it, he’s a bit of a dick.  One Direction are also out the of the game for coming across like a bunch of middle class models for British Home Stores.  Still at least it gives Simon Cowell someone to groom.

So it’s a two horse race between Cher Lloyd or scouser Rebecca Ferguson.  We like Rebecca, we really do, but she is a bit wet.  No-one so far has truly matched the proletarian spirit of Cher.  Who’d have thought someone would come along that makes Stacey look posh.   So make it a cocaine not ketamine Christmas for Cher and vote now.  Then rush out and buy her single and give her a well deserved Christmas Number 1.

A vote for Cher Lloyd is a vote for the working class!

In deference to the posh lying twats in government a call has been made to usurp this year’s Christmas number by buying Captain Ska’s Liar Liar. It probably won’t work, but we like the sentiment.


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