Disabled People Next in Tory Firing Line

And there was us thinking we could slip into cosy X Factor Christmas whimsy.

Maria Miller, the disability minister, has launched a consultation on plans to replace disability living allowance with a new benefit. “Disability living allowance has become confusing and complex. The rising caseload and expenditure is unsustainable.”

Which means more cuts, for the most vulnerable whilst the rich stay just as fucking rich.  We’re reading it now, can be found at: http://www.dwp.gov.uk/consultations/2010/dla-reform.shtml

Key points spotted so far:-

Currently individuals on DLA with certain health conditions or impairments are automatically entitled to specific rates of the benefit without a full assessment. We propose that for Personal Independence Payment there are no automatic entitlements, other than the special rules for people who are terminally ill.

Which sounds like benefit cuts on the cards for many already

“We also believe that advice from an independent healthcare professional should be an important part of the new process. In most cases, we envisage that this will involve a face-to-face meeting with an independent healthcare professional, allowing an in-depth analysis of an individual’s circumstances.”

More money for scum like Atos Origin then

“We know that some people’s needs may change over time, and sometimes so gradually that the customer themselves won’t notice. To ensure that everyone continues to receive the correct amount of benefit, we plan to periodically review all awards.”

Even more money for scum like Atos Origin then

“To ensure that support goes to those who face the greatest challenges, the benefit will only be available to people with a long-term health condition or impairment. Individuals will have to qualify for the benefit for a period of six months and be expected to continue to qualify for a further six months before an award can be made.”

By which time hopefully a few will have died off.  In poverty.

And predictably:

“Just as we are committed to providing unconditional support to those who are unable to work, we know that work is the best form of welfare for those who are able to do so. That’s why I want as many disabled people as possible to benefit from employment – it is not acceptable for anyone to be trapped in a cycle of dependency.”

And we all know where that’s leading.

Do not let these bastards do this.  Organise, protest, occupy, fight.  The National Day of Action Against Welfare and Housing Benefits must just be the beginning.

Website now live at:   http://benefitclaimantsfightback.wordpress.com/

7 responses to “Disabled People Next in Tory Firing Line

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  2. “we know that work is the best form of welfare for those who are able to do so”

  3. From spin Doctors to Scum Doctors spinned by ScumMinster.

    Just how they believe their own trash is beyond reason.

    Mind You we can all qualify for the Terminal Illness Component at some stage as althout Postimosly as we head to an Ill timed grave.

    Paul Davidson alias the undesearving upstart

  4. Brokeonbenefits

    This government is disgusting. How the hell did it get to this. Complacency and “I’m all right Jack” attitudes !!

    My hatred for this country is undescribable.

  5. To Nick Clegg, he won’t see this but anyway.
    You promised disabled people that you wouldn’t change DLA, you promised people with long term conditions that DLA would remain a vital benefit for them and you wouldn’t change that. you promised us you would leave DLA as it was. Although I didn’t vote for your disreputable party many disabled people did, some of them good friends of mine did vote for your party because they believed you, they believed your promises, they believed you would look after disabled people. So why have you changed your mind. Why did your government, and it is your government today announce that DLA was to be scrapped. Why have you after promising you wouldn’t, plunged thousands of disabled people into despair and and made us all fear the future. I have never felt so afraid of the future since I started using a wheelchair as I do now. You lied Mr Clegg, you lied.

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