Clever People Not Wanted – New Government Policy on Science

News reaches us that the bunch of daft twats currently failing to run the country are to scrap the need for scientific advisors on the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD).

Home Secretary Theresa Bitch-features apparantly has trouble understanding anything that wasn’t written by a Daily Mail journalist and has vowed to take a far more unscientific line on government policy in the future.  This is hot on the heels on dimwit Iain Duncan Smith ignoring a paper on benefit reforms put together by his own department which broadly criticised the upcoming benefit cuts as fucking stupid.

Neither facts nor reason matter any longer.  The more stupid the better.  Plans for a ministry of stupid shit are allegedly well underway.  Pol Pot would be impressed, anyone who wears glasses should be concerned.  We’re going back to year zero folks, it’s the charge of the light brigade all over again with Tim nice but Dim leading the charge. Tally Ho!


2 responses to “Clever People Not Wanted – New Government Policy on Science

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