The London Mob Is Back!

London is at last punching above it’s weight again and the youth have shown the way. The demonstrations last Wednesday showed the previous storming of Millbank was not just a flash in the pan. In fact it looks like things are just warming up.

It’s true that Wednesday’s march was good natured and largely peaceful as it left Trafalgar Square. It’s also true that the filth formed a line at Whitehall, abandoning a van in the process, and kettled many of the demonstrators before so much as a placard was ripped up and chucked at the cops.

More important though were London’s teenagers who weren’t prepared to be pushed around by police and fought fiercely to break through police lines more than once. This time many of the kids were masked up and organised. Anarchists may be blamed, and we were certainly there, but we can’t take the credit. This was our children rising up and saying will not tolerate a bunch of chinless twats smashing up our lives. Every last one of them deserves a fucking medal.

As ever the police couldn’t resist escalating a little property damage into broken bones and scared teenagers. For once though the kids gave as good as they got. Panicked coppers were still chasing the kids round the West End late into the evening as horses were repeatedly used in an attempt to disperse protesters.

Suddenly fighting the police was cool again. When police tried to form a second kettle with riot cops and horses, hundreds streamed over fences into an MOD building complex, jumping across ventilation units and fences to escape. Emergency alarms were heard ringing inside the buildings. The fuckers are scared.

Protests are set to continue this Tuesday, with thousands all around the country already signed up. Word is the school and university students were repeatedly cheered at Saturday’s Coalition of Resistance conference. A parents group has been set up on facebook to support them. Old fogies everywhere are heartened and organising. Even the Unions look like finally waking up.

One lesson learnt from Wednesday is that Whitehall is not the best place to end up. Another is to bring warm clothes, provisions and hard liquor just in case. Momentum is ours. Let’s have Cameron’s head on a spike by Crimbo.

2 responses to “The London Mob Is Back!

  1. I am glad that there is students protests, students have been apethetic since the 60/70’s, sadly today violent protest seems to be the only way notice is taken.

  2. This is the one thing I believe when I see the uninformed responses to the protests on news channels and in the newspapers (even before the protests) – the fuckers really are scared of young people, poor people, disabled people etc – they are actually scared, phobic even. Look Cameron in the eye – there’s a man who doesn’t sleep at night.

    It’s just a shame for the tories who are seemingly hoping that society was already fragmented to the point where people don’t have families and friends any more .. a place where the avergae person doesn’t care about their children being beaten-up .. lol .. not quite yet guys!

    Your blog has provided me with lots of mirth and information – thanks again.

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