I Punched Somebody lol

Laughing boy here can be heard gloating about punching someone in this video. Towards the end of the video (at 9.13 but is worth watching in its entirity) he can be seen grinning to colleagues as he says “I punched somebody”.

With all the talk of violence versus non violence it’s worth remembering that it’s donut munchers like fatboy here who are the ones who turn up tooled up and looking for a fight. Perhaps he was bullied at school. Perhaps he was trying to finally get laid. Why else would a grown man, even an over-grown man, get such a kick out of hitting a kid.

2 responses to “I Punched Somebody lol

  1. I hope that every student and child rakes an adult with them on Tuesday. How dare these bullies think they have a right to attack kids? If I did that to my children they would be taken into care. Having a shiny jacket and a stupid hat doesn’t entitle them to use violence as a form of entertainment. If they like that sort of thing then maybe they should bugger off to a country where the police are allowed to do that.

  2. I have to admit the wording of this blog post is hilarious. I couldnt view the video but the actions of this person and him confessing to such police brutality is disgusting. Hope he is ejected from the force.

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